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Gonna go check out some houses today….

So I have a list of reo’s to check out today that I got off of the MLS….9 total. And then I have my list of properties that SOLD to cash buyers (ala Steph.) Seriously tho folks, if you’re interested in being a REO wholesaler you’ve got to check out Steph’s ebook Flip This REO. I’ve been investing for 10 years now and I still get some solid awesome ideas from Steph. Do yourself a favor and get the ebook…heck it’s on 47 bucks! Sure beats some crazy ass $900 course that is filled with fluff and b.s. You have my personal guarantee that any 1 of several tips you take from her ebook will save you or make you that $47 investment back PLUS some. I promise. Ok enough of that about Steph’s ebook…..

It’s really good to be back in the swing of real estate investing that’s for sure. I think it may Kathy taking some getting use to again tho. She wanted to play 500 rummy with me and I told her that I couldn’t cuz I was out to look at some houses.

Hopefully, by the time I get back I’ll have the signed agreement from the buyer for my listed short sale deal. They changed their minds back as long as the sellers would go with their ORIGINAL offer. And they did.

Okey dokey pokey….see ya soon.

Flippin’ Carey

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4 replies on “Gonna go check out some houses today….”

Are you going to make offers on all of them? I know from reading Steph’s blog and eBook she pretty much puts an offer on any house she goes out and sees (a few exceptions). Do you take the same strategy?

No problem Steph! And thanks for the nice job with taking ACTION. I just had a talk yesterday with Kathy’s 17 yr. old son Brandon…he was telling me the stuff he was “THINKING” about doing and I let him know that thinking about stuff really is pretty useless if you don’t take some kind of ACTION. Don’t know if it sunk in or not, but hopefully someday it will lol

Scott, yes actually my general strategy has always been to make an offer on every house I see, whether it’s listed with an agent or a fsbo or someone who calls off of a sign of mine, etc. I think it’s the best strategy to make something STICK. Know what I mean?

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