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$34,317.01 and Direct Mail Response Rate

Are you wondering what my direct mail response rate has to do with $34,317.01? Well at this point in time..Nothing. ๐Ÿ™‚ That 34k figure was how much it cost for me to be in the hospital from Feb. 6th at 7pm to Feb. 9th at about noon. Crazy, huh?

I’m certainly glad I was on Kathy’s insurance at that time….now I’m officially on my insurance, which isn’t as good as Kathy’s work insurance, but it’s a whole lot cheaper.

Anyway, back to our direct mail response rate. We’re STILL getting calls from our direct mail piece that we sent out in January. We have just under a 4% direct mail response rate on that last batch of letters to buy apartment buildings.

I delivered our current mailings to our neighbor and I’m waiting for her to get them all stuffed and ready to go. I’m trying to improve our direct mail response rate with this batch so I included a fax back page. Dave Lindahl suggests this and says that it improves his response rate generally by 50%!!!

Basically, it’s a form that let’s them fill out their information instead of calling me directly. You know how some folks don’t like to talk on the phone? I figured it was a great idea because of that simple fact. So now they can either call me directly or fax me their info. I’ll keep you posted on my results.

I’ll post the form itself just in case you guys want to “steal” it from me and use it in your next direct mail campaign. But there is a catch….if you use it and it works, please come back and tell us about it. Fair enough?

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Direct Mail List to Buy Apartment Buildings

So you know I’m working on my direct mail list to buy apartment buildings. Right? Well my first direct mail list, where I did sent out the first batch of mailings, as it turns out I screwed up the list. One of the counties that I was looking in broke down the apartments in 5+ units….sooo of course, my luck, all of the smaller peeps were calling me back and Kathy and I are looking for minimum 40+ unit on our first deal.

Anywho, while checking out Loopnet last night I came up with an awesome idea to build my direct mail list to buy apartment buildings.

I don’t know how many of you have ever checked out commercial properties to buy and looked at any of their listings. But the better brokers when they list these properties have a pretty decent sized information packet which contains tonssss of information. I mean they’ll have the actual income and expense figures, proforma income and expense figures, demographic information, job information including the top employers in the area, rent rolls, etc. etc.

But another thing that they have is Rental Comparisons. So what they do is they have the subject property (the apartment building for sale) listed with it’s unit mix, square footage, occupancy and rents. Then they show a bunch of other apartment buildings around the subject property with their unit mix, square footage, occupancy and rents too. I’ve been reading this information for a few months now but last night it dawned on me…ya know an “aha” moment lol that I should add those comps to my mailing list! I mean they give me the property, the address and their occupancy. I figure the ones with lower occupancies should go at the top of my direct mail list to buy apartment buildings, wouldn’t you agree?

P.S. My adsense is on my nerves. It keeps showing ummm I don’t want to say the word to give it more reason to show more of those ads but don’t they know that the majority of this blog is about real estate and investing and not ummm d e n t a l work! Am I the only one whose noticed that? It’s driving me crazy lol Maybe I should just make a post that just says real estate, real estate investing, apartment buildings, commercial real estate investing, etc. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Direct Marketing Campaign Random Ramblings

Wisdom Teeth Extractions SUCK!

sad face

Scott, I just want to warn ya that you may not want to read this post ๐Ÿ™‚ Sooo proceed with caution.

I know it seems like I’m whining and complaining constantly but I really can’t take this shit anymore. At this point, I really wish I never had my wisdom teeth taken out because it’s been 3 weeks as of today and I’m far from 100%. Wisdom teeth extractions suck ass big time! I know I know I’m older, I’m a woman, my teeth are more mature, yada yada and therefore the shit lasts longer for me, but I’ve had enough of it.

I mean you know the whole deal with the pain meds and the sleeping then the not sleeping and the muscle relaxers and the infection yada yada but yesterday I was practically coughing up a lung. I sounded like shit. I woke Kathy up at 6am with my coughing and she told me to “go take a sudafed.” Ummm she didn’t realize it was 6am and I didn’t pay much attention. I took it and slept for friggin’ ever again! grrrrrrrrrrr

I’m sick and tired of eating jello and pudding and damn apple sauce.


I’ve been trying other foods, like Kathy made an awesome meatloaf the other night and I ate it all but it’s not that comfortable to eat. Oh and I had pizza last night. But here’s the deal, I can’t really even enjoy my food because it’s still uncomfortable to bite down like normal and I’m paranoid about eating because of that damn oral surgeon and my hygiene and keeping the wisdom teeth site clean. It’s kinda stressful actually.

I’m tried of brushing a million times a day and rinsing with salt water a million more times and doing irrigation shit another million times.

And now….to top it all off…guess what? My left side of my face is swollen again and still hard. I bet it’s another fuckin infection. I really have had it.

Ladies, ya ever had one of those days where you just want to cry. That’s me now ๐Ÿ™ I wish they could knock you out for your wisdom teeth for like 3 or 4 weeks and then when you wake up your perfect. That would be ideal.

I’m taking zyrtec now because Kathy swears my coughing is allergies and I went back on my antibiotics after I saw my swollen, hard face (remember my family doctor told me to stop and he gave me muscle relaxers,) and I’m taking advil. It feels like I’m taking all of this stuff non-stop.

I’m sure you all are tired of hearing me bitch and complain about this and I’m sorry but it’s driving me crazy. Plus, Kathy left yesterday for work and won’t be back til Friday and we had the boys. And all I could imagine was me waking up a 7am everyday feeling like shit and getting Joe ready for school and making him breakfast and doing homework with him when he got home and taking him to karate and putting him to bed yada yada. Ughhhh I didn’t want to do it.

Luckily for me I have the most wonderful partner in the world and she thought about that ahead of time and ask Joe’s Dad to watch Joe from Wed. thru Fri. ๐Ÿ™‚

But I still gotta deal with the cranky, I know everything, annoying 18 yr. old because Brandon no longer goes to his Dad’s. He just stays here 24/7. I’m happy he’s got a girlfriend tho because he spends a lot of time talking to her or with her so that limits my time with him……not good when I’m not feeling well.

Speaking of that, all of you single parents I don’t know how you do it. When you’re sick? When you’ve had a shitty day? When you just don’t feel like dealing with bullshit? Kudos to you for sure. I guess that should go out to all parents, but I said single parents because that’s kinda what it’s like when Kathy travels for work.

I’m pretty sure I’ve lost weight in the past 3 weeks cuz I haven’t been eating properly. I’ve loved eating mashed potatoes but I really want to enjoy a normal meal for once without having to worry about ANYTHING associated with my teeth or my mouth.

On the real estate front…I got another call from our mailings. 278 sent out, 20 returned unable to forward and 7 callbacks. I’m happy about that but pissed because I’m sooo not doing nearly enough to find a deal and it’s pissing me off. I know, I know I’m responsible for my life but damn it when you feel like shit it’s hard to play the role.

Ok I’m done. One more thing, I was pretty happy with my post about direct mail lists. I’m trying to write articles or posts while I’m sitting here being miserable. Ok I’m sorry again. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Direct Mail Lists – Where To Get Them?

Wondering where to get your direct mail lists for your real estate direct mail campaigns? Well there’s all kinds of places you can get direct mail lists from and we’ll explore them. Plus, I’ll let you know where I got my direct mail list from for my current direct mail campaign to apartment owners.

I want you to keep in mind that depending on the focus of your business you may have more than 1 direct mail list depending on who you are targeting and why? Perhaps you target pre-foreclosures one week and maybe probates another month, etc. I don’t know what your individual direct mail campaign needs are, only you do. But there are many ways you can find direct mail lists regardless of what area of real estate investing you are interested in.

List Brokers – you can literally look in the yellow pages under list brokers or mailing lists. I’m talking about your physical yellow pages book (do ya’ll still get one of those? lol) or you could very well go to Yellow Pages online as well. These types of direct mail lists you will have to pay for, of course. Sometimes, you may be able to negotiate a free batch just to test the vendor and make sure that their list is current.

Online List Brokers – Gosh you could go to google and type in direct mail lists for real estate or just direct mail lists and a whole bunch of services will come up. I’ve used and there are places like and all kinds of places you can check out. You will have to pay for these services and the prices vary from vendor to vendor.

Tax Assessor’s Office – taxes suck! But the cool thing about taxes is that somebody has to pay them on a property and the tax assessor’s office needs to send them the bill for them to pay! Sooo, they’ll have the address of where the tax bill will go for a particular property. Now you may be able to get this information for free, you may be able to go in person and get the information and you may very well be able to look on your tax assessor’s website for the info if they have one.

Prothonotary’s Office – I’ve gone to this office for pre-foreclosures plenty of times. At the Chester County courthouse in my area, they have the information written down in a notebook and you have to physically take this notebook over to one of their computers to get more detailed information. It’s a lot of work, but ya know what? The information is free! Perhaps you could pay someone to do it once you know how to do it, or perhaps you’re low on funds so this would be a perfect way for you to build your direct mail lists.

Register of Wills – I’ve gone to this office in my county courthouse several times to dig up leads to add to my probate direct mail list. Again, you’ll have to physically go through folders and there are a lot! But you go through them and write down the information of the ones that have property that you want to mail to their heirs. You also could learn how to do this and then pay someone else to do it or if money is tight, it’s a great way to get these direct mail lists for free. Your only expense would be your time. Keep in mind I’m talking about MY county courthouses here. Whether you’ll have to pay a fee or not for your area you won’t know until you go down to the offices or call. Also, in different areas the offices may be called different things then what they are called in my area. I’d say to start out at the offices that I mention but if they don’t have what you’re looking for, ask the folks at the court house where you can find the information you’re looking for.

Other Government Websites – the Tax Assessor’s Office can be included here too, but I like to keep them separate. When I talk about government websites I’m really referring to your local and county government. In certain areas you can log onto county websites and get very useful information for your direct mail lists. For instance, in Montgomery County in my area, you can log onto their county website and log into the courts website and search for certain type of filings i.e. foreclosures, etc.

If you don’t know what section of the government website will have useful information for your direct mail lists then you could just mess around on the website by trial and error or you could actually call up the tax assessor’s office, the prothonotary’s office, register of wills, etc. etc. and when you get someone on the phone tell them what you are looking for and ask them if this information is available online. Keep in mind, some county websites may make you pay for this access but a lot will not. ๐Ÿ™‚

Public Records from the MLS – I am a licensed real estate agent in Pennsylvania and because of this I pay for MLS access. This is the multiple listing service for those of you that didn’t know (this is where all of the real estate agents list their properties for sale and other agents look what’s available there for their buyers.) Now the part of the MLS that I use for my direct mail lists is the public records section. I can literally search for any types of properties, I can put a certain time frame for settlement dates; for instance let’s say I want apartment owners that have owned their properties for longer than 15 yrs. I can just input the dates, or I can just look for out of area owners, etc. There’s all kinds of way to use this data and it’s free (well not exactly, it comes with the cost of the MLS fees.) Then the beauty of it is that after I get my records together that I want to be on my direct mail lists then I can export them as a csv file or excel file right from the public records section. It’s super easy (well once you learn how to do it, of course. The first time I tried to figure it out it was a pain in the ass!)

MLS – You can also just use the MLS in general without getting into the public records. Perhaps, you want to add expired listings to your direct mail lists. Or maybe you want to have a direct mail list that you mail to property owners whose places have been listed for 60 days, 90 days or more. It’s up to you what you want your criteria to be. Now, of course, if you’re not a licensed agent, you’re going to have to hook with one that will let you utilize their MLS or you can look into becoming an assistant for an agent so you can get MLS access.

Real Estate Investors Associations – If you belong to your local reia (and I think you should belong) then sometimes you’ll find folks within the group that are selling lists for you to use with your direct mail lists. They most likely pay folks to go to the courthouse for them and gather the list and then they put it in a file and sell it to you. So again, this will cost you some money as well. You may be able to negotiate a free batch of these to ensure that the leads are current (and you’ll have to cross reference the list you get at the court house to make sure they are current.)

So there’s a bunch of ways you can build your direct mail lists. Personally, I’ve used every method up there except the list brokers in the yellow pages and I never went to the tax assessor’s office either. Every other method above I have used. My favorite is public records from the MLS. That’s how I developed my apartment owners direct mail list for my current use.

When you’re getting your list from someone other than you physically going down to your courthouse or local government office and getting the information be sure that the lists you receive are current. There’s nothing like old, outdated direct mail lists that a billion other investors have already mailed too. That’s just a waste of money.

Oh and I wanted to add one more thing…for you real estate investors that are real estate agents, perhaps you can create your direct mail lists and send them out one week as a real estate investor and perhaps the next couple weeks as a real estate agent? It’s a great way to get listings! Of course, if you’re like me, you don’t really concentrate on that side of the real estate world, but hey, you have your license so you’re qualified to do it (just make sure you meet your states advertising criteria for real estate agents.)

If you have anymore ideas for developing your direct mail lists, please tell us! The more options folks have the better.

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Buy Apartment Buildings – Direct Mail Letter 1

So I figured it’d be cool to share with you the letters that we’re using in our direct mail campaign to buy apartment buildings.

I have 5 letters in a series that I will send out to folks on my list in hopes that I can buy apartment buildings from them. Then I actually have 2 separate letters for different types of folks: out of state owners and landlords that are evicting tenants.

Crap, I just realized I didn’t tell you how I came up with my list of apartment building owners. Ok ok I’ll make a post about that after I finish this (sorry ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Here’s the first letter the way I sent it out originally (remember all of the whack jobs that have been calling:)

I’m Interested in Buying Your Property

Read On…

Carey Buck (this is right justified, I just don’t know how to do that here)
State, City. Zip

Apartment Owner Name
Their Address (most likely their home)
State, City. Zip

Dear Apartment Owner Name:

Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm interested in purchasing your property. Are you interested in selling?

I currently hold a portfolio of properties like yours and Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm looking to add more.

As a property owner, I realize that there are a number of reasons why someone may be interested in selling. Everyone has his or her own reason and my question to you is, are you now ready to sell? If so, I am ready to buy.

I can close quickly or delay the closing as long as you like.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience so that we can discuss the sale of your property. Call me now at my phone number.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Carey Buck

P.S. To Get The Best Price For Your Property, Call Me At My Number.

Now keep in mind, we only sent out 278 of these and we only got 6 responses back (just over 2% response rate) but not all of the responses were good.

I’ve since changed the letter and I’ve now replaced pretty much everywhere that it says property with apartment building or building, etc. You get the picture. I’m hoping that will cut down on the whacky calls and folks not knowing why we sent them a letter.

What do you guys/gals think of the letter? Any pointers? Tips? Ideas? Thoughts? Criticisms? Comments? Etc.

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Our Quest to Buy Apartment Buildings

On our quest to Buy Apartment Buildings you know that we started a direct mail campaign. Well we sent out 278 letters and up to and including today we got 6 calls in response to our letters. Of course not all of the calls are going to help us buy apartment buildings lol but hey at least they are opening the envelopes, reading the letters and picking up the phone! Right? We got a response rate over 2% thus far.

Of the 6 responses here is the breakdown on our quest to buy apartment buildings: 2 whacko’s who well were whacky and didn’t want to sell.

1 guy who was super duper nice and said for the right price he’d sell. 1 lady who asked to be taken off our list cuz her father died 3 years ago and she doesn’t want to sell.

1 guy who left a message today who was super duper nice and said he hadn’t thought about selling but if the price is right he would consider selling both of his properties and he asked me to call him back.

And 1 more whack-job who called me yesterday and I actually picked up and he said….(Scott, wait til you hear this one! lol) So he said: “Hi my name is blah blah blah, you sent me a letter saying you want to buy my property.” I said “yes, I did sir. Do you have a property to sell?” He said “well, do you know anything about my property?” I said “well I’d need you to tell me about your property if you are ready to sell it, however, is it ok if I call you back in a little while as I’m getting ready to go into the oral surgeon’s for a follow up after getting my wisdom teeth out?” He said “Sure you can call me back.” I said “Ok can I have your phone number?” He said “nope.” I said “uhhh well what’s your property address?” He said “I’m not gonna tell you.” lol I said “ok well if you won’t give me your number or tell me your property address how am I suppose to call you back?” He said “send me another letter like you did this one.” I said “ok sir, I will send you another letter.” He said “ok thanks.”

Excuse my language but what the fuck is going on with these people? lmao I just want to buy apartment buildings. I think it’s pretty clear. If you want to sell, call me. If you don’t want to sell, then don’t call me. It’s not that hard is it?

So I got Kathy a lil more involved with this whole let’s buy apartment building thang. Mostly because we didn’t have much choice cuz I literally couldn’t speak properly and I needed her to make call backs to folks that called after getting our letters. She was nervous and did not want to do it. Ya know? Like most of us who haven’t done something before and have a fear of it. But ya know what, she sucked it up and she did it. She called 2 people back and they were nice to her. 1 didn’t want to sell (why he called, I have no idea) and 1 guy was super duper nice and we’re going to check out his property when Kathy gets back from Virginia.

Now here’s the deal with the super duper nice guy. We aren’t so much interested in his 1 property (7 units) but he has another property that we want to get details on and Kathy talked to him for almost an hour and a half and built a pretty good rapport and she said she thinks that he has $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. So we were thinking that if we could get in good with him that he may be an awesome private money prospect. ๐Ÿ™‚ So we’re gonna meet him.

We went and looked at a 19 pad mobile home park yesterday. Without having the exact figures I think it’s definitely over priced. But I always ask for the actual expenses and income info because I want to practice actually “evaluating the numbers” so I can make buying an apartment building much easier.

Monday or Tuesday we’ll be meeting with a commercial broker and thanks to ChrisBuysApartments who commented on Scott’s Struggling Investor post about my blog here, I got some awesome insight as to what to say to this broker and more brokers.

Oh and a thank you to Scott from Struggling Investor for listing me as one of his Top 5 Up and Coming Investor blogs to watch out for. I appreciate that Scott and I promise, I’ll be giving you reason soon to make it worth you putting me up there!

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Commercial Real Estate Brokers Direct Marketing Campaign Finding Apartment Buildings Multi-Units/Apartment Buildings

2 More Calls From Our Direct Mail Campaign

Woohoo! We got 2 more calls in from our direct mail campaign of 278 folks.

The next call we got, I had already gotten my wisdom teeth out so I was in no condition to answer the phone. So I let it go to voice mail. His voice mail message went a little something like this:

“Oh Carey. It sounds like you’re a woman, that’s good because if you were a man I would have been pretty angry. So you want to buy my property? Do you know anything about it? Do you know how much land it has? Anyway, you can call me back at this number.”

What the heck is going on with these folks? lol Does someone wanna tell me? I’ve always told other women that it’s an asset in this business (actually any type of sales related venture or in-person type of business, I think it’s a huge asset to being a woman.)

Then today we got another call. Again, I can’t really talk too well, especially when I’m doped up on my pain meds. So it went to voice mail as well. His message went a little something like this:

“My name is blah blah blah and you don’t know me because you sent the letter to this company name, which is the name of the company that holds some of my property. I don’t know if you’re looking for a single family home or what? But I have 2 apartment buildings and I’d be willing to talk to you about selling them but I’m not trying to give them away. Call me at this number or I will call you back this evening.”

Sooo that one was a little better, huh? Making some progress. I think I’m going to have to tweak my letters a wee bit. I’m using Dave Lindahl’s letters straight from his course, but I may have to say I want to buy your Apartment Building instead of just your Property! Wouldn’t ya’ll agree??

Anyway, I gave Kathy the bad news that she’s going to have to call these 2 folks back. She’s having a slight panic attack. Mostly because she doesn’t know what to say and I informed her but at least you can speak normally right now lol plus I told her that I don’t know what to say either. We just gotta follow the script from the book. I am must better on my toes than her, but oh well…..there’s gonna be times where she’s gonna have to make calls too and now is one of them.

I did look up everyone’s property information that called us though. They are mostly 2 to 6 units. Not all that exciting for us, but heck I’m still gonna call (or make Kathy call) because it’s practice.

Plus, get this. When Kathy was a little kid her father owned an apartment building but his wife at the time made him sell it. Anyway, we drove by there today and it’s for sale!!! I just looked up that info on the MLS too. We’re probably gonna check that out too.

So I’m super psyched about everything that’s moving along and I can’t wait to not look like a chipmunk anymore and to be able to eat properly, talk properly and not be in pain, because I got things to do!

We had to move our Cash Flow Game session from tonite til tomorrow nite because I’m just not quite feeling up to it yet. Kathy assures me that I should start to feel better tomorrow. We shall see?

Now, I’m about to pass out as I just took an oxycodone. I’m surprised I’m not so loopy and that I could actually make this post.

๐Ÿ™‚ Over and out for now…….I’m off to la la land.

P.S. I almost forgot, we heard back from 2 commercial real estate brokers. We’re gonna meet one of them either on Monday or Tuesday and the other one we’re still waiting to hear from.

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Received 1st Response to Direct Mail Campaign

Woohoo! We received our first response to our direct mail campaign that we sent out. Now my neighbor, Becky (and her family,) stuffed envelopes, put return addresses on them, hand addressed the envelopes, sealed them and put stamps on them all for .10 an envelope. They did 278 envelopes when all was said and done and she took out the duplicates.

I paid her yesterday by check and put all of the envelopes in the mail yesterday. This afternoon I got my first call.

Now, first of all I wasn’t expecting the call (but even if I was I’m sure the conversation would have went the same lol) I was helping Joe study for his science test and my phone rang. So I answered it. The guy on the other line says: “you sent me a letter?”

I said: “I sure did sir. Do you have a property that you’d like to sell?” He says: “Yeah. How much will you give me for it?”

I said: “Well first let me get a little information from you sir.” He says: “What kind of information?” I said: “Just your name and number in case we get disconnected.” Then he says: “Well how much will you give me for my property?”

I said: “Well why don’t you tell me a little bit about your property? How many units is it?” He says: “You don’t know anything about my property? You sent me a letter.” I said “I sent out a lot of letters to apartment owners and if they are interested in selling they will call.” He says: “Well I don’t know why you don’t know anything about my property?”

I said “Well I know you have an apartment building in either Montgomery or Chester County sir because that’s our target market.” He says: “I have 3 in Chester County.” I said: “Great! Tell me about the one’s that you’re interested in selling.”

He says: “No, I think you’re just fishing. I’m hanging up.” Click.

Soooo that didn’t go so well, but I think he was just a whacky type of owner. I’m sure we’ve all talking to those types before. But I was thrilled that we got our first call. That’s promising, eh?

Kathy and I have emailed several commercial brokers and we’re trying to see if any of them will meet with us this weekend to feel them out and to see which one we feel the most comfortable with and which one would be willing to work with us newbies.

I’m super excited and there’s a whole lot more research that apparently goes into buying these apartment buildings properly. Some of these commercial brokerage sites though are a wealth of information with research. I could spend all day on them just reading their research.

Anyway, I gotta hit the hay as I’m getting my wisdom teeth taking out tomorrow (I wonder where I’ll get my wisdom from now?)

Wish me luck!

P.S. Kathy surprised me when she got home from the airport today. She had a Movado bag for me (ya know the fancy watches?) I loveeee those watches. They are my fav. So I look in the bag and there are 2 watches wrapped up. She took my 2 Movado watches in 2 weeks ago to have batteries put in them ($41 a battery!) I was like “OMG, I just called the Movado store yesterday to find out how much it would cost to replace both of my batteries!” (And I’m not kidding either…I figured I was going to “dress the part” while meeting with brokers and apartment owners. Ya know the whole “fake it til ya make it” thang??

Anyway….ain’t my baby a sweetheart? I tell you…..I can’t tell you enough wonderful things about her. Well I could, but you’d probably get sick of it and puke. ๐Ÿ™‚

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First Day of New Freedom Path

personal freedom

Well today is the first 1/2 day of the new apartment hunting path! I say 1/2 day because I have to go to the oral surgeon for a consult (getting wisdom teeth out this month) and then I have an appointment later for the p/t Rainbow gig I’ve been doing.

I told the guy I’ve been doing p/t work for on Friday that I’d no longer be doing it. I said that if he was in DIRE need that I may be able to help him by training new folks on the weekend, but that’s it. So I finished up trainings this weekend and this evening I have 1 more and then it’s full steam ahead!

This is so exciting. So what we’ve been doing thus far:

1) Re-reading “Apartment Riches” course by Dave Lindahl.

2) I went to Creonline and printed out every article that Ray Alcorn wrote and Dave Lindahl wrote.

3) Next, I will go to Creonline and read and/or print out every informative post that I find by Ray Alcorn by using the search feature.

4) Kathy and I have been on loopnet and the MLS searching for apartment buildings. We’re looking at ones with 40+ units. We are then getting the financial information on the properties and after we go over the “evaluating the deals” section of the “Apartment Riches” course again we will start figuring out the numbers on all of these properties that we find. We’re going to evaluate tons of deals, whether we are interested in them or not, just so we can practice doing this. We’re going to do it on paper first and then plug into the numbers that come in the software that we got with the course.

5) I’ve listened to about 7 or 8 cds of “Success Stories” which are extremely motivating and some are actually really, really educational. Kathy has just finished listening to them as well.

I’m ready folks…and I mean business. I have faith that we will have our 1st apartment building by March. With dedicating all of my time and energy to this there is no reason why we shouldn’t??

Oh and that other strip club we were working on trying to get? He called me the other day just to see how long it would take us to get a machine for him because the guy that he’s currently using who promised to put a new machine in is screwing around. He said “I’m giving him til the end of the month but this is the 2nd time I had to call him and ask about his progress?”

When he asked me how long it would take to get him an atm I said “we have a machine ready to go with your name on it baby!” He was like “oh ok. Great!” lol Sooooo, I’ll follow up with him shortly too. Actually, Kathy and I have to fill up our other atm this week so we’ll probably stop by and see the guy in question too!

Oh and my neighbor just texted me and said she’s done labeling, stamping and stuffing our envelopes for our direct mail campaign!

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Direct Marketing Campaign Random Ramblings

Operation Outsourcing is in Motion!

Outsourcing our direct mail campaign for apartment units is in motion! I dropped off the materials to my neighbor this evening. She’s thrilled about it because she said “this is an easy way to make money!” And I was just so excited leaving her house. It felt great knowing that someone else is going to get our direct mail campaign all situation and in gear. *sigh*

That’s the good news. The bad news is remember how I’ve been saying I haven’t been sick since starting to juice?? Well, I got a lil cough and nose thing going on. And I know exactly how it happened. I took Joe to Cub Scouts last Monday and the church that it was held in after hours had no heat. It was freezing in there. Folks, I mean so cold that you could see your breath! So called that I had my scarf, hat and gloves on and I was STILL shivering! My nose was running none stop in there. I felt so bad for Joe running around in his coat doing scout stuff. I couldn’t even feel my toes or fingers!

Anyway, I’m pretty sure that’s what did it. So I changed up my morning juicing routine to try to combat this nuisance. Instead of 4 organic carrots and 2 organic apples in the morning I’ve been switching between 1-inch round of pineapple and 3 tangerines and 1-inch round of pineapple and 2 to 3 oranges. Ya know to get my vitamin C levels to kick the shit out of this slight cough and annoying nose behavior. (Plus, I been taking a vitamin C pill too. I think I have a vitamin C overload…I don’t think that’s good tho?)

The good news is, I am confident that juicing and all of my supplements and vitamins I’ve been taking has made what I have here just a lil nuisance vs. what I normally would get. I mean normally I would get sick and I’d be out of commission for a week! No shit. So I really think the juicing has helped sooo much that I really highly recommend you look into juicing if you want to work on a healthier lifestyle in the new year. And I believe 100% that if I didn’t go to that damn church last Monday night that I STILL wouldn’t be sick (all thanks to juicing!)

The bad news is, because of my heartburn/acid reflux/gerd issues I’m not suppose to have oranges. ๐Ÿ™‚ So I’ve been getting heartburn like a bitch for the past week and I’ve had about enough of it. I’m going back to my normal carrot/apple routine tomorrow and the pineapple/orange is out the window. I’m sad because it was realllly tasty. Actually, the pineapple/tangerine was the bombdiggity!

I think I’m going to go to bed now and read some more of the Brain Tracy book. Good stuff. I’m getting up bright and early tomorrow too! Trying to develop better HABITS!!!!!

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