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Well last Monday was my first day working for BMW. I have to say thus far as far as jobs go, it’s been pretty fun and dare I say bearable??

Hmmmm let’s see….what have I been doing all week? Basically driving BMW’s. lol And no I’m not kidding.

My favorite so far was this one:

bmw 328i

That one above is a convertible 328i. It was pretty hot!

And than drum roll please……I learned to drive a manual on this puppy on Friday:

bmw 335i

That one is a 335i. Nothing like learning to drive stick on SOMEBODY ELSE’S BMW, eh? 🙂 (and in case you’re wondering……I did a pretty good job driving after my learning session (the other guy that got hired with me taught me how to drive stick when we were out for one of our joy rides.)

Now as far as real estate goes…that’s what you really wanna know right? Well I have to tell you that since not working a “normal” job in soooooooooo long (over 4 years) that this week was extremely exhausting. Not only did I start this job this week, but Kathy was away for work in Houston, Tx and we (aka I) had Joe for the week. Luckily our next door neighbor friggin rocks so she helped me out a great deal last week.

The bottom line is that the job is bearable right now BUT overall it’s definitely giving me the motivation that I need to do what I need to do. This week is the start of my new schedule…basically work 2 nights and 3 days (and switch every other Friday and Saturday. So if I work Friday, I have off Saturday and vice versa.) I think I’ll need this week and perhaps next week (hopefully not) to get situated with my schedule and to hopefully not be exhausted when I get home and then I can concentrate on working my real estate in.

I did start re-reading this Dave Lindahl book: Multi-Family Millions: How Anyone Can Reposition Apartments for Big Profits(affiliate link.)

I want to concentrate on finding MOTIVATED sellers of apartment buildings. So I have to really figure out how to get at them….btw, I think my father is my first highly motivated multi-family owner. I’m going to speak with him in more detail this week. More on that in another post.

But if any of you folks have ideas on how to find motivated apartment owners, please let me know. I’m going to try to sift through the foreclosure notices and try to get my hands on those that are filing evictions or that get judgments on their behalf but I’m foreseeing some issues already with that…..but I’ll see what I can do. Any other ideas?

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9 replies on “Vrooooooooooooooooom!”

pretty sweet there Carey!

Once you get more comfortable doing the 9 to 5 you’ll find you have a little more energy and can get some other things done. It always takes me a bit of time to adjust my schedule to add something new in though. Even if I have the time I sometimes just flat out forget to do things because they are new and not part of my routine.
.-= Scott Costello´s last blog ..Probate Monday- Goals and other thoughts =-.

If driving BMWs all day isn’t motivation to start making some real dinero, I don’t know what is. Think I might just test drive some this week. Good Luck, ….cool blog.

Hey Steph,

It’s definitely not that bad of a gig. I really just drive ’em, take pics of ’em, make sure their websites are working properly and update the sites and take customer calls.

It’s actually a pretty easy job when you think about it….nowwwwwwwwww if you’re talkin about how easy it is when nobody in the dealerships knows what anyone else is doing and is disorganized…well that just makes things a wee bit more difficult lol

But hey…..I’m not complaining because I’m planning on being a “lifer.” Know what I mean?

Scott…I gotta tell you I soooo can’t wait until I have more energy and wnat to kick it up a few notches!

My new schedule didn’t change yet so right now I’m 8 to 5 and B-E-A-T after work. Oh did I mention that I have a 50 minute drive each way?

It sucks that’s for sure.

Hey Will,

Thanks so much for visiting. I hope you come back frequently and keep participating.

And yes seeing all of these cars is definitely motivating……they just sold a $112,000 car yesterday lol

I’m also finding that all BMW’s aren’t that expensive…something I never knew before. Got a few listed for like 19k-ish. Not bad.

Well Esi when you’re ready call me in the internet department and I’ll try to hook you up. Of course, it will have to be delievered to you! (Believe it or not we sell cars to folks all over the U.S.)

And I gotta tell ya Kathy has a Toyota Prius and I absolutely loveee the gas mileage. I was gonna get one for my next car but ya know what? I was driving around in a 335d and even spoke to a customer about his 335d and he said he gets great gas mileage. 40 mpg. My only issue to think about is the price of diesel gas is usually a wee bit higher. Ya know?

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