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Bandit sign police

Me and the Bandit Sign Police

So, the bandit sign police got me…..twice within a couple of weeks! And in 2 different areas to boot.

I decided I wanted to start getting more real estate deals a brewing (I’ve been on hiatus working on the ATM Business course.)

When I want my phone to start ringing what do I do? I put out bandit signs. Love me some bandit signs.
bandit sign
My phone definitely started ringing from my bandit signs. wGood calls and uhhh not so good calls. This is basically my “how to” on how to deal with the bandit sign police.

1st bandit sign police call was in my neck of the woods. BSP: You’re not allowed to put those signs on states roads.

I proceeded to be sweet as pie to the bandit sign police and he then said “well I will let you go out and pick them up instead of having my guys do it cause I know they are expensive. Just try to keep ’em off of the state roads.”

I asked him to elaborate on what a “state road” is and how I can tell. He told me but to tell ya’ll the truth, I honestly looked while driving around but I can’t see any signs that say SR that are posted near speed limit signs.

I never went to pick up my bandit signs. I forget where I put all my bandit signs! The good ones are still up and I even got a deal signed up from my bandit signs last week!)

2nd bandit sign police call: This one was a call from the guy who works in the township where I have my rental property for sale. I put up handwritten bandit signs to try to sell my rental property. This is how this one went down.
handwritten bandit sign
He left me a voicemail that said: You can’t have those signs up, they are illegal in the township. You need to come and get them before I take them down. Thank you.

So, me, being me…well I called him 🙂 I was, of course, sweet as pie. Told him I was sorry but I was just trying to sell my house cause my real estate agent sucks (sorry dad hehe) I proceeded to ask him what the rule was for real estate agent signs for the weekends? And if I could do like they do and maybe put out on Friday and pick up Sunday night?

BSP2 said: well, if you have a sign on your property then you can actually put signs around the area that SEND people to your house. That’s the only way it would be legal. The signs have to send them to your property.

I said…ok I will take care of them this weekend. All bandit signs will now send them to my property for sale.

He said ok but he wants to verify to make sure. I’m going to do it anyway and if when he verifies and it’s not the case, well I’ll just ask for forgiveness from the bandit sign police.

Btw, these conversations took me back a few years when I got my very first call from the bandit sign police. It was a woman and I actually went in to see her to get my bandit signs. We struck up a conversation and I left there knowing exactly how to follow the rules of the township and keep putting my bandit signs out!

Did any of you have experiences with the bandit sign police? How did it go down?

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2 replies on “Bandit sign police”

My experience (of course this will probably change as soon as I am finished typing this) is that they don’t usually start fining unless you get crazy with the signs. I’ve had a lot of calls from the city and have not once gone to pick them up.

Some cities within San Antonio are very strict and I only put out signs there once and have learned to not bother again.

I’ve heard of people having other investor act like code compliance just to hinder their competition.

There was a guy here a couple of years ago that had to pay a fortune, but he was putting out about 200 signs a weekend, every weekend!! What was he thinking?

Holy cow 200 signs!!! That’s a lot of signs a weekend….I bet he got a ton of calls though, that’s for sure.

Yeah, I’ve never gotten fined either Danny. Have had my signs removed from the “bandit sign” police in some areas and in others they don’t touch them.

I love the areas where the landscapers move my sign, cut the lawn, then put my sign back 🙂 I just got another call from the bandit sign police about making them directionals.

He said they had a township meeting and people were complaining so that I needed to take them down (I may just get “ARROW” directionals if I need to and see if those work.) I will take these down tomorrow as I’m showing the property again (I do think I have a tenant buyer that I’m CLOSE to putting in there, but I’m going to show it to a handful of more people tomorrow just to see.)

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