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ATM Video Vocab #5 – Business Owner

Here’s another ATM Video Vocab. This is episode # 5 where I clarify what I mean when I refer to business owners. These ATM Video Vocabs are a great way for you to learn about the ATM business before you begin your journey of staring your own ATM business.

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Grow Your Business By Building Relationships

Grow Your Business By Building Relationships

This evening I had something occur and because of that I just knew I wanted to reach out to folks and let them know that you can grow your business by building relationships.

As you know I’m in the real estate business and the ATM business. But in this post when I talk about how to grow your business, the reality is that you can be in any business. I’m not just talking about a real estate business or an ATM business.

This evening Kathy and I were filling our gentlemen’s club ATM. The owner came out to chat with us as he usually does when he is there. He’s a super nice guy, very personable and funny. We talk about anything you can think of: religion, politics, business, money, life, kids, relationships, etc.

I almost forgot. Not only do you try to grow your business, but I’m always trying to grow my businesses. With that in mind, I am trying to get my ATM in another gentlemen’s club that I heard about. But the manager shot me down.

Ok, back to this evening. While talking to the owner of the gentlemen’s club that we have our ATM in, I asked him if he knew the owner of the ATM club where the manager shot me down. He said no. I told him that I was trying to get our ATM in there but the manager just wouldn’t give me the time of day and just wouldn’t let me talk to the owner.

Do you know what he said to me? He said, “I don’t know who owns it, but I will call them for you and talk to him. I will just tell them I own a club here and I want to speak to the owner. When I get to the owner I will tell them about you guys and how good you are to me and my business. I’m just going to tell him how awesome you are.”

I was like, “really?” lol (I’m such a dork sometimes.) And he said “Absolutely.” He went on to say “you guys are so good to me. You always make sure this machine is working, you hardwired the machine into the club (so it doesn’t get interference anymore) and this machine is never empty. You always make sure there is money in here whenever I need it, especially when we have big events going on. I like you guys a lot and think you are awesome.”

I can’t even tell you how good that made me feel. I gave him a hug and said thank you.

I really can’t stress enough how important it is start building and maintaing relationships in order to grow your business. From the beginning, we’ve been very personable, very easy to get along with, easy to work with, took care of anything that came up with the machine even if it wasn’t something major.

We treated him always with the same respect that we would want to be treated with. And it’s paying off.

Do you think his other vendors come in and ask him how his wife is doing? Or ask him how his new beagle puppy is that he just got?

To grow your business you have to be willing to grow and build your relationships with the people that you do business with. Whether you build widgets, invest in real estate or have an online business you have to build a relationship with your base.

It would be impossible to grow your business in any arena if you weren’t always building relationships with the folks you want to do business with.

How Do You Build Relationships In Order To Grow Your Business

Be personable. Be trustworthy. Have integrity. Always do what you say you’re going to do. And treat other people as you would want to be treated, no matter if they run a strip club, a church, a half-way house or a liquor store. Treat people properly and it will pay you 1,000 times over when you are trying to grow your business.

Can you think of any specific instances where building relationships helped you to grow your business?

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My Big Announcement is……

Well folks, my big announcement is……delayed lol hehehe I know, I know……I’m horrible.

I spoke to the folks yesterday and I have something pretty big (for me, anyway) in the works
for my ATM Business Blueprint course. This is being postponed until 2012 (later in the year.)

Which was a relief and also a blessing at the same time. I mean it would have been exciting
to do this right now (it would have been very last minute) but now I actually have some time
to perfect my speaking and my presentation.

And like my accountability partner said about me having a lot of time to practice and perfect
things, that will be my ticket to “a long term relationship.” Which I think would be a beautiful thing!

I know I’m being secretive but trust me, it’s really cool and I’m hoping to pull it off next year.

Definitely you all will be in the loop. For now, I’m going to be doing online webinars,
interviews and speaking engagements for my ATM Business Blueprint course. All the while, while looking for multi-family properties.

So, if you have a REIA that you think would love to hear about a perfect complement to any real estate
business, please hit me up and let’s get ‘er done! Or if you think any other group would be interested
in hearing about passive income opportunities with the ATM business I’d love to hear from you.

Any other ideas besides real estate investor associations that you think would like to hear about
the passive income opportunities with ATM machines? Post ’em below…….

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Ways you should NOT use social media in your real estate business

Welll, I’m finally rocking and rolling along here. Had some minor “issues” with a friendly little website hacker.

All of my sites are in the process of being moved to a new host. But anywho, I read this rather interesting
article on MSN the other day about social media and real estate.

Now, before you click on the link to read it, keep in mind that it’s talking about residential home buyers
and sellers. However, I totally think you can see where I’m going with this and how it can apply to a real estate investor’s
biz as well.

Here’s the link to the article: Ways you should NOT use social media in your real estate business

And now that you’re thinking about it…..this can apply to your ATM business as well. Talking about
hot locations where you have your ATMs? Talking about where you’re trying to place an ATM?

Definitely ways for folks to make you wish you hadn’t posted that info on Facebook or Twitter!

What did you think of the article? Agree? Disagree? Did social media ever bite you in the butt?

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Are you up for a challenge?

Are you seriously up for a challenge? I am. And that’s why I’m making this post. Many of you know that I currently work a full-time job, along with running my ATM business and of course, I have my real estate business (which has been stagnant while I worked on my course for starting an ATM business.)

Anyway, I’m ready to quit my job! But of course, I have a significant other to worry about and a family, house, all of that good stuff. Mostly Kathy tho, my significant other/fiance’ (we’re getting hitched in September!)

So my challenge for myself and for you is to come up with ways to REPLACE your income from your job. Then make it happen for 2 to 3 consecutive months. The key here is CONSECUTIVE. You don’t want to do it after 1 month because it could be a fluke, right? Plus, the more months you go, the better it will be to let your significant other know that you’re bailing your J-O-B!

Now, my ATM business can replace my job salary now BUT I have a job for 1 reason and 1 reason only. To help get us out of debt that we have. If it wasn’t for debt, I wouldn’t have a job. So that’s why I still want to REPLACE my current income because I don’t want to take any money away from out debt (and I’m sure neither does Kathy.)

My method to get out of my job quickly will be real estate. And I’m going to use a method of real estate that I’ve never done before, so that’s why this will not only be a challenge for you should you choose to take on a new method, but it will still be a challenge for me.

Once I complete my challenge (and I will) I will share with you the method in real estate that I chose.

Oh and did I mention a prize? For anyone who posts below and tells me they are up for a challenge and let’s me know what method they will take to replace their current income from their job AND THEN, here’s the key…..and then prove that for 2 to 3 consecutive months you were successful at replacing your current income well you will win my course: ATM Business Blueprint.

This challenge is ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO FIRE THEIR BOSSES!!! If you have no desire to quit your job and start making money on your own, then please do not enter this contest.

That is my way of motivating you. Because you can then use my ATM course to catapult your passive income. Multiple streams of income baby, right? So with your new method of replacing your income and your soon to be new ATM business (because you won this challenge) you will always have multiple streams of income!

Soooo who is up for the challenge? Let me know below. The challenge starts TODAY!

Oh and a quick P.S. Thank you to Bill Walston from for this motivation that I needed 😉

P.S. If you want to see what your prize will be when you win this challenge….check it out here: ATM Business Blueprint.

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ATM Business doesn’t stop growing

My ATM Business doesn’t stop growing – it’s like a flower in bloom!

Remember when I wrote that post about will gardening give me a new ATM placement for my ATM business?

I’ve been talking to the business owner, a really nice guy actually. He owns several businesses and I think his businesses and my ATM business are going to be good friends lol

We’re meeting so I can place an ATM in one of his restaurant/bars (the bar is the key money maker here!) Plus, he wants me to place another ATM of mine in a restaurant/bar that he will be opening up soon (right next to the original sub-shop where I started talking about my atm business that started this all.) Can you see what I mean when I say my ATM business doesn’t stop growing…..and it’s like I can’t even stop my ATM business from growing if I wanted to (but of course I don’t want it to stop growing!)

Networking and my ATM Business

My ATM business is a heck of a lot like my real estate business whereas if I’m not opening my mouth telling people about it well then they don’t know I’m in the ATM business at all. Folks, how many times have I said to open your mouth about your real estate business? or your ATM business? A big key to my ATM business and real estate business and I’m sure you will find in your atm business or real estate business is just talking to other people about what you do. Networking. Even if you’re standing in line somewhere shooting the shit!

I’m telling you just talking about your ATM business and what you do or talking about your real estate business and what you do will get you results!

I am going to have 2 new ATM locations and possibly more all because I asked one little question to a lady that took my cheesesteak order. This is not rocket science! 😉 You can have a successful ATM business too….all you have to do is….ummm order a cheesesteak? hehehe just teasin’ You can actually be well on your way to having a successful ATM business just by signing up below for my free ATM business training videos!

P.S. Get your free ATM training videos here and learn how you can start your own ATM business and create cashflow for life!

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ATM Business ATM Video Vocab Videos

ATM Video Vocab #4 – ATM Owner

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Start an ATM Business in 9 easy steps

Start an ATM Business in 9 easy steps

Didn’t know you could own ATMs huh? Now, you can start an ATM business in just 9 easy steps. I just recorded a quick youtube video on how to start an atm business. Check it out above by just clicking play (btw, I lost….you’ll know what I’m talking about when you watch the video!)

And if you want to grab your free ATM training videos just click here to learn more about the ATM Business.

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Gardening = New ATM Placement?

So I don’t exactly have a green thumb but if gardening helps me get new ATMs placed then perhaps I’ll pick up the gardening hobby.

Sunday Kathy, her older sister and I were gardening all day at our house. It is so not fun for me, but alas it’s my house too. Well I began to dig out one of our rose bushes because we were moving it.

Next thing you know: CRACK! SPLAT!

I look and there apparently was a robin’s next in there and 3 little robin’s eggs cracked. I felt soooo horrible (I’m a huge animal person.) Anyway, Kathy and her sister told me to stop with the bush and get some lunch for all of us.

I head to a local place around us that makes cheese steaks. They have a minimum for credit card orders but I forgot what it was. I ask the lady. She said $10.

I say no problem. Then I follow that up with…..are you ready for this? “Have you guys ever thought about putting an ATM in here?”

Simple, eh? It’s one of the key phrases I teach in my ATM Business Blueprint course.

Well she proceeded to tell me that they use to have one but it was always out of order and the ATM owners never kept it filled with cash. So they got rid of it.

I told her about how I own a small, local ATM business and I live 5 minutes away so keeping it in service and loaded with cash isn’t an issue.

She was thrilled and gave me the owners name and phone number. Now I left the owner today and I don’t know if we’ll end up putting a machine there or not, but the point of this entire post was for you to learn this key phrase: “Have you ever thought about putting an ATM in here?”

Learn the ATM Business and create passive income without any tenants or toilets!

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Announcing: The ATM Business Blueprint

Introducing ATM Business Blueprint

I’m very, very proud to finally present the ATM Business Blueprint: Your Guide To A Profitable ATM Business That Provides A LIfetime Of Passive Income.

I can honestly say that I’ve been through a few different ATM programs and even though I’m biased, I know that I am, I really can say honestly that this is hands down the best, most comprehensive ATM course out there.

Who is the ATM Business Blueprint for?

The ATM business itself is so versatile and so easy to implement within your current situation that this business is perfect if you are any of the following people:

  • Working a 9 to 5 job but eventually want out
  • Always wanted to be involved in real estate but didn’t want the hassles of tenants and toilets
  • Are currently involved in real estate and want another passive income stream (you will begin to consider your ATMs like mini-rental properties…..only you just make start liking them better because you don’t have to deal with any tenants or toilets)
  • You are looking for ways to add income to your retirement account
  • Or maybe you just simple want to add some extra income into your bank account every month

Literally, the ATM Business Blueprint is for anyone that falls into any of the above categories.  One warning though:  this course does involve some work on your part.

You are not going to get into the ATM Business and make a ton of money and not have to do anything.  This course is not a magic little pill to swallow.  What this course is however, is an exact guide to how you can start a profitable ATM business that provides you with a lifetime of passive income.  All you have to do is follow along and take action!

Get your free ATM training videos now

Listen, don’t take my word for anything here.  Head on over to sign up for your free ATM training videos and you will learn about the ATM business and how easily you can start your own ATM business.

I give you 3 free ATM training videos plus, I even include my exact “road map” (or diagram if you will) of my actual ATM business.  This is the information, tools and techniques that I use everyday to make money in my ATM business.

Get your free ATM training videos here.

ATM Business Road Map - Learn the ATM Business

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