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ATMs and Private Money aka Buy ATMs with No Money

In this vidoe I talk briefly about how you can use Private Money to start your ATM business or to help grow it. With Private Money at your disposal you can literally buy atms with no money! Check it out:

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5 replies on “ATMs and Private Money aka Buy ATMs with No Money”

Steph you bring up an awesome point about not putting all of your eggs in one basket and that sparked a post idea for me. Actually, I’ve been thinking about it before but since you just mentioned it what better time, right?

That was kind of Kathy and I’s idea too with getting involved with ATM’s when we knew we were doing the multi-family thing too. More on that in the post that will be coming soon (when? who knows my darn internet isn’t working at home, so I have limited internet time now lol)

Oh and I read your recent post about looking into multi-familys now as a strategy…good for you! Good luck that’s where we’re at too! Let me know how you make out with that private money person you found.

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