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Another landlording lesson learned

So I put a tenant in a while back and after 4 months had to evict them……well I happened to get one of their fathers who lived in Michigan to co-sign.

Anyway, I evicted the tenants with no problems and no court process. Just told them I wanted them gone by Sunday and they were 🙂 Go figure. So they stained up my 4 month old carpet (but I got all stains out with my Rainbow and Aquamate) and left a messy place, but had a friend, plus myself and Kathy clean it up.

I proceeded to file against the father because when I went to my local district court the judge assured me that I could and that the father was responsible for 100% of everything, whether I wanted to go after the tenants or not. So I filed and after the court date I got a default judgment.

Now I call Michigan to find out how to file my judgment. I had to fill out a foreign judgment and I did that. So after a few days of filing that, I get a letter stating that the father filed a motion to get rid of the foreign judgment. I called the court house in Michigan and they told me that I couldn’t represent myself because only a Michigan attorney could represent a corporation (I’m an S corp for my real estate business.)

So I contact an attorney and to make a long story even longer after all was said and done the judge threw out my foreign judgment, but he said that my attorney could re-file for me and he’d look at things further and hear my side. I’m pissed but then again I have to remember that my drug-using, deadbeat, non-paying tenants are gone and I have an awesome family in there now that pays early and keeps the place looking phenomenal.

The good thing about me is I’ve made mistakes my entire 10 yr. investing career, but I NEVER make the same mistake twice. That’s a key bit of advice that I can give…..learn from your damn mistakes at least!

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Let it go, Carey! It’s not worth it! Like you said, your crazy tenant’s gone and you got your house back. Put it behind you, girl!

Unlike you, I’ve been known to repeat a mistake a time or two…just trying to MAKE SURE I got the lesson down pat. 😉


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