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New ATM Location is Awesome!

I told you the other day that Kathy and I placed our ATM at a new location. It’s a cash-only restaurant in a college town.

Now, we’ve only had it in there since Saturday, 3 days so far. But I have to tell you that the first day we put it in, it had more hits in the 2 months that we got when we had it in that Chinese buffet place! They had 15 hits on Saturday, folks! That’s awesome. I can only wish they would get 15 hits everyday lol But so far, so good even though it’s not 15 hits a day. I think they had about 8 yesterday and around that many today as well.

They are definitely going to kick ass for sure. We got the contract signed today (as the owners were out of town on Saturday.) The owner mentioned lowering the fee to $2 instead of $2.25. We currently have the fee set to $2.25 and we give the owner .25 per valid transaction.

He said he wasn’t that concerned about the .25 and just wanted to be fair to folks. I informed him that thus far people are hitting the heck out of the machine and the extra .25 doesn’t seem to be bothering them. He said he’d like to see how it does in a month and then we’ll determine if we should lower it or leave it the same. He and his wife seem really nice.

I don’t think the extra 25 cents is going to make less people use the machine at all. But the thing I don’t get is that these folks have another restaurant in a different city and they have an ATM in that restaurant….so I’m thinking “why wouldn’t they use that ATM company if they were thinking of putting one in this location too?” Odd. But I’m super happy about it. Heck if things go well, perhaps we’ll get the other location too.

Anyway, there’s all different ways you can structure profit sharing to entice site owners to let you place your machine there. Perhaps, I’ll do a video in the future going over a few (here’s my ATM profit sharing video.) Of course, our favorite is just raising the fee .25 and paying the site owner .25!

If you have any specific questions about profit sharing with locations who let you put your ATM there, just leave ’em below and I’ll be more than happy to answer them.

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Good news with Harkin Amendment plus New Atm Placement for us!

Check out the video to learn why we’re going to keep trucking with our ATM business and to find out why we think our newest location is going to be super profitable!

Remember, check out the video and if you have any comments, questions or anything just post ’em below! Have a great day!

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Harkin Atm Amendment Being Discussed Today

Remember that ATM amendment that Senator Harkin from Iowa wants to get added to the Wall Street Reform Bill? The one that caps the atm surcharge at 50 cents? I wrote that longggg letter about it here.

Anyway, I sent a letter to Harkin and the 2 other co-sponsors, plus to my 2 Senators in PA and Kathy did the same, but she included the White House too. Today I called Senator Casey of PA and was speaking to someone about it and she told me that Harkin’s amendment is still going through some changes and she doesn’t know what they are exactly but that they changed the cap and she suggested I call his office.

So, of course, I picked up the phone and called his office. I’ve left 2 messages for Zach there in the past week but I’ve never heard back from him. Anyway, I spoke to Sasha, who took foreverrrr in giving me her damn name lol She advised me of some of the changes that were made to the bill. They REMOVED the 50 cent cap all together. They made the wording say something to the effect that the fee should reflect the amount being taken out or something like that. We talked briefly about the bill and about my letter, etc. and she told me that today on C-SPAN at 2pm they will be talking about this amendment so I could watch to see if it passes. You know I’ll be all over it.

Hopefully, this amendment goes no where because they have zero business being in our profit margins in any way, shape or form. I don’t trust this amendment as a whole, even though they removed the cap.

Keep calling your Senators folks, you have about 3 more hours.

P.S. On a good note: we will be moving our newest machine that we placed at that Chinese buffet and we have a cash only restaurant that is really interested in us placing our machine there. I just have to field a couple questions from the hubby and wife. Hopefully I’ll be able to speak to them later today or tomorrow. They are both super sweet.

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Open Letter to Senator Harkin (Iowa)

**As some of you may have read on a previous comment from Tim, Senator Harkin is behind an amendment that would cap ATM surcharge fees at 50 cents! He and others, feel that the cost to ATM operators to provide their service is around 36 cents per transaction so with that in mind, we should only charge a 50 cent surcharge. He states that people “shouldn’t have to pay to use their own money.” I called his office today to speak to him or a person in his office named Zach. Neither were available, so I sent them a letter. Here is my letter:

Dear Senator Harkin (and I’m including Zach as well because I know he’s been fielding some calls about this issue:)

I’ve recently been made aware of you’re adding an amendment that would cap atm surcharges at 50 cents.

While at first, one may think that is an admirable thing that you are doing and while I’m sure you think that as well I just want to inform you of exactly what will happen to small businesses like myself if you do that.

I’d also like to share with you how the atm process works, because when I heard you say in your video and read in an article that “people shouldn’t have to pay for their own money” that really struck a chord with me.

First things first, if you’re trying to go after the big banks and regulate them, I understand that and I agree that there are some things that need regulation (i.e. like not giving mortgages to unemployed folks who have bad credit 🙂

But trying to go after the ATM operator is not a great plan. 60% of ATM’s throughout the United States are independently owned and operated. That means people like little ole me in Amish Land in beautiful Southern Chester County, PA. own and operate ATM’s more often than the big banks that you are trying to regulate.

My partner and I just got into the ATM business in July of 2009 and who are we? Well, I’m a 36 year old woman and she is a 40 yr. old divorced mother of 2. We are a far cry from a big corporate banking giant. We are a small business.

This amendment would DESTROY us and probably every other small business out there that is an ATM operator. I know President Obama claims to be all about helping the small business and I’m quite sure you are too Senator Harkin, but this is a great way to destroy thousands and thousands of small businesses in a matter of nano seconds!

We would go so far under it’s not even funny. We have the cost of the ATM’s themselves, the cost of the modem’s, the insurance costs, all of the mileage, gas and time, all of the paper used for contracts, all of the atm stickers bought, all of the signage bought for store locations….NONE of it could be recouped at 50 cents a pop Mr. Harkin. Perhaps, about 100 years down the line we’d finally see a profit….of course, we wouldn’t be around to see that profit.

Mr. Harkin, I don’t know who told you what the cost of a typical ATM transaction is, but I can assure you that they aren’t the 20 to 30 cent price tag you put on it. I know first hand how much my machines cost, how much my modems cost, how much my monthly modem fee is, how much my stickers are, my signage, my insurance and I could go on and on. It’s far from 20 to 30 cents.

But sir, might I also add that the cost of a typical ATM transaction for the ATM operator is irrelevant. We are in business to make a profit, anyone that goes into business is there to make a profit. That’s nothing new. But our consumers, the ATM users, dictate what fees they will and won’t pay…how? By using or not using machines with particular fees.

It’s just like in real estate where a seller can ask for whatever price they want for a house, but the TRUE price of the house and what the house is worth is what a willing buyer is willing to pay and what the seller is willing to accept.

The whole entire ATM business is based on convenience. Convenience of MY money that is available for someone to use that forgot to go to their bank and withdraw funds or that forgot to use the ATM with no surcharge at their bank or WAWA (we have them here, I don’t know if they are where you are,) etc.

Senator Harkin, if you were to go to one of my ATM machines and take out $200, I can promise you that is NOT your money. It’s MY money that you just took out. And here is probably what happened that day just before you got there to use the ATM:

* I went on the ATM website and saw which machines were low on funds.

* I then went to MY bank and withdrew MY money from it.

* I then drove to all ATM’s that needed funds added to them.

* I then filled those ATM’s with MY money that I just withdrew from MY bank.

* I then drove home.

* All the while, always hoping that no one ever tries to rob me or steal my atm and the money inside on a daily basis. To make me feel better in that regard, I buy insurance for our small ATM business.

Sooo now, you come along Senator Harkin and want to take out $200 from MY ATM. Why? I guess you forgot to tap mac or stop at your bank to get your own money, so now, I just charge you a mere $2 for the convenience of YOU being able to take out MY money, until your money is taken from your bank account and transferred to my bank account. Why, Senator Harkin, was your $200 transferred from YOUR bank account to MY bank account? Because sir, you didn’t take YOUR money out of my ATM, you took MY money out. And for that convenience you are charged a convenience fee.

But please remember, you don’t have to pay my surcharge. You always, always, always have the ability to say NO, I will not pay $2 to take her money out of her machine and use it until my money gets sent back to her. Instead, you can go to several ATM’s that charge no surcharge fee, or you can go to your banks ATM where you won’t get charge a surcharge fee or better yet, you can go to your bank and withdraw your $200 from YOUR account. 🙂 You have options, Senator Harkin.

We all have options. But we all pay for convenience. Do you drink coffee in the morning, sir? It’s pretty cheap, is it not? When you stay home and make it yourself, or your wife makes it? But what if you were running late or you decided you didn’t want to make it tomorrow morning and instead you decided to head to the nearest Starbucks to have the convenience of someone else making it for you. Are you still paying the same price for that coffee since someone else is making it for you, instead of you making it in your own home? Of course, we all know that you are not, you are paying Starbucks for your convenience.

Are you planning on putting a cap on how much Starbucks can charge for a cup of coffee? What about a cap on how much convenience stores like 7-11, Wawa, Minit Marks, Quick Trips, etc. charge for just about EVERYTHING in their store? (Ever buy a gallon of milk from the grocery store? Then see how much it is at the CONVENIENCE store?)

Sir, what you want to do is called Price Fixing and that Senator Harkin, is illegal. If it was legal, I don’t think we’d be the great country that we are today. We’d have no small businesses and honestly, I’d really hate to see what our world would come to if we lived in a world where businesses were not allowed to make a profit. It seems kind of crazy when you think about it, doesn’t it?

I mean, seriously, do you propose to call up Nike and tell them how much then can charge for sneakers? Tell them that they are only entitled to make x amount of profit?

I sincerely ask you to not go forward with this bill, please. My livelihood and the livelihood of thousands of other small businesses depend on this amendment NOT going through.

Again, we, in no shape or form, force anyone to use our ATM’s, everyone always has the right to walk away and say that they will not pay our surcharge. People have options, which is what you would expect in America.

By the way, the surcharge amount is prominently displayed on the ATM itself and it’s also displayed on the screen itself prior to someone taking out money. It says “You will be charged $2.00 (or whatever amount) for this transaction. Do you want to proceed? Yes or No. Again, Senator Harkin, the ATM itself asks folks “DO YOU WANT TO PROCEED? YES OR NO?” We do not force anyone to use the machine, they have the ability to walk away and plan their finances better next time.

Please reconsider this amendment and if you have any questions for me or my business partner, you can call me at 610-999-xxxx or email me at (btw, CBKD, are the initials of the 2 individuals that own the ATM business: CB and KD….we’re not a giant banking conglomerate!)

Thank you for your time.


Carey Buck

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Atm Deals Commercial Real Estate Brokers Direct Marketing Campaign Finding Apartment Buildings Internet Businesses Makin' Offers Multi-Units/Apartment Buildings Passive Income

Received counter offer on 34 unit!

I did the numbers on a few properties Kathy and I seen the other day with a broker. I told the broker what I was thinking 1.2 Mil on the 36 unit property, which they are asking 1.8 Mil and he said, “did you mean 1.2 Mil for the other property cause that’s do-able?” I told him that I meant it for the 36 unit, he said it would fly. So I came back later and told him, ok we could do 1 Mil for the 34 unit (that’s the one he mentions above about 1.2 Mil.) This property is listed at 1.3 Mil. He tells me, “if you can do 1.1 Mil I’m sure I can get the deal done.” Now I know I’m negotiating with the broker at this point, but the reality is I say to them “look I don’t want to offend the seller, what do you think of this offer?” So they don’t think I’m a jerk or anything, ya know?

Realistically, I think we could offer 1.1 Mil, but I think I’m more comfortable with the MAO of $1,050,000. So I countered back at $1,015,000 and told him to let me know what the seller says.

Also, had a conference call with a broker team yesterday to go over a property we saw with them. They are asking 1.6 Mil and realistically our MAO is about 1, 375,000 ish….they paid 1.4 Mil for it 2 years ago….they weren’t having it. But the broker team is super duper nice. I wish they would get us some more properties because I’d love to see them make a commission because they are so helpful, the broker I mentioned first is kind of a jerk (for now.)

I’m heading to the courthouse to see if I can somehow fanagle (how do you spell that?) a list of evictions that were awarded to landlords and they will become my new “direct mail list.” I think I really want to find MOTIVATED landlords that own apartment buildings….I know they are out there. So far only the small guys are calling me back…..I want the bigger complexes to call me too!

I have a good feeling tho that most deals will come from brokers and not what the places are listed for, but what you can negotiate fairly.

I went to Toastmasters again last nite and it was a lot of fun. I made the decision to join the next time I go and surprisingly enough Kathy told me she was going to join too! Which is really strange because she is scared crazy of public speaking and told me she doesn’t even want to get up at Tmasters. But I think she had a lot of fun there the last time I took her there so hopefully she’s coming around!

The job hunt is not going so well. Which may be a good thing? I dunno. I mean I need money BAD but I’m really not so fond of a “job” per se. I probably wouldn’t even be thinking of finding a job if I didn’t switch gears into commercial real estate. I could have definitely made a decent living from wholesaling, but switching gears into commercial real estate is like completely starting over. I mean that’s ok because passive income is where my passion is, but it is harder and taking a whole lot longer than I anticipated.

Ohhh I’ve also been working on my Gay Marriage website. I look at my adsense stats and my traffic and I see I’d be making a ton more money if I just got my traffic back up to where it used to be when I use to work on it all of the time. Plus, if I had more traffic, I could also solicit more business from attorneys and other types of companies to advertise on the site. I have a few now, but nothing major yet. So my goal is to work on that some more in the evening and get it back up in the ranks where it use to be and then start sending out emails and calling folks to advertise. I think it could be a realllll money maker if I put just a little bit of effort into it everyday (perhaps that could be my 9 to 5 job after it gets rolling while I concentrate on commercial real estate.

One more thing: we have an appointment tomorrow to meet with another potential ATM site. I made the decision to pull the machine from the newer chinese buffet place. They don’t leave the machine on all of the time after me telling them repeatedly to do so, so I told them we’re pulling it. I wonder how the small business loan environment is? Because the only think that stops us from buying up a bunch of machines and just pounding the pavements and putting them in tons of locations is money. I’d say realistically we’d need about 20 to 25 machines out there working for us to live just fine, while we concentrate on commercial real estate (well I’d be just fine, that’d still below what Kathy makes.)

So, we would need 14 to 19 more machines then…and that equals about $42,000 to $57,000. Hmmmmmm. Something to think about. Obviously, there isn’t much money coming in when you’re out developing business, of course. But after they are all placed there is. Something to think about. I don’t think our LLC has been around long enough tho. I remember last time I got LOC for my business I had to be in business for at least a year. We’ve only been doing this since July of 2009. Something to think about.

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Atm Deals Goals and Planning How To's Joint Ventures Passive Income

Planning Your Retirement with Your Atm Machine Business

planning your retirement

Are you planning your retirement? Seriously. How many of us self-employed real estate investors or just self-employed in any type of business are REALLY planning for retirement? Are you being truly effective at planning your retirement? Could you be doing more to plan your retirement? I know I could be doing more to plan for my retirement.

So I was in the shower today (remember! I do my best thinking there) and a thought occured to me: “You know I’m trying to get folks to use self-directed ira’s to invest in my commercial real estate deals, so why couldn’t I use my own self-directed ira to invest in my atm machine business?”

Now, I have to run this by the self-directed IRA company that I plan on using (Equity Trust) but if the guy I’ve been dealing with, who has been amazing by the way (Matt) says it’s an ok investment for my ira then it’s something I am seriously going to do (and I just told Kathy about it too!)

Do you guys have any idea how huge this is…IF in fact I can invest my ira into my atm machine business?? Planning YOUR retirement just got easier too; if this is in fact an acceptable investment strategy for your self-directed IRA.

Just an example how planning your retirement with your atm machine business would work:

– You have 10k in a self-directed ROTH IRA (I love the ROTH IRA.)

– You find a business that you think would be an awesome spot for your atm machine.

– You have your ROTH IRA pay for the machine, pay for the modem, pay for any stickers, extenstion cords, etc. ($2500 max)

– You have your ROTH IRA put let’s just say $1,000 into your atm machine to start (that’s how we start most of our new atm’s that we place.)

– You begin to collect the surcharges from the machine every month and that gets deposited into your ROTH IRA (after you pay your bills which most likely will just be a $15 modem charge.)

Rinse and keep repeating because the entire time you’re actually planning your retirement. Over and over and over again.

Now with our atm machines we’ve been averaging about $200 a machine per month. So that’s 20% a month per machine. Imagine you put that $200 back into your self-directed ROTH IRA every month; year in and year out for as long as you have your atm machine. That’s 20% of your $1000 going back into your TAX FREE roth Ira. Is that not an awesome plan to consider when planning your retirement?

If you then decided that you wanted to get out of the atm machine business then you would sell your atm machine to someone else who wants to potentially use the atm machine business to plan their retirement. Of course, 100% of those profits must go right back into that TAX FREE ROTH IRA! hehehe I like saying that….TAX FREE!

Planning for retirement I think just got a wee bit easier folks. For me anyway 🙂

Just a note: If you were interested in converting your traditional ira to a self-directed Roth Ira then you will have 2 years to pay the conversion taxes. So you can pay 1/2 in 2011 and 1/2 in 2012. Btw, I am NOT an accountant nor am I giving you finanical advice. Please consult with your accountant to verify all of this information 🙂 (This also applies, I believe if you are converting your self-directed traditional ira to a self-directed roth ira. You have the 2 years to split up the conversion fee.)

If you have any questions about how you can use your atm machine business when planning your retirement please post them below!

Soooo what do you think? Are you excited as I am about this method when planning your retirement? Also, I’m thinking that this would be a good way to go when partnering in atm deals.

What do you folks think?

planning your retirement with your atm machine business

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Atm Deals Commercial Real Estate Brokers Makin' Offers Multi-Units/Apartment Buildings

Made an Offer on Apartment Building!

Holy crap, I just made an offer on an apartment building! Now before you get all excited for me lol I didn’t put in an LOI (Letter of Intent) or an agreement of sale. I just threw a number out at a broker to see if the seller was flexible.

It’s not a huge building. Only 30 units but they wanted $1,150,000 and the numbers just didn’t work at that price. My Maximum Allowable Offer (MAO) is $950,000 but I mentioned somewhere between $900k to $925k to the broker.

Btw, I’m learning that LOI’s are the way to go in commercial deals because of all the due diligence that you have to do I guess if they accept the LOI terms. And then you write up the agreement of sale.

But I’m still excited about verbally (or well typing) giving an offer. That’s my first one ever on an apartment building.

Will let you know what the broker says. He’s been pretty cool with all of my questions and such so far and even was cool when I mentioned I didn’t want to offend him or the seller with my offer and if the seller was negotiable? 🙂

Off to do an ATM install at the Chinese Buffet (we switched the day to today….I’ll post about that cuz I’m a lil ticked off at my ATM folks.) Plus next week or so, we’ll have another install at a cash only deli (go Kathy!) and ummm guess what? We need to order a new ATM for that place lol

P.S. Rachel and Scott gave some good advice into my plugin issue…I’ll try to check it out later. Grr!

P.P.S. I know I’m pulling a Steph here with all the p.s.’s and such but just thought I’d let you know that I AM NERVOUS!

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ATM Placement – New Chinese place? New Strip Club? New Cash Only business?

ATM Placement is very critical to your ATM business. Well that is if you want to grow your passive income with ATM’s. We currently have an ATM that we bought because it was on sale just sitting in a warehouse waiting for us to find a place for it. (Note: I recommend not buying an ATM until you have it placed. I don’t care how good of a deal it is. Ask me how I know?)

Anywho, we’ve been slacking with ATM Placement for this 5th machine. Don’t ask me why? Because it’s costing us money. Yeah, it is. $15 a month (for the wireless modem.) We’ve had the machine since I believe November. Mhm. I know. You can yell at me if you’d like….I’m a big girl….I can take it. So that’s $75 it’s cost us to have this machine so far. Actually it’s more than that because the modem peeps just lowered their pricing. I’d say closer to $100 and that doesn’t include purchase cost.

I’ve contacted places here and there but nothing all that fascinating and my follow up was lacking. I did follow up relentlessly with another strip club tho (I wonder why? $7 surcharges maybe? lol) Anyway, he’s not interested I don’t think.

Now the other day when I went door knocking to find apartment buildings for sale, remember? Well the only reason I went door knocking for apartment buildings was because I was waiting until the lunch traffic rush was over so I could talk to some chinese restaurants to see about placing our ATM there.

That day I hit up only 3 restaurants (2 chinese places and a 24 hour diner.) We have a chinese place already……..the chinese place that we have is our highest in transaction volume every month (last month it did 277 hits.) Our strip club is our highest in dollars made every month because of the high surcharge (last month they had 53 hits….at $7 a pop.) The chinese place we have currently we partnered with someone so we only get 50 percent of those profits. Strip club we get 100%.

So when I walked into the first chinese place the lady there seemed reallllly interested. I explained how everything worked and we even picked out a spot for the ATM machine in their location. This chinese place was just recently voted Best Chinese Food in the tri-county by the local paper. I was speaking to the manager and she told me to call her Thursday after she talks to the owners but she said “we’ll probably do it though.” (I was doing the happy dance inside by the way, but I was able to compose myself in front of her.)

The other chinese place the owners/manager wasn’t there when I went. The 24/7 diner he was into it and said he already interviewed other ATM people. I’ll follow up with him but we’re more interested in the chinese place. I spoke to the chinese place manager yesterday and she said “Yes, they are doing it.” Hehehe so today Kathy and I will go and sign the contract with them and we’ll set up an installation time with them next week. Rock on.

Now we went to our strip club to fill it yesterday and got to talking to the owner, who is an absolute sweetheart. He told us about his new manager and how he has all kinds of connections. (and from the conversation I gathered he has money and so do his connections. Can you say private money lender?) Anyway, we were talking about this one strip club we want to get into and he said “oh he knows people there. He knows the managers and the owner. I’ll get him to get you face time in there so you can talk with them at least.” We are excited about that cuz they blew me off over the phone. Soooo that’s some good news. Oh and last night we had to go back there to fix a problem with the machine. I told them to unplug it and that should do it….sure enough by the time we got there it had fixed itself lol But we got free drinks from it and 2 free strip club shirts lmao

Oh and the reason we’re so excited about this new manager and his connections is because just with this one strip club that he’s going to try to get us face time with the manager or the owner….well this strip club is one of the best, top-notch strip clubs around. Classy doesn’t really feel ummm right when talking about a strip club, but for lack of a better word it is a very classy, high class, $$$$ expensive strip club…which Perfect girls (I been there twice when I was younger lol I know, I know….I was taken there by some guy friends for my birthday and I forget why the 2nd time.) But anyway, it would be an awesome place to get in to is my point.

And today, Kathy was out trying to get us some business. I’m so proud of her. I’m usually the one going into businesses and talking to folks but today she found a cash only deli by accident and started talking to them about an ATM. She quick ran home and printed out brochures and a business card for them and took it back. When she got back the husband and wife business owner were both there and they said they’d be interest they just want to read over the information (btw, we don’t have a machine for them, we’ll have to buy one lol but we know a guy who is selling a used machine for $800. It’s only 2 yrs. old. So we’d be cool with that.)

We’re working on the apartment building business and we’re going to have a strategy session today (thanks Shae) and then I’ll post about what’s going on with that.

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Atm Deals Direct Marketing Campaign Finding Apartment Buildings Passive Income Random Ramblings

First Day of New Freedom Path

personal freedom

Well today is the first 1/2 day of the new apartment hunting path! I say 1/2 day because I have to go to the oral surgeon for a consult (getting wisdom teeth out this month) and then I have an appointment later for the p/t Rainbow gig I’ve been doing.

I told the guy I’ve been doing p/t work for on Friday that I’d no longer be doing it. I said that if he was in DIRE need that I may be able to help him by training new folks on the weekend, but that’s it. So I finished up trainings this weekend and this evening I have 1 more and then it’s full steam ahead!

This is so exciting. So what we’ve been doing thus far:

1) Re-reading “Apartment Riches” course by Dave Lindahl.

2) I went to Creonline and printed out every article that Ray Alcorn wrote and Dave Lindahl wrote.

3) Next, I will go to Creonline and read and/or print out every informative post that I find by Ray Alcorn by using the search feature.

4) Kathy and I have been on loopnet and the MLS searching for apartment buildings. We’re looking at ones with 40+ units. We are then getting the financial information on the properties and after we go over the “evaluating the deals” section of the “Apartment Riches” course again we will start figuring out the numbers on all of these properties that we find. We’re going to evaluate tons of deals, whether we are interested in them or not, just so we can practice doing this. We’re going to do it on paper first and then plug into the numbers that come in the software that we got with the course.

5) I’ve listened to about 7 or 8 cds of “Success Stories” which are extremely motivating and some are actually really, really educational. Kathy has just finished listening to them as well.

I’m ready folks…and I mean business. I have faith that we will have our 1st apartment building by March. With dedicating all of my time and energy to this there is no reason why we shouldn’t??

Oh and that other strip club we were working on trying to get? He called me the other day just to see how long it would take us to get a machine for him because the guy that he’s currently using who promised to put a new machine in is screwing around. He said “I’m giving him til the end of the month but this is the 2nd time I had to call him and ask about his progress?”

When he asked me how long it would take to get him an atm I said “we have a machine ready to go with your name on it baby!” He was like “oh ok. Great!” lol Sooooo, I’ll follow up with him shortly too. Actually, Kathy and I have to fill up our other atm this week so we’ll probably stop by and see the guy in question too!

Oh and my neighbor just texted me and said she’s done labeling, stamping and stuffing our envelopes for our direct mail campaign!

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