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10 (25ish) Things You Didn’t Know About Me

You know my fellow blogger, Scotty, over at Struggling Investor did this post before that mentioned some things about him that he didn’t think we’d know.

I really liked it when he did that and I tried to find it again on his blog but I couldn’t. I remember reading his blog that day and thought to myself “I want to do one of these posts.”

Soooooooo, although it’s plenty of posts later…here it is. My “10 25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me” post (or I should say probably didn’t know about me.)

1. My favorite type of music is R&B and Hip-Hop (favorite band is 112.) carey bucks favorite group

2. Even though my favorite type of music is R&B and Hip-Hop; I have a very eclectic taste in music. I like all kinds. In my collection you will find Beethoven, Bach, Ozzy Osbourne, Frank Sinatra, King Diamond, Madonna, Tiffany, Garth Brooks, Reba McEntire, Bonnie Tyler, R. Kelly (I know Shae, I know lol) and much, much more.

3. I don’t admit it to many people but I loveeeee Tiffany (remember the shopping mall singer from the 80’s. “I think we’re alone now!”) When I need to paint or do any type of housework, man I jam to some Tiffany 🙂 (I hope ya’ll still respect me after this post! lol)

4. I have a counting/math/number OCD. I count everything. Tiles on the floor, ceiling panels, designs in a door, checkers on a shirt, etc. It’s always a treat at nite when it’s bedtime. I look at the digital clock and you know how it will say let’s say: 11:32, well I’ll count the lines in the 11:32 number and then whatever number I come up with let’s say in this case it’s 14, then I’ll try to do some type of math problem with the numbers in 11:32 to get the number 14. So, I’d say in my head ok “11 + 3 = 14.” Well Kathy sees me every night look at the clock and do my lil calculations in my head and every night I hear “stop looking at the dam clock! and she turns the clock away!” *shrug* she just doesn’t understand.

5. I absolutely love to play No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em poker tournaments (I get to use my counting/math/number OCD. Perfect combo!) And I’m pretty decent to boot.

6. I’ve made a TV final table for a women’s poker tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada.

7. I use to work at QVC and I worked backstage with the guests, models, hosts, etc. And a lot of times I would get “air-time” to do things. That was my favorite part of the job because I can be such a ham!

8. I use to work at a radio station (WNWR-AM 1540) where I did an early morning Gospel Radio Program on Sundays.

9. I have a huge heart for animals, children, the elderly and minorities (especially as you would have expected GLBT folks.) I will always stick up for people who can’t stick up for themselves or for people that aren’t being treated fairly.

10. I’m getting married to my partner of over 5 years on September 10th, 2011 in Cape May, NJ on the beach. I’m 37 and have never been married before. I’m excited, but honestly, we’ve been living as a married couple for so long now that well I think it’s just a formality but one that means a whole heck of a lot. Something about exchanging vows and wedding bands…….I think that says (and means) a whole heck of a lot! (Plus, she’s a saint for putting up with me!)
carey and kathy

11. Here’s a bonus one (or 2): I can teach you how to cash in on the ATM business by owning your own ATM machines and I can potentially teach you a little bit about real estate investing if you hang around here 😉


Ok so I feel like I robbed ya because I found Scotty’s original post and he told you 25 things about him! And I only did 10, well 11. So here is another 14 lol

12. I have a tattoo of a cat on my left calf. It is of my cat Buddy, who I had to have put to sleep when he was only 5 (he had a lot of internal problems.) So that tattoo was my memorial to him because he was so young. It does it’s job too. People always ask about it. (Love you buddy….miss you kid!)

13. And if you haven’t guessed yet, my cats are my kids. I have 3 cats and in my heart they are my kids. Kathy, my partner has 2, 2 legged kids lol (plus she has 1 cat.)

14. I try to juice in the morning most of the time. My signature juice is: 4 carrots, 2 apples and a handful of parsley. Yum!

15. I make a mean black bean and quinoa salad. DEEEE-lish.

16. I don’t know how to swim 🙂 I mean I probably could manage if you just tossed me in the water, but I am not comfortable at all with swimming. Don’t ever ask me to save you, cuz we’d BOTH be in trouble.

17. I proposed to Kathy in Atlantic City, NJ at the Borgata Hotel and Casino and I had the help of the Borgata in pulling off my proposal. (Big shout out to Ray Steffanelli, Director of Poker Marketing and Jeff Shurilla, Borgata Blogger! These 2 guys, especially Jeff, helped me pull my proposal off without a hitch.) *Note- Kathy and I actually met at a poker tournament in Atlantic City, hence the A.C. proposal!

18. I don’t like raisins all that much, hate them in carrot cake, but I love them in my cereal (I’m eating Raisin Bran right now.)

19. People tend to say that I’m a very loyal person. And I tend to agree with them.

20. I have a license to carry and I have a 9mm gun and believe it or not, I’m actually a pretty good shot (a robber is in trouble if they step into my house!)

21. I’m fiscally conservative and socially liberal.

22. When I was a little kid I wanted to grow up to be a little black boy (true story, my mom tells it to folks to this day!) Of course, I don’t remember it, but hey, I’m trying to tell you some things you didn’t know about me and I’m quite sure my mom is telling the truth lol

23. My mom is my hero. She’s the 1 person in this world that I love, respect and cherish more than anything (we’re talking about NON-spouses here folks lol) She’s helped make me the person I am today. She’s always believed in me and showed me love more than anyone else on this planet. And as an adult, I learned all of the things my mom had to sacrifice and struggle with to not only raise me as a wonderful, productive member of society, but really to make sure she stayed a sane, supportive and loving mom (which I don’t think any of that was in question. You know the term unconditional love? Look it up, there’s probably a pic of me and mom there lol)

Anyway, I admire my mom greatly and a lot of what I am striving to do is so that I can take care of my mom so she doesn’t have to work anymore and she can enjoy life a heck of a lot more. I love you mom. Thank you for everything you’ve done (and continue to do.)

24. When I was growing up in Philly; I was an all-star softball player and basketball player. I think it’s because off of fields and out of the uniforms I only played with boys. I played baseball with boys, played basketball with boys…..when I was little my best friend was a boy and I usually got along better with boys then girls lol

25. I’m a procrastinator. That’s a constant work in progress. I’m getting better. Writing things down helps immensely!

Bonus: 26. This is something that people always find unbelievable when I tell them (and I have no idea why.) But I have never smoked a cigarette in my life. Never. Didn’t even try it. Not even a puff. Not only that but I have never in my life ever did drugs. Not even pot. People always say that people like me are very rare. As far as alcohol goes…..I’m not much of a drinker. Maybe will have a couple drinks every 6 months or so. My per session limit is 2 tho lol L-I-G-H-T W-E-I-G-H-T

Ok…that’s about it for the 10 25 things you (probably) didn’t know about me. Soooo….what are some things that I probably don’t know about you?

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3 replies on “10 (25ish) Things You Didn’t Know About Me”

Fun post, Carey! I actually knew MOST of this about you…but here were the new ones for me:
#3…Tiffany?!? LOL! I’ll admit I used to love that song though. I remember I was in the 5th grade singing it.
#4: Wow…
#7: Very cool 🙂

Alright I gotta go pack for my grown folks only weekend with my boo for our 12th anniversary! Have a great weekend!

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