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Gettin’ ready to head to Vegas baby!

Ok so I did check out houses the other day and I have the houses set aside that I want to make offers on. Every house that I could actually get INTO I’m going to make an offer on. Some houses I couldn’t get into, one house went under agreement about an hour before I wanted to see it, and 2 houses had tenants living in it and wasn’t an reo yet, so I wasn’t quite that interested in getting into those house, plus they needed notice.

All in all I was suppose to see 9 houses I believe and only got to see about 4 or 5, but I think they were 4 or 5 decent places and I’ll make offers on them all. Problem is….Kathy and I are getting ready to leave for Vegas for a week on Saturday so we’ve been busy getting ready for that. Soooo, I’m gonna just have to force myself to do it this evening I guess….but it may be REALLLLY late cuz we’re heading to an ATM that we own that is in a Gentlemen’s Club (if you can ever get your atm inside a gentlemen’s club my advice is to JUMP ON IT! Our surcharge for that atm is $7 🙂 So we’re heading there tonite to actually take cash out of that atm and put it into an ATM that we have at a cash only chinese place for when we go on vacation. The chinese place goes through roughly 2k a week……so we gotta stock it with cash since we won’t be here to fill it.

Anywho, I also just accepted a BPO offer…why? I have no friggin’ idea…..I should have just took the address and started marketing to the lady in case she’s goin’ into foreclosure. But I’ll do the bpo….maybe it’s one of my small ways of getting back into the swing of real estate shit. Ya know?

Oh and that short sale deal that I was working on for a listing I have….the friggin’ buyers backed out again! This is why the real estate agent gig I feel is a sucky full-time thang. Buyers are soooo damn annoying! They don’t want to not receive their $8k tax credit from the government. Oh wait….here’s the funny part, they wanted an answer from the bank whether they were going to accept the short sale or not in 8 days! But when you counted only business days….it gave the bank 6 days to respond lol

Needless to say, they back out of the deal when I told them it would take roughly 37 days from beginning to end for the banks answer (Wells Fargo sent me a time table for their short sales.) So annoying….

Ok I’m off to shower as I’m stinkin’ and sweaty from workin’ out…….off to make something happen! I have put 0 bandit signs out, which I need to do because they are by far my biggest money maker… questions about it.

Flippin’ Carey

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2 replies on “Gettin’ ready to head to Vegas baby!”

Yeah I don’t foresee us running around like crazy filling and fixing machines. We have a plan and different goals in place that will eliminate that. We don’t fix any of them either….we pay someone to do that (when we get to that point, we haven’t need to fix any yet.) Our goal is to have enough machines where it is cost effective to pay someone else (like an armored car, etc.) to fill the machines so that way it is completely hands off. Right now, we only have 5 machines so we’re still learning all of the in’s and out’s and therefore I don’t mind doing the stuff now. But I definitely wouldn’t say we run around like crazy….we try to put enough money in places so we don’t have to fill the machines often (except the chinese place…..omg they go through cash like crazy…we really need to load them up with about 6 to 7k a month, but we don’t do that yet.)

How many atm’s does your friend have? Do you know? I think it’s an awesome, easy business….but you have to make a commitment to buying a certain number a year, imo, because you ain’t gonna amass any wealth with just 1 darn atm! lol Ya know what I mean?

Flippin’ Carey

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