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How To Become Unemployed And Start Living Life…YOUR Life

Ever thought about “firing” your boss? or hoping you, yourself, got fired? Thought about
starting your own business so you don’t need to rely on the “security” of a J-O-B?

Notice, I put security in quotes. Most folks don’t realize that when you are working
for someone else, you never, ever, ever have security. You are replaceable. Always.
Please don’t ever forget that.

Anywho, most of you have been on my journey with me since investing in real estate
back in 1999 starting with mobile home deals. Fun times.

You’ve been around when I was a full-time real estate agent, a full-time real estate
investor and many things in between.

Truth be told….I sucked at managing ME. So I usually ended up at a J-O-B. Stupid,
I know. I think laziness had a lot to do with it too though…….

Anyway, when I met Kathy (my current wifey-poo,) well things really started to change
for me. She was the first partner that I ever had in my life that REALLY believed in me,
believed in my knowledge and believed that I could take US to a whole new level in
this game of life. (Now my mom has always believed in me, but well she’s not the kind
of partner I’m talking about lol That’s different, she’s my mommy.)

Kathy has always been supportive of my dreams. Problem was, Kathy and I were in a lot
of debt after we bought our house together. Especially sucked for me because I had
gotten myself out of a boatload of debt and now I was back in it.

Well, I had to do what I knew to make money quick to help us. Real estate. So, I
wholesaled deals, etc. But….wholesaling really wasn’t my passion. Sure it was easy
and it was quick money, but I really didn’t enjoy it all that much.

While I was figuring my “sh*t” out, I started working again…..ughhhhh yes a J-O-B.

Meanwhile, Kathy and I decide to look towards apartment buildings for real estate
and we decide to start an ATM business for passive income (that was in 2009.)

While we’ve been crushing it in the ATM business, we still had huge debt to crush.
So, I’ve been working for car dealerships. BMW in their internet department. Then I
went to a Dodge, Jeep and Chevy dealer to work in their finance department.

While I liked my most recent boss A LOT as a person. I really didn’t like my J-O-B.
I’m an entrepreneur!!! I will never like a j-o-b. My boss knew the type of person I
was and knew the businesses we had. She was so awesome, and would always give
me tips, ideas, etc. about the businesses. She knew I wasn’t going to be at the job
forever, that’s for sure.

The thing that was even more frustrating to me was the fact that our ATM business
more than covered my salary at both of those J-O-Bs at the dealerships. Grrrrrrrr.

D@mn debt! I tell ya. Anyway, my wonderful wife had an awesome idea of me going
part-time to concentrate on our businesses. It’s hard to be successful in your businesses
when you are working a gabillion hours a week and then coming home to a family. It’s
do-able…but really hard.

So, my boss was on board. Woohooo! Man, I started kicking tail when I went part-time.
Not even kidding. I was crushing it and taking names. Working on our ATM biz, making
offers on apartment buildings and improving my ATM Business Blueprint course so
other folks can start making passive income from ATM machines.

It was great! Then a month later my boss says to me (and I’m going to paraphrase:)
“Well, we kinda need you to come back full-time again. I know it’s not good timing.
I wish you were just ready to leave here on your own, but we’re getting more and more
busy, etc. etc.”

I was annoyed. I mean it’s only been a month or so. But oh well, that’s cool. She said
she would give me and Kathy the weekend to talk about it.

The bad thing was Joe was getting ready to end school and that’s a huge reason Kathy
wanted me to be part-time. To be home for him. Soooo, she wasn’t happy about the
whole full-time thing.

We told them that I would go back full-time in September if they needed me to. They
said they needed someone sooner. I was like ok, no problem, I understand but I can’t
do that because of Joe. Our plan was for me to be home for Joe this summer.

My boss understood and June 8, 2012 was my official last day an an employee of
someone else. Man did it feel awesome.

Truth is, we have income coming in from our ATM business, from my ATM Business
Blueprint Course and from my very last rental property. Grant it, the debt crushing
machine may be a little slowed down, but having other income streams definitely

My problem now? I put wayyyy too much pressure on myself to making a bajillion
dollars in a year to get Kathy out of her job. Sure, our ultimate goal has been to
get us both out of our jobs, but I’m putting more pressure then normal on myself
now to do that. She’s not. I am.

But I have been kicking butt. Just went to Brendon Burchards High Performance
Academy in Cali last month, just did a teleseminar for T Harv Ekers “Wealthy
Now” members last month, going to Brendon Burchards Worlds Greatest Speaker
Training in August and I’m just really excited about the future folks!

I’m happy to start living MY life…the life I want with my wife and my family.

You can decide to start living life too…..your life. Just start with 1 extra passive
income stream (or heck it doesn’t even have to be passive, but it helps for it
to be if you already have a full-time job.) Then keep adding another passive income
stream after you get cranking with the first one.

You can do it. For you. For your family. For your future.

Thank you for reading my rambling post today, I know it’s been a while, but as
you can read….I’ve had a lot on my mind and a lot going on. You guys and gals
are all awesome.

I definitely want to say a big hugeeeee, awesome thanks to Kathy. For being there
for me and believing in me. Pretty soon babydoll, you’re going to be sipping pina
coladas on the beach while I’m next to you with my laptop making us more money! 😉

kathy and carey wedding

This is a pic from our beach wedding. We wanted something casual and inexpensive. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day, a more perfect wife and a more perfect partner in business.

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