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Job Opportunities? Ughhhhh

If you’ve read some other blog posts of mine you’ll know that I was coming to the end of my deadline where I needed to get a j-o-b if I didn’t buy a multi-family property soon. Well I’ve pased that deadline, obviously, and I’m not excited about it but I’ve been looking at jobs.

Part of me feels like it’s taking a step backwards but in a sense I know it’s not. Here’s why: I’m in debt. The only way I could literally survive is to go into MORE debt. And that, imo, would be taking an even major step backwards.

So I think I’d rather take a small step backwards and get a j-o-b and get the bills paid again and start getting the debt paid off then go toooo far backwards in the damn hole. Know what I mean?

As a wise man told me and I won’t mention any names (Chris) but I’ll paraphrase..he said something to the effect of: you can’t really expect yourself to go wholeheartedly into finding, negotiating and going through everything involved with buying a multi-family property when you are worried about paying your bills. You have to take care of your immediate need first and then you can proceed with the need of building passive income by buying multi-families.

And you know what? Chris is absolutely right. Seriously, mentally my finances will screw any type of negotiating I’m trying to do. I will appear desperate for a deal and I’ll appear desperate to sellers, etc. I wouldn’t be operating in my best mental state. I know this but it did take a very long phone call with someone to really hash through things and figure them out.

Still I can’t help that a part of me feels really shitty, but not as shitty as the part of me that wouldn’t be able to pay my bills next month would feel 🙂 Btw, I’m not blaming anyone at all for this situation…it’s my fault 100% and therefore I take the full responsibility of getting myself out of this suck-ass situation.

Soooo job opportunities. HA! Well let’s just say there are a lot of minimum wage paying jobs out there. And a lot of jobs that want you to work A LOT for a little bit of money. Work nites, work days, work weekends, work holidays. For someone who hasn’t had a “real” job in a long time this is NOT FUN AT ALL.

I’ve been offered 3 jobs so far:

1) Retail job paying 7.25 an hour plus commission (commission structure sucked btw.)
2) Retail job paying 10.50 an hour plus commission (boss seemed to be a real gung-ho a-hole who would be on my a$$ 24/7. Not really the type of job I’m looking for.)
3) Collection job paying 10.50 an hour plus bonuses and commission (oddly enough I’d be ok with this job because it was a set schedule and I’m not looking to become a millionaire off of a gig. Just pay my bills, pay off my debt, and be able to just come in, do my job and leave. Because of course, you and I know what my real goals are….doing what I need to do to buy a multi-family.) Plus, they have 6 different schedules to choose from. I’d probably opt for the one that works 4 ten hour days. For obvious reasons…to have off friday through sunday to put towards investing. (note: I start this job on June 14th if I want.)

Now….my 2 other job opportunities are with:


Yes, the first one is with BMW. I’d be an internet sales coordinator. This one I’m excited about because it involves the internet and helping advance their internet division. Which if you’ve been reading my blog at all you know I dig the internet, blogs, and all that kind of stuff. Plus, the pay is better than 10 bucks an hour…it’s still not great. Maybe like 40k??

Oh and I like the General Manger of the company a lot. He’s a goal oriented type of guy and now while he’d make me write goals towards the job at BMW, I would definitely piggy back off of that and be doing my own goals for multi-family. Which I already do, but I think having him being a “goal” type of guy would help with that plus just have a friggin job would help with that too because I already know it’s going to be such a different life than I’m use to.

Next job opportunity is with…..

boa short sale neogitator

Yes ladies and gentlemen it is for a short sale negotiator with Bank of America. This one I’m intrigued by for obvious reasons; it’s in real estate, I’ve negotiated successful short sales before for real estate clients and I’ve negotiated short sales (not successfully) for my personal investing purposes and I’ve done 3rd party bpo’s and so on and so forth.

This position is through a temp agency. Get this….BOA is looking for 500 short sale reps! Yep, 500. I’m in the 2nd wave, so hopefully will have an interview next week. This is a straight up Monday through Friday 8 to 5 type of job. I like the mon through friday aspect but the hours leave no room for let’s say going to the court house or things like that?? But that’s ok. I can manage in other ways.

Pay: 17.25/hour. And you get a “case load” of files to work. That’s exactly what they said. This is an 18 mo to 24 mo. gig. If BOA likes you and they still need people in the position then it could be permanent.

I like this one for obvious reasons but I don’t like this one because well I think it will be hectic and stressful and just dealing with folks in this type of situation isn’t always fun. I think they want you to try to keep folks in their homes if at all possible.

Sooo that’s it for now. Tomorrow is my 3rd interview with BMW. Geez…you’d think they were hiring me to do a million dollar a year job, eh?

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13 replies on “Job Opportunities? Ughhhhh”

Wow, that’s crazy Carey about B of A hiring for short sale reps! And, 500 is a lot! I guess the plunge with the financial industry and the housing market has opened up new job opportunities.

Actually, I find that position would definitely be interesting and also a neat learning experience at the same time – it’s always good to know how the other side plays the game.

Looking forward to hear how this all pans out, thanks for sharing your stories – I enjoy reading your blog!

Interesting Job opportunities with each coming with their own advantages and disadvantages. I’m sure you have done this already, but have you figured out how much you actually need to make to get by?

It’s tough working a full 9 to 5 job and finding the time to do real estate and finding time to be with family and friends. I struggle with this daily.

It’s tough to give advice on this topic because everyone’s needs are different. I Like the idea of getting a job that can relate to real estate investing some how and advance your education in a field while getting paid (2 birds with 1 stone affect). Those jobs however are usually more stressful and demanding of your time though.

Anyhow, looking forward to hearing what you decided 🙂
.-= Scott Costello´s last blog ..What Does That Word Mean: Testate =-.

We are in the same boat! My hubby had to go back and get a j-o-b a few weeks ago, while we wait for some of our short sales to go through. It is very hard since we were paid on a few short sales already and have felt that wonderful sensation of getting PAID!! Some of our deals fell through and because we have bills to pay too, Greg had to go get a job, but it is not soo bad, we have fire in our belly and it is just a matter of time, before we will be back on track without the day j-o-b (just over broke)


I know Rachel I thought that was crazy too when I heard it. The temp agent lady told me 500 people and I nearly fell off of my chair.

And I’m with you in the sense that I think it would be very interesting to learn how the other side plays and would make for an awesome learning experience to boot.

The 3rd interview went well with BMW today, I think. So hopefully, I get an interview with BoA next week and I can go from there.

Thanks for the kind words. I enjoy reading your blog too….was just telling Scott about how I like your terminology days too!

Speaking of mobile homes, my appointment with the lady I was going to meet with today got moved to Sunday afternoon. Will keep everyone posted on that. That is definitely an IRA deal I’d like to do if I pursue it.


You’re so right with each job coming with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

And yes, I’ve figured out how much I need to get by. About $1500 to $1600. Now that is just that…just getting by. Minimum on credit card, minimum on L.O.C’s, etc.

Also, with that figure that does not include helping Kathy out any futher with the mortgage, which is something I’d like to do, ya know?

And I agree that working a 9 to 5 will be tough while trying to do real estate and make time for family. Kathy even said to me today “I’m never going to see you now.”

The reality is, whatever job I have will at least have 2 days off, definitely Sunday it appears for all of them (since I don’t foresee a retail job in my future) so I’ll still have some family and friends time…but the thing that is most important to me and I even said to Kathy today…I don’t want to lose sight of our main goal of buying apartment buildings.

I asked her to please, whenever I make a job choice and we know my schedule, let’s sit down and go over our goals again and really map out in detail how we will get to them knowing the current situation. I said I don’t want any of us to slack off or feel “comfortable” just becuase the bills are paid because that’s not really LIVING. She agreed. So it’s definitely going to have to be some motivation on each others part kicking in…..because I already know what I’ll be like a week or month into any job. (I.E. not too happy.)

I agree with a job in the real estate field but I do have a feeling that the negotiator job will be stressful and demanding big time.

I’ll keep everyone posted on what I decide…heck my decision may already be made for me if BMW and BOA don’t offer me a job lol

Then you’ll be looking at a brand new collection agent lol yeah, I’d be one of those pesky folks that people avoid! But I like the hours A LOT! Lots of flexibility there for real estate stuff. Pay sucks, but there are bonuses and commissions…plus pay will be irrelevant once I get a deal! Right?


I know exactly what you meen about that wonderful sensation of getting PAID! I’ve been investing for 11 yrs. and have had a lot of successful paydays if you will and even as my first year as a wholesaler I made a decent fulltime income for not working all that much….

Things REALLY changed this year though when I decided to switch my focus to more passive income type of goals like apartment buildings. It literally is like starting from scratch, imo. So yes, things are getting a bit tough and like your hubby Greg, I’ll be getting a j-o-b too.

I think tho, as long as we, and you guys, keep our end goals in mind, the j-o-b will be bearable. Don’t you agree?

I mean after all we gotta do what we gotta do to take care of ourselves and our family, right? And after that need is good then we can probably concentrate a lil better on the path where we know we REALLY want to be on.

Do you think that makes sense Brenda? Are those some of the things you and Greg have talked about? How do you guys plan on keeping each other motivated?

Btw, thanks so much for visiting my blog. I appreciate it. I hope to see you around some more in the future.

Hey Carey, seems to me that both the BMW and BOA positions could be interesting in the short term and provide some relevant experience for you based on your real estate, ATM, and internet marketing focus. You’re doing the right thing…no point going into further debt.
.-= Shae´s last blog ..Reflections on the first week =-.

Thanks Esi, I appreciate it. I’m still hanging girl lol and I think I kinda like being a spy (will play the Mission Impossible theme in my head throughout the day! lol)

Thanks Shae. I appreciate hearing that I’m doing the right thing…I think I am as well. Debt is no fun..why go into more of it, right?

Haven’t heard from BMW yet and BOA are slowwwwwwwwwwwwww to set up interviews. Surprise? lol

I think the key is just to find something that will still provide you with some time to focus on your other businesses as well. You’re really just wanting to be able to stay afloat without further debt, yet keep trucking along on your larger goals.
.-= Shae´s last blog ..Reflections on the first week =-.


That’s an excellent point you make there. And the reality is I could do just that even with that collections job.

Because when you add in my atm income and my rental income and my other miscellaneous income, it’s definitely very do-able and it will allow me to totally focus on my larger goals.

Now I know with a job like the collections job I’m not going to be making any great strides in paying off my debt, but instead my great strides will still be towards my bigger, better goals. And those bigger goals, will in turn help me pay off the debt.

Thanks Shae….I needed that. Boy you’re just full of wisdom today for me. lol

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