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Grow Your Business By Building Relationships

Grow Your Business By Building Relationships

This evening I had something occur and because of that I just knew I wanted to reach out to folks and let them know that you can grow your business by building relationships.

As you know I’m in the real estate business and the ATM business. But in this post when I talk about how to grow your business, the reality is that you can be in any business. I’m not just talking about a real estate business or an ATM business.

This evening Kathy and I were filling our gentlemen’s club ATM. The owner came out to chat with us as he usually does when he is there. He’s a super nice guy, very personable and funny. We talk about anything you can think of: religion, politics, business, money, life, kids, relationships, etc.

I almost forgot. Not only do you try to grow your business, but I’m always trying to grow my businesses. With that in mind, I am trying to get my ATM in another gentlemen’s club that I heard about. But the manager shot me down.

Ok, back to this evening. While talking to the owner of the gentlemen’s club that we have our ATM in, I asked him if he knew the owner of the ATM club where the manager shot me down. He said no. I told him that I was trying to get our ATM in there but the manager just wouldn’t give me the time of day and just wouldn’t let me talk to the owner.

Do you know what he said to me? He said, “I don’t know who owns it, but I will call them for you and talk to him. I will just tell them I own a club here and I want to speak to the owner. When I get to the owner I will tell them about you guys and how good you are to me and my business. I’m just going to tell him how awesome you are.”

I was like, “really?” lol (I’m such a dork sometimes.) And he said “Absolutely.” He went on to say “you guys are so good to me. You always make sure this machine is working, you hardwired the machine into the club (so it doesn’t get interference anymore) and this machine is never empty. You always make sure there is money in here whenever I need it, especially when we have big events going on. I like you guys a lot and think you are awesome.”

I can’t even tell you how good that made me feel. I gave him a hug and said thank you.

I really can’t stress enough how important it is start building and maintaing relationships in order to grow your business. From the beginning, we’ve been very personable, very easy to get along with, easy to work with, took care of anything that came up with the machine even if it wasn’t something major.

We treated him always with the same respect that we would want to be treated with. And it’s paying off.

Do you think his other vendors come in and ask him how his wife is doing? Or ask him how his new beagle puppy is that he just got?

To grow your business you have to be willing to grow and build your relationships with the people that you do business with. Whether you build widgets, invest in real estate or have an online business you have to build a relationship with your base.

It would be impossible to grow your business in any arena if you weren’t always building relationships with the folks you want to do business with.

How Do You Build Relationships In Order To Grow Your Business

Be personable. Be trustworthy. Have integrity. Always do what you say you’re going to do. And treat other people as you would want to be treated, no matter if they run a strip club, a church, a half-way house or a liquor store. Treat people properly and it will pay you 1,000 times over when you are trying to grow your business.

Can you think of any specific instances where building relationships helped you to grow your business?

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2 replies on “Grow Your Business By Building Relationships”


That is awesome. It’s good to hear stories about people benefiting from just being genuinely good people that work hard and care.

Relationships have helped my wife and I with our house flipping business by allowing us to change with the times. The people we talk to and associate with all help each other to stay on top of our game. Without that assistance who knows where we would be right now. Debt of gratitude owed all around.

Thanks Danny….and I agree, it’s pretty awesome to hear stories about people benefiting just because they are genuinely good people and work hard and care.

Thank you for sharing with us how relationships have helped you and your wife with your house flipping business. I think that’s key for folks to get; it doesn’t matter if
you have a house flipping business, an ATM business or any other type of business. Building relationships for that business to grow is so critical!

Thanks again Danny for sharing.

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