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Stop Listening To Your (and others) Bullshit!

Stop Listening To Your (and others) Bullshit!

Pardon my language but this is a pretty personal post about me and
also about you (you just may not know it’s about you yet!)

About 4 years ago I was in the best shape of my life. I’d juice
constantly, I’d exercise daily and I ate very healthy. I hardly
ever got sick, too! It was awesome.

Then in early 2010 I had to get my wisdom teeth out. No biggie, right?
Well, I had an abscess in one tooth and it was sooo infected that my
face swelled up and my mouth closed. I couldn’t eat. Seriously, my
mouth couldn’t open wide enough to eat.

Anyway, there was this major snow storm and my dad had to come get me
to take me to the ER because Kathy wasn’t home……….I ended up having
to get surgery. They had to go through my neck to drain the abscess because
if they tried to open my mouth they would have broke my jaw. If you’d like
to read all about the worst day of my life go here (don’t mind the spelling errors and the curse words!)

Anyway, after the surgery I was finally able to eat. And man after several days
of not being able to eat boy did I eat and eat and eat.

So, basically all of my good habits that I had went down the drain. Now, I would
try to every now and then pick up where I left off prior to the whole wisdom teeth
thing but it was hard. (The bad foods we eat really are addictive!) So, it was
hard and other people would tell me it’s hard to go back after you stopped. I believed
them and I believed myself.

Now, it’s 3 years later. I also have asthma and yeah I’m a bit overweight. Grant it, if
you were to look at me it’s not like you’d say I was obese or even fat. But I am overweight,
there’s no doubt about that. I’m 5’6″ and I weight 177 lbs. If you check out the height/weight/bmi
that equals overweight. I should way a max of 148 lbs.

Oh and because of my asthma for some reason when I get sick it goes right to my chest and
lungs. I was sick for I think like 2 weeks (from August to earlier this month.) And my
cough is still lingering……it takes my cough longer to go away than folks that don’t
have asthma.

By the way, just for the record I want you to know that I have never, ever smoked a
cigarette in my life, never even tried one. I also have never, ever done any type of
illegal drug in my life. Never even tried one and no, not even pot.

So, as you can imagine I get especially pissed off when I can’t breath and people are
like “are you a smoker?” which is a valid question but I get pissed off that I can’t
breath and I sound like someone who has been smoking (and killing themselves) for years!

Oh and my dad told me that high blood pressure runs in our family, because I had high blood
pressure the other day. I said “I’m not going to have high blood pressure, because I eat
better than most people in our family!” (And I do lol but I still have a ways to go.)

Turns out my blood pressure is normal now; it was just high because I was coughing up a
friggin’ lung constantly.

Now why am I confessing all of this to you today? Oh by the way, I do eat better nowadays
but nothing close to where I was before and I still eat crappy shit that I shouldn’t eat.

Anyway, why am I confessing all of this to you? Well, I’ve been having problems breathing
lately. For quite some time actually. That’s why the doc gave me an inhaler for daily use
and a rescue inhaler (can’t find that one tho.)

But Saturday, my stepson Joe, had a baseball game. We had to park a little away from the field.
I’d say it was a block or half of a block to walk (short block.) Well, I took the 2 chairs and
walked to the car while Kathy waited for Joe and half way to the car I couldn’t breath. I was
really having a hard time breathing and gasping for air. (Same thing when I walk up the steps
at the house.)

Anyway, right then and there I promised myself that I wasn’t going to listen to MY BULLSHIT or anyone else’s bullshit about why I can or can’t do something.
And I was finally going to take control of my health again (I’ve been working on the
wealth, but lacking in the health department and I don’t know if you know this or not
but without your health, your wealth is pretty friggin’ useless.)

Kathy got back in the car and I explained to her what was going on. She told me that it’s my
asthma and I have to go back to the doctor again. Which I already made an appointment just
for a checkup. And I said, you know I know it’s my asthma but you know what, it’s me too.

I’m overfuckinweight and that’s my fault. I eat like shit and that’s my fault. I don’t exercise
and that’s my fault. I said and I’m going to be changing all of that.

You see my body is pretty amazing. No I’m not getting conceited here lol what I mean is that
when I eat properly, exercise properly and drink plenty of water my body rewards me. How does
it reward me? My heartburn and every other medical problem I have virtually disappears. I’m not
bullshitting you. It’s amazing. Our bodies (yes, yours too) are amazing! If we treat them
properly they will treat us properly.

Monday of this week I started doing Tae Bo again. I could only do 20 minutes that day. I
was having problems breathing and well I didn’t want to kill myself. Just so you know I’m
not being reckless, I realize that I have issues that I need to pay attention too, so I’m
gradually doing what I need to do. Monday 20 minutes of Tae Bo and 50 sit ups.

Tuesday I made it to 30 minutes of Tae Bo and 60 sit ups.

Today, I’m proud to say that I completed the entire Tae Bo workout without a problem and
I did 70 sit ups.

I’ve been eating pretty awesomely this week and I intend to keep it up. You see, I have
a target date. It’s January 14, 2014. What’s so special about that date?

Well I haven’t had a physical in quite some time and that is my physical date with the
best doctor in the world, my family doctor, Dr. Harvey Lisgar.

I want to be in top notch shape then so he’s like WTF happened to you? lol

As someone who is constantly speaking on stages about passive income and wealth, it’s pretty
important that I am healthy and can breath. Because well, I can get into my speaking and
exert a lot of energy and it’s good to be able to breath properly and not lose your breath
all of the time.

Soooooo, I’m excited for my journey back to top notch health and I welcome you to follow
along but more importantly I’m asking you, no begging you to STOP LISTENING TO YOUR OWN BULLSHIT

Take control of your life right now. Don’t let yourself or others stop you. Whether it’s in
the health department or wealth department or any other department STOP LISTENING TO THE BULLSHIT
and start doing what you KNOW you have to do. (Because the reality is we all know what we have
to do, we just don’t do it. Right? We know if we are broke that we have to figure out how to
bring more money in whether it’s starting our own business or getting a new job. We know that
if we’re overweight and can’t breath that we have to start eating better and exercise.)

Take care of YOU! Don’t let your mind or others words stop you. I’m taking care of me because
I have a family that I love to death and want to be here for, for a longggg time.

I want to be around for my family, especially my beautiful and awesome wife Kathy and my kitty
cats. And my mom, stepdad, dad, stepdad, stepkids, nephew (by best friendship) etc. etc.

You get the picture. So stop, think about your life and who is important in it and then make
a plan for better wealth or health or whatever it is that you need to ensure that you’ll always
be around for those people in your life.

Remember, STOP LISTENING TO ALL OF THE BULLSHIT that says you can’t or it’s too hard or are you crazy? Etc. Etc.

Tell me below what BULLSHIT are you now going to stop listening to?

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4 replies on “Stop Listening To Your (and others) Bullshit!”

Thanks for the pep talk, it’s easy to fall off the wagon and stay in a slump when others around you want to have company with their own misery!
I just turned 50 and am in need of shedding a few pounds myself, finding work the fulfills me not drains my life of energy and fitting in more fun and relaxing adventures with my hubby.
I’ll continue to remind myself that there is bullshit everywhere even staring back at me in the mirror (but only if I let it)!

Elaine, it’s my pleasure for the motivation. Sometimes we have to give each other a pep talk when so many others are feeding us bullshit, right?

Just 1 day after this post I almost listened to my own bullshit lol I had dental work done (of all things…dental work again!) and had a horribleee headache and mouth pain. Slept for 9 1/2 hours and woke up tired. Kathy asked me if I was going to work out (yesterday) and I said not right now.

You know Elaine, I could feel myself talking myself out of working out because I had mouth pain and a headache last night. Crazy, right? But eventually I said “screw you bullshit!” and I completed my Tae Bo workout and did 80 sit-ups.

I think it’s important that we recognize our own bullshit when we think it or say it that way we can get better control of it. Thanks for your post!

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