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How to wholesale properties

Check out my ehow article on how to wholesale properties. Let me know what you think of it? Is it ok or does it suck? It’s a simple 11 step process on how to do it.

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5 replies on “How to wholesale properties”

That article was good but I am going to be buying reo’s. I am in an area of florida that is flooded with them. How do I find the article on hot to wholesale reo’s? Both contracts I have are for reo’s. Feel free to email me. thank you. I appreciate your advice.


I’m working on the REO article. But if you are buying REO’s then you need to buy the Flip This REO ebook now and not later. Seriously, it answers every possible question you could have and it was written by an REO wholesaler in Tampa, Florida!

Call it an early holiday gift for yourself but you need this ebook if you are wholesaling REO’s. Because honestly, there is no need for transactional funding in the deal… can just do a simultaneous closing. And I know there are investor friendly title companies out in your neck of the woods that could you walk you through it because the writer of the ebook, Steph, lives there and works with them!

Brad… all seriousness…you need Flip This REO. I’m more than happy to answer all of your questions here, but wouldn’t it be convenient to have them all answered in an ebook right in front of you any time of the day or not?

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