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Weird Feeling Before Appointment with Seller?

Ever have a weird feeling before an appointment with a seller? I have once before and now today. I took Kathy with me to see a guy’s house about 2 or 3 months ago (she went with me because we had somewhere to go afterwards.) Anyway, the guy seemed ok but still a lil off. I made him an offer and never heard from him even after me following up. So I figured he wasn’t interested.

I checked my email inbox for my business and he has filled out a form again saying this time he needs to sell right away. (He was one month behind on his mortgage when I first met him, so I’m assuming he’s probably 3 to 4 months behind now.)

I check out his place and find that he listed it with an agent. I tell him that if he wants to deal with me that he’s still responsible for the contract he signed with the agent and he has to figure that end of things out. He says ok. I set up an appointment to see his place again today at 11am. (I couldn’t find any of my past information from checking out his house. Organized I know!)

So here’s the weirdness: yesterday I set an alarm in my phone to remind myself about my appointment to meet him today. I checked the alarm last night and it wasn’t there. Hmmmmm? So, again I put in the reminder about meeting him today. I physically SEE it in my phone. Obviously I thought I did something goofy the first time and that’s why it wasn’t there. Before I went to bed I checked to make sure my alarm/reminder was still set. It wasn’t there. Hmmmmm? Odd, right? Now, I’m thinking I’m in the twilight zone of course so I set me alarm in my phone to wake me up at 9am today so I can be ready to see him at 11a.

At about 9:28am Kathy says “don’t you need to get up and get ready for your appointment?” I said “yeah, I set my alarm tho.” She says, “Oh ok, well it’s not even 9:30 yet.” I sit up in the bed and say “I set my alarm for 9am. Why didn’t it go off?” I grab my cell phone and look at the alarms….there are 4 alarms still in my phone and ready to go off at different times for today but wanna take a guess what’s missing? There is no alarm to wake me up at 9am! WTF? What is going on?

I get out of bed and I’m in the bathroom getting ready to take a shower and I look at my cell phone and I just think to myself “is my cell phone trying to tell me something? Seriously, this is too weird, maybe I’m not suppose to go to this appointment.” So I text Kathy and tell her that I want to schedule the appointment so she can go with me cuz I have a weird feeling. She calls me and tells me that if I have a weird feeling that she doesn’t mind going with me at another time but she’d still feel more comfortable if we took a man with us! She then says call Jeff I think he’s home today! lol Gotta love Jeff. Jeff is our rent-a-husband next door neighbor who is da bomb-diggity! (He just fixed our freezer and serviced our tractor the other day!)

So I call Jeff and tell him the story and he says no problem. I pick Jeff up and we head over to the house. He said “I didn’t bring my gun, did you?” I said “No, I didn’t. But my last resort if I could never get someone to go with me was to bring it. But I didn’t bring it.” He says “no problem it’ll be ok. I’ll handle anything that may go down. I usually carry a knife too but I don’t have that either.”

Ring-Ring. Jeff’s cell goes off, it’s his wife Becky. He tells her that he’s going with me to look at a house cuz I had a weird feeling. Becky says, “Well are either one of you packing heat?” Jeff tells her no.

We go to the house and the guy was just the same as before except this time there was a woman and a lil child in the house. The woman and apparently the guy just got done mopping up the floors.

Jeff says, “They were probably mopping the floor cuz they just killed someone and now they are cleaning up.” We laugh and I say, “Well at least it wasn’t us they killed!”

I think things all worked out in this scenario but I remember one time before when I had a weird feeling about a guy who I made an appointment with. I made my father go with me. We got there and the house was all nice and neat and clean with candles burning everywhere! After my father and I left he was like “well he had the mood all set, huh?” lol

I ended up getting that guys house subject-to and made a decent chunk of change on it. Turns out he was a gay guy and that’s why his house was always clean, neat and smelling good with candles. He liked candles!

Perhaps this new “weird” feeling appointment will be a deal too…….who knows? We shall see.

Any of you ladies or gentlemen even, ever have a weird feeling about an appointment and then adjust things accordingly? Let’s hear about it.

P.S. Brandon is graduating high school this evening. Woohoo! So I’ll be vacuuming and shampooing carpets all day while Kathy runs around like a mad woman getting ready for his party tomorrow. Now if we could only get him to branch “out of the house” so he can learn to live on his own! lol

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4 replies on “Weird Feeling Before Appointment with Seller?”

LOL! So gay guy’s are better at keeping their houses clean? Too funny, Carey.

Ok, I’ve never had a weird feeling appointment, but I’ve definitely had weird vibes from people that I’ve met. Hope this one is a great deal for you!

Congrats to Brandon! Major achievement! Is he going to go to college or does he have other plans?
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lol well my unofficial survey is gay guy’s are better housekeepers lol OF course, that’s just a small amount of gay guy’s houses I’ve been….cuz as we know I haven’t been in every gay guys house in the world lmao (can you imagine that?)

Btw, me and that guy are still buds. He’ll text me every once in a while and invite Kathy and I to a party or get together. Very nice guy.

To answer your question about Brandon…let’s just say your guess is as good as mine dear!

One day he wants to be an architect, then a lawyer, then he wants to just work for a year, then he wants to be a real estate investor, then he wants to…etc. etc.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know that it’s tough to know what you want to do at 18, I was the same way, but he really has no idea or path or anything. Plus, he’s a procrastinator…..waited til forever to apply for colleges and a lot of them aren’t accepting anymore folks for the fall. Soooo we shall see what happens.

Personally, my opinion, I don’t think he is the “college” type. I really think he should work and maybe take some community college classes at nite until he really figures out what he wants to do.

If he could get paid for watching cartoons and playing xbox I think he’d opt for that career 🙂

But I will give him credit he graduated from high school and was actually dual enrolled in 2 college courses for his senior year. Now he’s working on his eagle scout project (he had months to do it but he’s getting started now with about a month or so left 🙂 I really hope he gets it done tho……

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