Why you should look for passive income

Posted on 28. Feb, 2012 by in Passive Income

Why You Should Look For Passive Income?

Has anyone else or yourself even caused you to question whether you should look for passive income or not? Maybe you have heard a lot
about passive income on real estate blogs, MLM sites, or tv shows or even in books?

I wanted to give you a few reasons why you should look for passive income.

1) You don’t really want to work forever do you? Sure you may love your job, but most people don’t. Even if you did love your job, wouldn’t you rather spend most of your day with the people YOU choose to spend them with (instead of co-workers.) This is my #1 reason why you should look for passive income…if you have enough passive income it will help you get out of your j-o-b.

2) You want to actually have income when you retire right? When you do quit your job, you’d like to have money right? You’d like to be able to actually pay for healthy insurance and your prescriptions needed, wouldn’t you? This is another fantastic reason why you should have passive income….your social security benefits just may not be cutting it for you, so passive income will come in handy.

3) Debt sucks. I’m talking about bad debt. You know you ran up your credit card bill to the max and have no idea what you have to show for it. You should look for passive income to help knock that debt out. Then guess what? Once the debt is gone, your passive income can help you pay for thinks you need instead of racking up some more bad debt!

4) Vacations rock! You should look for passive income so you can spend quality time with either just yourself or with your family on a vacation (or 2 or 3 or 4, etc.) Why ask for permission to go on vacation? (from a job, ya know?) Why limit your vacation to 2 weeks out of the year? (ya know the whole job thing again?) Vacations are extremely healthy for you and your relationship and they are yet another reason you should look for passive income.

5) Take control of YOUR LIFE, YOUR TIME and YOUR FINANCES! You should look for passive income if you are finally ready to take charge of YOU and your life. It’s not one else’s job to take care of your life and you. It’s up to you to do something with your time and money. Don’t spend most of your hours in a lifetime with co-workers…spend it with family, friends, pets, even alone time with yourself. Life is too short. You should look for passive income so you can take control of your life back!

I hope I gave you enough reasons why you really should look for passive income. Stick around to find more reasons why you should look for passive income. I’ll be sharing the things I do with my passive income and hopefully that will help motivate you not only to answer why you should look for passive income but to actually start collecting passive income.

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2 Responses to “Why you should look for passive income”

  1. John Glover

    28. Mar, 2012

    Good info, I think too many newbies only look at making money and not the passive money that helps carry you between deals when things are slow.

  2. Carey

    29. Mar, 2012

    First, thanks for stopping by and posting John. Second, great observation. I think you are absolutely right. I know I was the same way when I got started. Then I learned about passive income and it was one of those major A-HA moments for me lol

    Thanks for sharing John.

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