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How to Sell Your House Quickly – Part 3

When you implement the marketing strategies from part 2 of this How to Sell Your House Quickly series your phone should be ringing off the hook. Now it’s time to just handle the calls.

When You Get The Calls Coming In
A lot of folks are just gonna wanna know the price at first if you don’t have it listed already. Then they may want to set up an appointment to check the house out. If you’re not careful you could be wasting A LOT of time. Here’s what I do:

    First I tell interested folks to do a drive-by of the house. If they like it after driving by I tell them to call me back to set up an appointment.
    If they call me back to set up an appointment I ask them if they are pre-approved for a mortgage. If they say yes, I inform them that they must send me their pre-approval letter before I will set up an appointment to show them the inside of the home (be nice about this, not rude.)

    If they say no, then I tell them that they must be pre-approved before I will set up an appointment to show the inside of the home. I generally will refer them to a mortgage person or a small, local bank that I use. (You should do the same. Hook yourself up with a small, local bank in your area that will get people pre-approved to buy your house. You can do this with a mortgage person too, if you have one in mind.)

    Now if you’re wholesaling and looking for cash sales then you can ask them if they are cash buyers. If they say yes, ask them if they have proof of funds? If they are a real deal cash buyer they will have no problems answering your question about proof of funds and they will have no issues faxing you such proof. If they are a newbie or someone with no money they will give you attitude when you ask for proof of funds. Trust me on this..don’t waste your time with folks who don’t have the funds to close your deal.

    If they pass all of the above then you will set up an appointment. PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS. These are strangers that you are letting into your home. Always have more than one adult home when having showings and it’s a good idea to have a sign-in sheet for folks to sign and you should make them even show their driver’s license or some form of i.d. I know that you may feel uneasy asking this stuff, but it’s for your own protection.

    Word of Caution: If you ever, ever feel uneasy about someone that you are talking to on the phone, do not, under any circumstances let them into your home, especially when you are alone. Women..use that women’s intuition that you have. Fellas, use that gut feeling that you can get.
    (This is probably the scariest part about selling your house yourself, in my opinion.)

    If folks are interested in your house then write up an agreement with them! (we’ll get into that in a few.)
    If they aren’t interested, ask them if they could give you some feedback so that you can improve your chances of selling your home. Tell them to be honest as you won’t be upset or take anything personally (and hold true to that!)

Ok so moving right along…now you have a buyer. What do you do now? We’ll go over that in the final part of the series How to Sell Your House Quickly.

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