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$34,317.01 and Direct Mail Response Rate

Are you wondering what my direct mail response rate has to do with $34,317.01? Well at this point in time..Nothing. 🙂 That 34k figure was how much it cost for me to be in the hospital from Feb. 6th at 7pm to Feb. 9th at about noon. Crazy, huh?

I’m certainly glad I was on Kathy’s insurance at that time….now I’m officially on my insurance, which isn’t as good as Kathy’s work insurance, but it’s a whole lot cheaper.

Anyway, back to our direct mail response rate. We’re STILL getting calls from our direct mail piece that we sent out in January. We have just under a 4% direct mail response rate on that last batch of letters to buy apartment buildings.

I delivered our current mailings to our neighbor and I’m waiting for her to get them all stuffed and ready to go. I’m trying to improve our direct mail response rate with this batch so I included a fax back page. Dave Lindahl suggests this and says that it improves his response rate generally by 50%!!!

Basically, it’s a form that let’s them fill out their information instead of calling me directly. You know how some folks don’t like to talk on the phone? I figured it was a great idea because of that simple fact. So now they can either call me directly or fax me their info. I’ll keep you posted on my results.

I’ll post the form itself just in case you guys want to “steal” it from me and use it in your next direct mail campaign. But there is a catch….if you use it and it works, please come back and tell us about it. Fair enough?

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