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Networking on Memorial Day

Networking can happen on holidays too. Right? If you didn’t network this memorial day weekend, did you miss out on excellent networking opportunities?

I networked yesterday and I didn’t even plan on it! Yesterday, Kathy and I were invited out boating with poker friends. We thought it would just be us and our poker friends, but turns out our poker friends brought some of their other friends. So a bunch of new people we didn’t know.

We had a lot of good potential people to network with, obviously, I didn’t know this when I first met them. After talking to folks or hearing folks talk it turns out we had in our presence:

* a real estate agent who sells million dollar properties
* a director of operations for a big medical equipment company
* a homicide detective
* a couple who own their own lucrative business

and other folks. Can you see some opportunity above? I did. So I started my networking. I spoke with the real estate agent the most. I talked to him about multi-family investing and partnering. He was interested! His significant other is the Dir. of Operations for the medical equipment company… I’m thinking that these 2 gentlemen have some money for investing. And they already own sfh rentals, so they understand the basics.

The couple who own the lucrative business are our poker friends from Arizona. I spoke to our one friend about it and she said she would be interested and then her partner overheard us and asked me what we were talking about. So I told her and she said “yes, they’d be interested in something like that definitely.” 🙂

Now as far as the homicide detective…well I don’t know how much they really make? But I do know that she’s got a pretty nice house right on the water (we threw out the anchor out back of her house to swim) and she’s got a boat and a lot of doo-dads, if you will. I haven’t talked to her about investing with us, but I’m thinking if we could get a great deal going with either of the gentlemen or ladies above that she’d express some interest as long as she has some money to invest.

So the next time you have a holiday weekend or are spending time with some friends you haven’t seen in a while, don’t forget to take the opportunity to NETWORK. Because you never know who you will meet.

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6 replies on “Networking on Memorial Day”

Good point Carey! I took a break from networking to work on my blog, but i did get get a call from a buyer for a house i had under contract for close to 2 months, lol. I love your blog, lots of great gems.

Thanks for visiting Esi. And thanks for the props.

I have to say that the break you took from networking to work on your blog has paid off famously. Your blog looks awesome! It really looks very professional and I’m sure you’re just going to keep getting more visitors as time goes on.

Btw, I didn’t realize just how new your blog was. Wow girl you are kicking BUTTTTT!

Keep it up. Can’t wait to follow along on your blog.

And thanks again for visiting and commenting on my blog. Appreciate it.
.-= Flippin’ Carey´s last blog ..Networking on Memorial Day =-.


You seem to be networking (looking for private money partners) with some people who are more then acquaintances and even friends. I don’t have a problem with that, but I’ve learned in the past that doing business with close friends and family is dangerous. What is your view on that?
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I would never, ever rent a house to a family member or friend. I agree with the don’t do business with friends idea.

With that in mind, I have a very, very, small group of friends. I mean REAL, TRUE, honest to goodnewss friends. None of which I have approached about private money. One I would approach but I never will though most likely because I know she’s not an accredited investor. (However, I do use her IRA statement as proof of funds for making REO offers lol)

99 or even 100% of the people I’ve approached about private money have been with acquaintances. Like all of the people I met on Memorial Day….all acquaintances now. They were strangers before.

Even my poker friends that we went out on the boat with. They aren’t the “TRUE” definition of a friend. They’re more like friendly acquaintances if that makes sense? If I’m in trouble one day, they won’t be who I’m calling. Do you know what I mean?

I don’t put them in the same category as I put in my handful of true, realllly good friends (I probably have about 2 or 3 of this.)

As for my other poker friends, Bob the deacon and his wife, well they again, were acquaintances through poker but they are moving quickly up the friend scale. Mostly because we have so much in common. Those guys I approached about private money because they actually inquired about that type of deal with us first!

Don’t get me wrong…once my family and friends know that I’ve done several multi-family deals and my investors have gotten paid what promised, I will talk to them about the opportunity because I’m sure they’ll be interested in it then. I think our friends and family though are a lil more skeptical of things then complete strangers or acquaintances are. Odd I believe, but I think it’s true lol

And the bottom line for me is, do I want my best friend to make 10% plus interest on her money from me or a complete stranger? You know what I mean?

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