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I’ve Had It and I’m Done!

I gotta tell you that I seriously had it and I’m seriously done with being broke. Yeah, yeah I make some passive income w/ my atm’s (but remember I only have 5 machines) and yeah yeah I make some passive income with my rental (I only have one) and yeah yeah I make some money with websites (I have a dating site, gay marriage site and some other ones here and there) but none of it combined can pay all of my bills (remember the post about me being in debt? mhm.)

Anyway, talking to Kathy on the phone a few moments ago let me realize that I really have had it once and for all with having no fkn money. We’re going to California in December (I know, I know…..we tried to back out, but they wouldn’t refund us our money so we’re going.) I’m arguing about what we’re going to do the 3 extra days we’re out there. I’m pissed off because I don’t want to stay the 3 extra days but the only reason is a) I have no friggin money and b) I have no chance of making money when I’m in California for 3 damn extra days (remember, everything I do is self-employed stuff.) She on the other hand is starting a new job next week making $100k a year (trust me tho, girl is still broke.) Sooo 3 extra days to her ain’t a big deal.

She understands my point of view but damn it, I’m tired of trying to make her understand my point of view which always leads back to me being friggin broke! I asked her if she felt like I was holding her back from doing things she wants to do cuz I don’t have money right now. She said no. But seriously, if we’re in California for an extra 3 days we should want to have fun!!!! Right?

So I want to officially tell you all that I sick and tired of being broke. And yeah I was taking action before but I’m gonna be jumping on the massive fucking action train. I’ll call it the M.F.A.T. for short (and for you folks with sensitive ears. I don’t exactly have the best mouth all of the time 🙂

Kathy told me she supports me wanting to do real estate..and she always has, I can say that honestly but when I get stressed about money, she admits that it stresses her too. And I don’t want that for me and I certainly don’t want that for her.

Even tho I’ve been in real estate for 10 yrs. and have done wholesale deals and all kinds of deals before the reality is is that I am basically starting over from scratch RIGHT NOW because I was inactive for 1 year.

Guys…..I think I’ve finally reached my point. On a good note, I did get up at 7:30am today and work out (not quite as good as your 6am Steph…but it’s an improvement.) No more bullshit…’s on like Donkey Kong folks.

Anybody else with me? Anybody else that’s been taking action but knows in their heart they can take more? Anybody else want to hop on board the M.F.A.T. with me?

Flippin’ Carey

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4 replies on “I’ve Had It and I’m Done!”

Hey Carey!

That’s awesome that you got up @ 7:30! It gets easier each day that you do it (I’m sure you know that), and soon it will become a habit if you stick with it.

I’ve definitely been guilty lately of spending too much time screwing around, and not enough time taking action that will lead me to fulfilling my goals.

So….I’m definitely hopping on the M.F.A.T. with ya- count me in!!

Steph 🙂

I’ll take a seat on that Train Carey! One M.F.A.T. ticket please.

I feel like I’m close to becoming an investor, closer then I have ever been, but need to give it one giant push right now to get over the hump.

Welcome aboard Scott and Raquel! This train may get a wee bit crowded…..

I don’t know how many of you have little kids or are around lil kids but I wonder if this M.F.A.T. is gonna have waiters and ticket takers dancing around with hot chocolate like on The Polar Express. That would be cool.

On a side note: Scott, every time I write your name in a post I have to giggle because I always type it up Scoot lmao and then have to change it to Scott. It just makes me chuckle every time.

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