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ATM Business doesn’t stop growing

My ATM Business doesn’t stop growing – it’s like a flower in bloom!

Remember when I wrote that post about will gardening give me a new ATM placement for my ATM business?

I’ve been talking to the business owner, a really nice guy actually. He owns several businesses and I think his businesses and my ATM business are going to be good friends lol

We’re meeting so I can place an ATM in one of his restaurant/bars (the bar is the key money maker here!) Plus, he wants me to place another ATM of mine in a restaurant/bar that he will be opening up soon (right next to the original sub-shop where I started talking about my atm business that started this all.) Can you see what I mean when I say my ATM business doesn’t stop growing…..and it’s like I can’t even stop my ATM business from growing if I wanted to (but of course I don’t want it to stop growing!)

Networking and my ATM Business

My ATM business is a heck of a lot like my real estate business whereas if I’m not opening my mouth telling people about it well then they don’t know I’m in the ATM business at all. Folks, how many times have I said to open your mouth about your real estate business? or your ATM business? A big key to my ATM business and real estate business and I’m sure you will find in your atm business or real estate business is just talking to other people about what you do. Networking. Even if you’re standing in line somewhere shooting the shit!

I’m telling you just talking about your ATM business and what you do or talking about your real estate business and what you do will get you results!

I am going to have 2 new ATM locations and possibly more all because I asked one little question to a lady that took my cheesesteak order. This is not rocket science! 😉 You can have a successful ATM business too….all you have to do is….ummm order a cheesesteak? hehehe just teasin’ You can actually be well on your way to having a successful ATM business just by signing up below for my free ATM business training videos!

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