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Passive Income Tip – Don’t Just Fall For the “Sexy”

Passive Income Tip – Don’t Just Fall For the “Sexy”

Check out this passive income tip that I think a lot of you need to hear
today. This may be the most important passive income tip you learn!

Tell me below this post or below the video what you thought of this passive income tip?

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Anger or Happiness: Which is more motivating?

Happiness is Motivating?

happiness motivating

Through the years I’ve been a student and fan of many self-help and entrepreneurial books, gurus, events, etc. I’m sure many of you have been and still are as well. I still am.

And if you’ve learned like I’ve learned we are taught to find our WHY. If we dig deep, deep, deep down within ourselves and figure out what our big why is, then we’ll be able to accomplish what we want to accomplish.

Actually, one of my mentors, Bill Walsh, says “If your why is big enough; you’ll figure out the how.”

So, when we’re talking about our WHY’s….it’s really ultimately all about happiness. Right?

Your why could be creating a successful business so your wife doesn’t have to work anymore and you can enjoy quality time with your family from now until forever. Happiness, right?

Your why could be that you want to ultimately build a financial education school for children so they learn all about money and finances and don’t end up like a lot of folks in the U.S. that are living pay check to pay check. If you achieve that why….happiness again, right?

You get what I’m saying here right? Our why’s are usually very happiness oriented.

Even my why’s. For many, many, many years they’ve been happiness oriented. My big why’s are all about my family. And being able to spend the quality time with the people I want to, when I want, where I want and how I want. Happiness again. My why’s also consist of inspiring and motivating people to realize that they do have a choice in their life and they do NOT have to work at a job they hate for the rest of their lives. It’s about teaching passive income to folks so they work because they want to; not because they have to. Happiness again.

But something weird has been happening very recently for me.

Anger is Motivating?

anger motivating

I’ve found recently that I’ve been being motivated even more by anger. Sounds crazy I know. But the more I think about it, I don’t think it’s that crazy.

Here’s the deal; I have something very personal going on in my life and it’s honestly, not something that I’m going to share with the internet world lol Sorry, for all of the nosey nellies out there! But suffice to say it’s very, very personal and it’s reallllllly making me angry. (And yes, Kathy and I are still awesome as usual. I don’t know why people automatically think that at first lol)

Now here comes the crazy part. I’ve been finding lately that this anger that I have has been really motivating for me. I mean motivating for me in several ways. Motivating in my businesses (ATM business, coaching/teaching business, etc.) And it’s been extremely motivating in trying to combat the situation that’s causing the anger.

Just to be clear I’m not talking about the type of anger where you’re like “Oh I’m going to be super duper successful just to show THEM I can do it.” You know because you had these asses in your life that told you how you weren’t going to amount to anything.

I’m talking about something that is EXTREMELY personal. And means a lot. You know what I mean? I don’t quite know how to put it, but just imagine the most important, emotional, personal thing that you possibly can in your life and that’s what I want you to compare it to. Because when you compare that to telling some ass “I told you so” there’s really just no comparison, is there?

Lately, as you can imagine, I’ve been stumped as to why my anger has gotten me so motivated. Productively motivated I might add lol

Is it because this anger is so motivating? Or is it because even though I have this great anger; in the end when all of my anger motivates me to get certain shit done, and then in the end the “issue” disappears (which it WILL disappear) then happiness comes.

So, is it anger that is motivating or is it the underlying happiness that the anger is trying to get to that is motivating?

What do you think? Do you feel you are more motivated by anger or happiness? Why?

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Best Marketing Letter

Best Marketing Letter

I was sitting here this morning wondering what to write about today on this blog.

While thinking I decided to check my email and there it was…the best marketing letter
that I’ve ever received! Ok, so it was an email but you get my drift lol

I decided to write about this marketing letter today because I think that a lot of you
could use the information in a ton of different ways for your businesses.

Many of you know that I have 3 cats, Riley, Spencer and Blade, plus Joe has a cat named
Colors. Sooooo, obviously we buy a lot of cat food, cat treats and even these things
called Pill Pockets that allows the cats (Blade mostly) to easily take medicine.


You still with me? So routinely I go to this store in my area called Pet Supplies Plus.

Now they send me marketing letters / emails from time to time. You know like their weekly or monthly
specials. I even get some marketing emails from them with a coupon.

But today….today I received a different marketing letter / email message from them. Here it is:

First the subject: Carey, New Sale Prices on Items You’ve Bought (which made me open it for sure! I mean why wouldn’t I? It said stuff I bought is on sale!)

Body of email: Dear Carey,

Our new sale runs from now until August 21st. We’ve looked at products that you’ve recently purchased and I want to let you know these items are on sale now:

• Fancy Feast Assorted Varieties- 3oz $0.50 SAVE $0.13
• Greenies Feline Pill Pockets Chicken – 1.6oz $6.98 SAVE $1.00
• Greenies Feline Oven Roasted Chicken – 5.5oz $4.50 SAVE $1.48
• Farnam Cz Feliway Diffuser – 1ea $37.98 SAVE $5.00

We have over 1,800 other products on sale this month. Click here to check out some of the other sale items in our store flyer.

Best wishes,


Now when I read the email I thought “holy shit, that IS the stuff I buy.” If I needed
any of those items I’d be going to the store today (or at least before August 21st.) Truth be told; I was at that store last night and bought some Greenies and Greenies Pill Pockets on sale (and some catnip lol)

But I did make a note in my cell phone of the ending sale date on those items and on the fancy feast. I even put the sale date in my phone. You see, I’m a passive income creator but I don’t like spending more than I have to 😉

marketing letter

This is hands down the best way that I’ve ever seen a store use their information that they have on file from their customers using their loyalty cards. (You know how stores give you a loyalty card and you can get discounts with it?) Well all of these stores know what you buy, so I’m surprised that I don’t get more emails like this?

Is this not an amazing marketing letter / email from this company or what? Other companies should take notice….you have loyalty cards? Use the info that you have at your disposal and send a marketing letter / email to your customers more often.

How Can You Use This Marketing Letter In Your Business

I thought that this type of marketing letter / email would be great to use in all kinds of passive income businesses that you may have.

For instance, let’s say you’re a real estate investor. You’re a wholesaler to be exact. Well you have a buyers list (you DO have a buyer’s list don’t you?)

So, every time you get a new property under contract boom send your marketing letter out to your list of people that have bought from you before when this new property meets their criteria.

You could say something like: You’ve purchased a 3 bed/2 bath row from me in X town in the past and I just wanted to let you know that I another one available right now. Here is the info:

BAM! Great little marketing letter that will definitely get you some responses.

Ok, now let’s say you’re an online marketer. You just created a new product. You can go over your database of folks that have bought similar products from you in the past and then send them a marketing letter about your new product.

You could say something like: You’ve purchase my Automatic ATM Profits ebook from me in the past and I just wanted to let you know that I have a new product available now called Cash Machine Profit Formula. Here is how you can get more information on this product:

BAM! Great little marketing letter that will definitely get some responses.

Let me know in the comments how you intend to use this letter and/or what are some of the best marketing letters / emails that you’ve received recently?

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T. Harv Eker Gives Me My Own Personal Millionaire Mind Seminar

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Click here to get more info on T. Harv Eker’s book: “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.”

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Business Mistakes

Business Mistakes

I just wanted to talk in general about business mistakes. For this post, it really
doesn’t matter if you’re in the real estate business, ATM business, online marketing
business, or any other business under the sun.

This post is in general about all business mistakes.

I don’t know what sparked me to write this today, perhaps it’s people that email
me that are interested in starting their own ATM business or interested in investing
in real estate but they are afraid.

Afraid of making business mistakes.

Here’s the deally-o though….you WILL make business mistakes when you get into
business. I get that you want to start a business and not make any mistakes at all…I really do
get that thought process. But I think you’re just putting a little too much pressure on yourself.

Remember back when you first learned to walk? ride a bike? drive a car? had a child? You made
mistakes with all of those things in the beginning, right? (Heck raising a child is probably a
never-ending learning process lol)

But my point is you didn’t start doing anything perfectly. You made mistakes and learned from them.
Well, hopefully you learned from them.

So, just accept that you will make business mistakes when you first get into business, but make sure
you don’t ever make the same mistake twice. I remember when I started my real estate investing business
back in 1999. I made a mistake on every single deal I did for yearssssssss. But guess what? I never
made the same business mistakes twice. I learned from my mistakes.

When I started my ATM business in 2009, guess what? I made business mistakes with that too (and I had
someone “teaching” me the business. lol Unfortunately, he was one of my biggest mistakes!)

I made tons of business mistakes in my online marketing business too. From hiring a worthless coach to
wanting to do everything on my own (and screwing things up and taking longer then necessary to get things

Business mistakes are normal; they will happen. I’m not telling you to get all excited about them and
say “bring on the business mistakes!” But I’m saying just know that they are a normal part of the bigger
picture with your business, embrace them, learn from them and move on.

Generally, to cut down on business mistakes you make it helps to have some type of course, education,
seminar or coach to guide you through your business. Like my ATM Business Blueprint Success System if
you are interested in the ATM business or my friend Susan Lassiter-Lyons Master Lease Option course if
you are interested in creating income with apartment buildings.

Notice I said cut down…..I didn’t say eliminate. That’s because once you learn what to do from the
programs that you enroll in you may start to go off on your own and do your own thing that may not have
been recommended in your course or maybe it’s something more advanced and it’s not in your course, right?

The overall point here is please don’t be afraid of starting your own business because you are afraid
that you’ll make business mistakes. You will make business mistakes, so don’t let that stop you from
pursuing your dreams! Just remember to always learn from those business mistakes and to never, ever
make the same business mistake twice!

Have you made any business mistakes when starting your new business? What were they?

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How to Find Apartment Buildings for Sale

How to Find Apartment Buildings for Sale

If you’re going to want to add apartment buildings to your passive income toolbox then
you’re going to have learn how to find apartment buildings for sale.

In this post I’ll share with you some great ways on how to find apartment buildings for

How to Find Apartment Buildings for Sale – Method #1

Drive for Dollars – Driving for dollars isn’t just for single family
homes you know? If you are near an area where you’d like to invest then you can
just drive to the apartment buildings and chat with the manager or owner if on
site. (Also, write down the address of the building, so you can send some direct
mail later 😉

How to Find Apartment Buildings for Sale – Method #2

Courthouse – Where you find apartment buildings you
find tenants not paying rent. And where you find tenants not paying rent
you find eviction filings. Check out the eviction filings for your area and
reach out to those landlords. You never know when they have reached their
last straw with non-paying tenants.

How to Find Apartment Buildings for Sale – Method #3

Commercial Broker – One of the best ways on how to find
apartment buildings for sale is through commercial brokers. Build a good relationship
with one or two and they will send you apartment buildings for sale when they
come on the market (and of course, ones that are already on the market.)

How to Find Apartment Buildings for Sale – Method #4

Loopnet – A lot of commercial brokers will list their apartment
buildings for sale on loopnet. (Hint: this is a great way to find some commercial
brokers to work with.) You can set up your own searches on loopnet so that you
get automatically emailed when apartment buildings meet your criteria.

Loopnet is usually the first thing people will mention when asked how to find
apartment buildings for sale
. Keep in mind that Loopnet is an awesome way to find
apartment buildings for sale and you can either contact the broker directly or do your
research and put the apartment building on your direct mail campaign list.

How to Find Apartment Buildings for Sale – Method #5

MLS – Normally, the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is mostly
recommended for residential properties, but keep in mind that you will find
apartment buildings for sale here as well. Plus, sometimes you are dealing with
residential agents/brokers so a lot of times they won’t price the properties
properly. Don’t forget about the expired listings here for apartment buildings.

You could also use the public records portion of the MLS for your direct mail

How to Find Apartment Buildings for Sale – Method #6

Direct Mail Campaign – I already mentioned a few ways that
you can add properties to your direct mail campaign list, but after you get this
list of apartments for sale (or perhaps not for sale yet) you will have to mail
to them on a regular basis as you never know when they will be ready to
sell. Be consistent with your mailings. Mail at least every month.

Read this post for ideas on direct marketing to apartment owners.

I hope that you liked this list of how to find apartment buildings for sale.

Here’s a bonus one that I just thought of:

How to Find Apartment Buildings for Sale – Method #7

Craigslist – You can do some searching around
Craigslist under the commercial real estate for sale section of the
real estate for sale section. Also, use the search feature for words
that may give you what you’re looking for: multi-family, seller financing,
etc. Things like that.

How to Find Apartment Buildings for Sale – Method #8

Property Managers –Ok so I’m on a roll lol One more for you
that can help you to find apartment buildings for sale are property management companies.

They are usually a good source of knowing when an owner may consider
selling the property. You will have to build a relationship with them and let
them know that you will still let them manage the property should you purchase

Post below other ideas that you have for how to find apartment buildings for
sale and other methods that you have used to find apartment buildings for sale.

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The Best Investment for Passive Income

The Best Investment for Passive Income

Have you ever wondered what the best investment for passive income
success is?

In this post, I’m going to share with you what the absolutely best investment
for passive income success is for you. Yes, YOU.

Some of you may be disappointed when you hear it and some of you may
feel a sense of relief. Regardless of how you feel when I tell you this answer
I can promise you one thing: this is by far the single best investment for
your passive income future. No if’s, and’s or but’s about it.

So what is the best investment for passive income?

What is the Best Investment for Passive Income?

YOU ARE! Yes, you are the best investment
that you can make for your passive income future.

Folks, you need to start investing in yourself. Yes, the single best
investment when it comes to passive income is your ability to

If you think “invest in yourself” is a little too self-helpy for you or
a little too out there for you then you know what? Call it an education.

Call it training. I don’t care what you call it but you must take this step
to invest in yourself if you want to change something that you do not
like in your life right now. (For most folks, that’s either lack of money
or lack of time with family and friends.)

So many folks out there want the best investment for passive income or
the best investment for anything but they aren’t willing to go that extra
step and invest in themselves.

What do I mean by Invest in Yourself

Now you know the best investment for passive income is your ability to
invest in yourself.

But what exactly does that mean? Well, when you invest in yourself you
will sometimes invest your time.

You will sometimes invest your money. But for the majority of situations
when you invest in yourself you will invest your time and your money.

If you want to know how to do something that someone else already knows
how to do…..why would you think that someone should walk you through
that information for free?

This is a very serious question. You can take a moment to think about it.

They have already invested in themselves by investing their time and their
money and now they are successful, so why do YOU think they should spill
their guts to you for free?

Because you’re a nice person? Because you have no money? Because you have
big things planned? Why?

I have news for you…most of these people that you are wanting free information
from are nice people too, they also HAD no money and they had and still have
big plans.

But they did something that most other people won’t do…they said you know what
I’m going to invest in myself.

Listen, I’m not telling you to not seek out free information. Free information is
awesome. Heck, that’s how I got started in real estate investing. And that’s why
I provide tons of free information about the ATM business…..

So, free information is great. But at some point you have to say to yourself

“Self, I want this (whatever THIS may be) and I need more then this free information. I know
this is someone that I can trust and that will help me get to where I want to be, so
I need to go ahead and tell myself that the time is now to invest in myself. I need
to go in a different, more better, more financially secure direction in my life and the
only way it is possible is to invest in education for myself and yes, this person deserves
my hard earned money while I invest in myself because they are more than willing to
help me since THEY CHOSE to invest in their self a long time ago to learn what I want
to know now.”

That was a mouth full, I know. But please, take a moment to read it, feel it and understand

Free information will only take you so far. Free is great for a while. But that old saying
“you get what you pay for” is very true.

This post has been a long time coming. I don’t want it to come off like I’m being some
jerk, but the reality is if you know something that I want and need to know how to do
then you DESERVE to be paid for that knowledge….don’t you agree?

Same goes for me. If I know something that you want and need to know how to do
because you feel it will make you happier? healthier? wealthier? more secure? etc.?
then I DESERVE to be paid for that knowledge as well, right?

And when I say “I” here I’m not really just referring to I. Of course, if you’re interested
in creating a lifetime of passive income by owning ATM machines then yes, I would be
appropriate for me when it comes to your best investment with ATMs lol but when
I say “I” that really is referring to anyone out there in the real world or the internet world
that has the ability to teach you something that you do not know and that you want to know.

Whether it be a real estate investor, online marketer, network marketer, etc. Anyone
that has special knowledge that you want. PAY THEM FOR THAT KNOWLEDGE…there
is nothing wrong with that, it’s how you invest in yourself and I promise you that
when you choose to invest in yourself it will be the best investment for passive
income you’ve ever made!

Can I share with you real quick what happens when you invest in yourself? When
you choose to invest in yourself you now have this new knowledge that you can
use and take action on for the rest of your life. NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE
can take that knowledge away from you.

You can use it to make more money for the rest of your life.

You can use it to spend more time with your family for the rest of your life.

You can use it to really design the lifestyle that you want….for the rest of your

But it’s YOURS forever, because you finally chose to invest in yourself. Can’t nobody
take that from you. And because of that, you can always, always bounce back from
any situation, any job loss, any down economy. You are at the mercy of no boss,
no manager, no job market…….you have the ability to create your own destiny because
you chose to invest in yourself. And that is real power. And that power makes investing
in yourself the best investment of your life.

invest in yourself and create your own destiny

Tell me below how did you invest in yourself this month so far? Why did you make
that investment? What is your ultimate goal that you are seeking?

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What Steps To Take To Start An ATM Business

What Steps To Take To Start An ATM Business

I get a lot of folks emailing me asking about what steps to take to start an ATM Business. So I wanted to write about that
real briefly. I say briefly because I think that I have plenty of information on how to start an ATM business on this site and
of course on my ATM Business blog.

First Step To Start An ATM Business

Do your research. Seriously, if you want to start an ATM business you need to do a little preliminary research first. Find out what it entails.
How much time is involved? How much money is involved? How much do the machines cost? Of course, I answer tons of those exact questions throughout this blog, my ATM business blog and even on my youtube channel where I post ATM videos tips and Passive Income tips.

Second Step To Start An ATM Business

Start scoping out possible locations. Yep, everywhere you go start really paying attention. Do they have an ATM already? If so, is the ATM actually working? If they don’t have an ATM, would this be a great spot for one? Really start paying attention to all of the businesses that you frequent, your kids frequent and your friends and family members frequent. (Warning: this does become addictive when you actually, officially start an ATM business lol You will be sitting at a red light and then scoping out spots and you’ll even find yourself pulling over once in a while to go into a potential business.)

Third Step To Start An ATM Business

Figure out how you are going to fund your ATM business. Obviously, no magically fairy is just going to suddenly give you money to start an ATM business, right? I mean that would be awesomeee if that was true, but we know it’s not. So how are you planning on funding your ATM business. Do you have cash saved? Do you have friends or family with cash saved? Friends and family with an IRA/401k/Retirement account?
Do you have a line of credit, credit card, etc.? What’s your plan for financially starting an ATM business.

Fourth Step To Start An ATM Business

Educate yourself. I know you did your research and you got a lot of great free info, I’m sure. But you know what they say? You get what you pay for? Start doing research to finding the exact steps you need to take to start and grow a profitable ATM business. Yes, of course, I highly recommend my ATM Business Blueprint course, but you are free to purchase any type of information that you want. I just want you to not have any questions when you start your ATM business. I want you to be able to start an ATM business and be able to follow a plan that tells you exactly what to do. I’ve seen a lot of stuff out there and I know how crappy it is and quite honestly, that’s why I developed my ATM Business Blueprint home study course the way I did. I wanted it to be a comprehensive, home study course that you could take and hit the ground running with your new ATM business. You literally can buy my ATM Business Blueprint home study course and start an ATM business right away and never wonder what to do next. That sure beats spending $25,000 to $50,000+ in franchise fees for them to tell you what to do to start an ATM business, huh?

Fifth Step To Start An ATM Business

Just Do It! Now that you have done your research as far as the ATM business goes and as far as possible locations go and you have also decided to invest in yourself and you bought a quality course to help educate you about the steps to take to start an ATM business well now it’s time to JUST DO IT! (I hope Nike doesn’t mind me swiping that phrase for a moment.) But seriously, just do it. Start your ATM business and get out there and start talking to business owners that you scoped out earlier. The more you talk to, the better you will become and the more you will find your bank account growing with passive income!

I almost forgot something that I wanted to share with you. When you start an ATM business and you get out there and you start doing it…you start taking the steps that you know you are suppose to take to start and grow your new ATM business……I have to warn you, you WILL screw up. Most people screw up when they start a new business. When you start an ATM business that will be no different. You’re still going to screw up, but that’s ok. Just make sure you never make the same mistake twice. We all make mistakes but we gotta learn from them and then move on. Of course, if you have a step-by-step manual, you shouldn’t have as many mistakes as the person who starts an ATM business without a step-by-step manual, but still…you are human. And we as humans, still make mistakes. It’s ok. Just move on and go out there and kick some more butt. Ok?

Now if you’d like a comprehensive, step-by-step, home study course that will help you start an ATM business, please feel free to check out my ATM Business Blueprint course. I’m offering a free ATM Business Cheat Sheet, ATM Business Road Map and a 30 minute video that ‘splains it all when you head over to the website.

If you have any other questions about what steps are needed to start an ATM business, please feel free to post them below and I’d be more than happy to answer them for you.

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How To Find Apartment Building Owners List

How To Find Apartment Building Owners List

Since moving from single family to apartment buildings I always find it interesting to figure
out how to find apartment building owners list.

I mean as a single family real estate investor you can get all kinds of lists, right? Expired
listings, foreclosures, pre-foreclosures, divorce, probates, etc.

But what exactly do you look for to find apartment building owners lists? So, I’m going to
list a few that I’ve been trying out so far. You can share any ways that you may know to find
apartment building owners lists too, ok?

1) Expired listings
If you have access to the MLS, that’s the first place I would start. There should be a multi-family
section and you can check all of the expired and withdrawn listings. If you are not a real estate
agent then borrow a real estate agent so that you can borrow their MLS access. (Please don’t expect
to go up to a complete stranger who is a real estate agent and ask them if you can use their MLS
so that you can find apartment building owners! You have to build a relationship first!)

2) Drive-bys
This is how I found the first apartment owner that I ever made a MLO LOI to. (Master Lease Option and Letter Of Intent.) What I did was I drove around my area
and looked for apartment buildings. I would jot down the address and I would pay special attention to
ones that had “for rent” signs up or that appeared to need a little “love.”

When you get home cross reference the address on your public records or MLS and get the owners
name and address. Then mail them or call them. That’s a really cheap and easy way to find apartment
building owners. Of course, it takes some time.

Plus, it is still worthwhile and preferred that you find apartment building owners that may be motivated.
And if they have a “for rent” sign out they would probably be more motivated then if they did not have
a “for rent” sign out. Same concept if their apartment building appears to need some “love.”

3. Buy A List
A quick and notso free way to find apartment building owners is to buy a list of them from
a list company. There are companies like, REISource.come and others.

They will cost you a few bucks but you don’t have to leave the comfort of your house
to find apartment building owners and you don’t have to do a lot of investigating. Just
plug in the details of the types of apartment buildings you are looking for and voila!

4. Other Ways To Find Apartment Building Owners
Ok, so have you checked out my other post on this blog about finding
apartment building owners
that are MOTIVATED?

Check it out. But don’t just read the article. Read the comments. Some of the blog reads
had left some pretty awesome ideas in the comments section.

Now, you have quite a few ways, a lot of which are no cost to you, to find apartment building owners.

Do you have any certain way that you use to find apartment building owners? I (we all) would love to hear about it…….

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Grow Your Business By Building Relationships

Grow Your Business By Building Relationships

This evening I had something occur and because of that I just knew I wanted to reach out to folks and let them know that you can grow your business by building relationships.

As you know I’m in the real estate business and the ATM business. But in this post when I talk about how to grow your business, the reality is that you can be in any business. I’m not just talking about a real estate business or an ATM business.

This evening Kathy and I were filling our gentlemen’s club ATM. The owner came out to chat with us as he usually does when he is there. He’s a super nice guy, very personable and funny. We talk about anything you can think of: religion, politics, business, money, life, kids, relationships, etc.

I almost forgot. Not only do you try to grow your business, but I’m always trying to grow my businesses. With that in mind, I am trying to get my ATM in another gentlemen’s club that I heard about. But the manager shot me down.

Ok, back to this evening. While talking to the owner of the gentlemen’s club that we have our ATM in, I asked him if he knew the owner of the ATM club where the manager shot me down. He said no. I told him that I was trying to get our ATM in there but the manager just wouldn’t give me the time of day and just wouldn’t let me talk to the owner.

Do you know what he said to me? He said, “I don’t know who owns it, but I will call them for you and talk to him. I will just tell them I own a club here and I want to speak to the owner. When I get to the owner I will tell them about you guys and how good you are to me and my business. I’m just going to tell him how awesome you are.”

I was like, “really?” lol (I’m such a dork sometimes.) And he said “Absolutely.” He went on to say “you guys are so good to me. You always make sure this machine is working, you hardwired the machine into the club (so it doesn’t get interference anymore) and this machine is never empty. You always make sure there is money in here whenever I need it, especially when we have big events going on. I like you guys a lot and think you are awesome.”

I can’t even tell you how good that made me feel. I gave him a hug and said thank you.

I really can’t stress enough how important it is start building and maintaing relationships in order to grow your business. From the beginning, we’ve been very personable, very easy to get along with, easy to work with, took care of anything that came up with the machine even if it wasn’t something major.

We treated him always with the same respect that we would want to be treated with. And it’s paying off.

Do you think his other vendors come in and ask him how his wife is doing? Or ask him how his new beagle puppy is that he just got?

To grow your business you have to be willing to grow and build your relationships with the people that you do business with. Whether you build widgets, invest in real estate or have an online business you have to build a relationship with your base.

It would be impossible to grow your business in any arena if you weren’t always building relationships with the folks you want to do business with.

How Do You Build Relationships In Order To Grow Your Business

Be personable. Be trustworthy. Have integrity. Always do what you say you’re going to do. And treat other people as you would want to be treated, no matter if they run a strip club, a church, a half-way house or a liquor store. Treat people properly and it will pay you 1,000 times over when you are trying to grow your business.

Can you think of any specific instances where building relationships helped you to grow your business?

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