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Stop Listening To Your (and others) Bullshit!

Stop Listening To Your (and others) Bullshit!

Pardon my language but this is a pretty personal post about me and
also about you (you just may not know it’s about you yet!)

About 4 years ago I was in the best shape of my life. I’d juice
constantly, I’d exercise daily and I ate very healthy. I hardly
ever got sick, too! It was awesome.

Then in early 2010 I had to get my wisdom teeth out. No biggie, right?
Well, I had an abscess in one tooth and it was sooo infected that my
face swelled up and my mouth closed. I couldn’t eat. Seriously, my
mouth couldn’t open wide enough to eat.

Anyway, there was this major snow storm and my dad had to come get me
to take me to the ER because Kathy wasn’t home……….I ended up having
to get surgery. They had to go through my neck to drain the abscess because
if they tried to open my mouth they would have broke my jaw. If you’d like
to read all about the worst day of my life go here (don’t mind the spelling errors and the curse words!)

Anyway, after the surgery I was finally able to eat. And man after several days
of not being able to eat boy did I eat and eat and eat.

So, basically all of my good habits that I had went down the drain. Now, I would
try to every now and then pick up where I left off prior to the whole wisdom teeth
thing but it was hard. (The bad foods we eat really are addictive!) So, it was
hard and other people would tell me it’s hard to go back after you stopped. I believed
them and I believed myself.

Now, it’s 3 years later. I also have asthma and yeah I’m a bit overweight. Grant it, if
you were to look at me it’s not like you’d say I was obese or even fat. But I am overweight,
there’s no doubt about that. I’m 5’6″ and I weight 177 lbs. If you check out the height/weight/bmi
that equals overweight. I should way a max of 148 lbs.

Oh and because of my asthma for some reason when I get sick it goes right to my chest and
lungs. I was sick for I think like 2 weeks (from August to earlier this month.) And my
cough is still lingering……it takes my cough longer to go away than folks that don’t
have asthma.

By the way, just for the record I want you to know that I have never, ever smoked a
cigarette in my life, never even tried one. I also have never, ever done any type of
illegal drug in my life. Never even tried one and no, not even pot.

So, as you can imagine I get especially pissed off when I can’t breath and people are
like “are you a smoker?” which is a valid question but I get pissed off that I can’t
breath and I sound like someone who has been smoking (and killing themselves) for years!

Oh and my dad told me that high blood pressure runs in our family, because I had high blood
pressure the other day. I said “I’m not going to have high blood pressure, because I eat
better than most people in our family!” (And I do lol but I still have a ways to go.)

Turns out my blood pressure is normal now; it was just high because I was coughing up a
friggin’ lung constantly.

Now why am I confessing all of this to you today? Oh by the way, I do eat better nowadays
but nothing close to where I was before and I still eat crappy shit that I shouldn’t eat.

Anyway, why am I confessing all of this to you? Well, I’ve been having problems breathing
lately. For quite some time actually. That’s why the doc gave me an inhaler for daily use
and a rescue inhaler (can’t find that one tho.)

But Saturday, my stepson Joe, had a baseball game. We had to park a little away from the field.
I’d say it was a block or half of a block to walk (short block.) Well, I took the 2 chairs and
walked to the car while Kathy waited for Joe and half way to the car I couldn’t breath. I was
really having a hard time breathing and gasping for air. (Same thing when I walk up the steps
at the house.)

Anyway, right then and there I promised myself that I wasn’t going to listen to MY BULLSHIT or anyone else’s bullshit about why I can or can’t do something.
And I was finally going to take control of my health again (I’ve been working on the
wealth, but lacking in the health department and I don’t know if you know this or not
but without your health, your wealth is pretty friggin’ useless.)

Kathy got back in the car and I explained to her what was going on. She told me that it’s my
asthma and I have to go back to the doctor again. Which I already made an appointment just
for a checkup. And I said, you know I know it’s my asthma but you know what, it’s me too.

I’m overfuckinweight and that’s my fault. I eat like shit and that’s my fault. I don’t exercise
and that’s my fault. I said and I’m going to be changing all of that.

You see my body is pretty amazing. No I’m not getting conceited here lol what I mean is that
when I eat properly, exercise properly and drink plenty of water my body rewards me. How does
it reward me? My heartburn and every other medical problem I have virtually disappears. I’m not
bullshitting you. It’s amazing. Our bodies (yes, yours too) are amazing! If we treat them
properly they will treat us properly.

Monday of this week I started doing Tae Bo again. I could only do 20 minutes that day. I
was having problems breathing and well I didn’t want to kill myself. Just so you know I’m
not being reckless, I realize that I have issues that I need to pay attention too, so I’m
gradually doing what I need to do. Monday 20 minutes of Tae Bo and 50 sit ups.

Tuesday I made it to 30 minutes of Tae Bo and 60 sit ups.

Today, I’m proud to say that I completed the entire Tae Bo workout without a problem and
I did 70 sit ups.

I’ve been eating pretty awesomely this week and I intend to keep it up. You see, I have
a target date. It’s January 14, 2014. What’s so special about that date?

Well I haven’t had a physical in quite some time and that is my physical date with the
best doctor in the world, my family doctor, Dr. Harvey Lisgar.

I want to be in top notch shape then so he’s like WTF happened to you? lol

As someone who is constantly speaking on stages about passive income and wealth, it’s pretty
important that I am healthy and can breath. Because well, I can get into my speaking and
exert a lot of energy and it’s good to be able to breath properly and not lose your breath
all of the time.

Soooooo, I’m excited for my journey back to top notch health and I welcome you to follow
along but more importantly I’m asking you, no begging you to STOP LISTENING TO YOUR OWN BULLSHIT

Take control of your life right now. Don’t let yourself or others stop you. Whether it’s in
the health department or wealth department or any other department STOP LISTENING TO THE BULLSHIT
and start doing what you KNOW you have to do. (Because the reality is we all know what we have
to do, we just don’t do it. Right? We know if we are broke that we have to figure out how to
bring more money in whether it’s starting our own business or getting a new job. We know that
if we’re overweight and can’t breath that we have to start eating better and exercise.)

Take care of YOU! Don’t let your mind or others words stop you. I’m taking care of me because
I have a family that I love to death and want to be here for, for a longggg time.

I want to be around for my family, especially my beautiful and awesome wife Kathy and my kitty
cats. And my mom, stepdad, dad, stepdad, stepkids, nephew (by best friendship) etc. etc.

You get the picture. So stop, think about your life and who is important in it and then make
a plan for better wealth or health or whatever it is that you need to ensure that you’ll always
be around for those people in your life.

Remember, STOP LISTENING TO ALL OF THE BULLSHIT that says you can’t or it’s too hard or are you crazy? Etc. Etc.

Tell me below what BULLSHIT are you now going to stop listening to?

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Teach Kids About Money

Teach Kids About Money

When I’m out on the road speaking at events I often will ask the question
“How many of your took passive income 101 in high school or college?”

As you can imagine no one raises their hand but I get a lot of chuckles.

The reality of the world is no one will REALLY teach kids about money
so that’s your job as a parent or sibling or aunt or any important person
in a kids life.

I’m going to give you some fantastic resources at the end of this post but
first let’s get into a couple of basics that you can use to teach kids about

Teach Kids About Money – Active Income

When you teach kids about money you’re going to want to teach them about
active income; which is basically trading your time for dollars. For
example; working a 9 to 5 job and getting paid for that job. Or you can even
teach them about perhaps being a doctor and having their own practice. Again,
that’s active income tho, because if you’re not seeing patience as a doctor
then you’re not making money.

But when you teach kids about money you definitely want to teach them about
active income and if you are in a situation where you receive active income
then you will want to share that with your kid. Including how long you’ve
worked there, how many hours a week your work, how much you get paid per hour
or per week, how long you plan on working there, etc.

Teach Kids About Money – Passive Income

Here’s my favorite part when looking to teach kids about money. Most kids
see their parents working a job (active income.) That’s how they grow up
and that’s all they really see.

But what you want to teach kids about money is that there are other ways to
make money as well. My favorite was is called passive income.

Passive income is an income received on a regular basis with little to no effort
required to maintain it.

Some examples of passive income are a savings account. Simple, easy to understand
example. You deposit money into an account and make interest on it every month.

Another example is rental property. You own a property and rent it to a tenant
who in turn pays you every single month to live there. Obviously, you charge the
tenant more for rent than your mortgage is and that’s your profit.

Keep in mind that most likely that tenant HAS to get up and to work to make
“active income” every single day to pay you that rent payment (which is passive
income for you.)

Another example is owning ATM machines. You own an ATM machine, put cash in it
and charge people a surcharge fee to use the ATM machine and get access to the

Obviously, you don’t have to be there when someone uses the ATM machine. You just
invest a little bit a time to fill the ATM with cash once a week or month, etc. And
it then provides you with passive income.

It’s very, very important that when you teach kids about money that you do in fact
teach them about passive income. Why? Because they will not learn about it in
school, college or anywhere else for that matter UNLESS they seek out the information
on their own.

And a lot of times, if someone doesn’t know about something, they don’t think to seek
out that information, right? Because they don’t even know the concept exists.

Teach Kids About Money – Life Choices

The main purpose of this post is to teach kids about money in terms of active income
and passive income.

When you do that you are literally planting a major seed in your child’s life. You
are letting them know that they have a choice in life in how they generate money,
invest money and spend the rest of their lives.

Do you know that co-worker who complains all week long and only looks forward to
Friday? Thank God It’s Friday they say……every single week!

Think about this, do you want your child to be in a situation their entire life where
they only look forward to one day a week, ever week. I’m just giving you some information
to help you armed to teach your kids about money so they have better control over their

You can start young with your children. I have a 12 year old stepson and we’ve been
teaching him about money, business and investing since he was about 8 years old.

Why? They are at the age that they are sponges and they absorb information like crazy.

Sometimes they aren’t interested but guess what? They still hear you and are planting
little seeds in their heads. They will bring it up when they are ready.

So, please teach kids about money and teach them about all aspects of money, business
and investing. Start small, be consistent and welcome all questions and also be patient.

They are listening……they’ll bring it up when they are ready.

Teach Kids About Money – Great Resources

Here are some awesome resources that I highly recommend to you when you are starting to
teach kids about money in your life.

1) Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (Audio version) by T. Harv Eker – this is one of my
all-tie favorite books (and audio cds) ever. I listen to these cd’s personally once
every 3 months or so. Awesome.

I give you the audio version because it may be a little bit easier for a 12 yr. old or
so to digest then reading the book. It’s a good idea for you to listen with them in
little increments when perhaps driving in the car? or before going to bed.

Note: They also have Secrets of the Millionaire Mind flashcards. They are fantastic. I use
them everyday to write a note in Joe’s lunch. They reinforce the information from the book.

2) Rich Dad’s Rich Kid, Smart Kid: Giving Your Kid A Financial Head Start by Robert Kiyosaki – This is basically
a handbook for parents (or other adults) in helping you teach your kids about the importance of money and financial

3) Rich Dad’s Escape from the Rat Race: How To Become A Rich Kid By Following Rich Dad’s Advice by Robert Kiyosaki – this is a comic book that would be an excellent way to teach kids about money. Kids love comic books, so this is a definitely easy read for them. (Joe read it at least twice!)

4) Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens: The Secrets About Money – That You Don’t Learn In School! by Robert Kiyosaki – now if you have older kids, teenagers?? then this is an outstanding book that you can use to teach kids about money.

My older stepson Brandon (he’s 21 now) but when he was younger we bought this for him. Whenever I speak to 8th graders or above I try to give out a least a copy of this book to a student and also I try to donate a copy to the school library.

5) Cashflow for Kids – this is an excellent board game that you can play with your kids in order to better teach kids about money, business and investing. This is a board game from Robert Kiyosaki, who’s the author of all the Rich Dad books.

I think this enough awesome information that can help you tremendously with shaping your child’s future by teaching
them about money.

I’ll leave you with one more book and this is the book that started it all for me. But before I give you this book I want
you to know that the book above in example #1 is an excellent one for you to read and listen to! It could change your life.

So, the other book that I’d like to share with you is more for you, perhaps when your child get a bit older they can
read this one or if you were to find it on audio then you can include it for them as it’s a great story about kids, so
they could relate (but it may be a tough one to actually read for them.)

It’s called Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! – by Robert Kiyosaki. Check it out and then let me know your thoughts. It really is what started a huge change in my life for me.

If you have any other ideas about how to teach kids about money, please list them below.

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Business Mistakes

Business Mistakes

I just wanted to talk in general about business mistakes. For this post, it really
doesn’t matter if you’re in the real estate business, ATM business, online marketing
business, or any other business under the sun.

This post is in general about all business mistakes.

I don’t know what sparked me to write this today, perhaps it’s people that email
me that are interested in starting their own ATM business or interested in investing
in real estate but they are afraid.

Afraid of making business mistakes.

Here’s the deally-o though….you WILL make business mistakes when you get into
business. I get that you want to start a business and not make any mistakes at all…I really do
get that thought process. But I think you’re just putting a little too much pressure on yourself.

Remember back when you first learned to walk? ride a bike? drive a car? had a child? You made
mistakes with all of those things in the beginning, right? (Heck raising a child is probably a
never-ending learning process lol)

But my point is you didn’t start doing anything perfectly. You made mistakes and learned from them.
Well, hopefully you learned from them.

So, just accept that you will make business mistakes when you first get into business, but make sure
you don’t ever make the same mistake twice. I remember when I started my real estate investing business
back in 1999. I made a mistake on every single deal I did for yearssssssss. But guess what? I never
made the same business mistakes twice. I learned from my mistakes.

When I started my ATM business in 2009, guess what? I made business mistakes with that too (and I had
someone “teaching” me the business. lol Unfortunately, he was one of my biggest mistakes!)

I made tons of business mistakes in my online marketing business too. From hiring a worthless coach to
wanting to do everything on my own (and screwing things up and taking longer then necessary to get things

Business mistakes are normal; they will happen. I’m not telling you to get all excited about them and
say “bring on the business mistakes!” But I’m saying just know that they are a normal part of the bigger
picture with your business, embrace them, learn from them and move on.

Generally, to cut down on business mistakes you make it helps to have some type of course, education,
seminar or coach to guide you through your business. Like my ATM Business Blueprint Success System if
you are interested in the ATM business or my friend Susan Lassiter-Lyons Master Lease Option course if
you are interested in creating income with apartment buildings.

Notice I said cut down…..I didn’t say eliminate. That’s because once you learn what to do from the
programs that you enroll in you may start to go off on your own and do your own thing that may not have
been recommended in your course or maybe it’s something more advanced and it’s not in your course, right?

The overall point here is please don’t be afraid of starting your own business because you are afraid
that you’ll make business mistakes. You will make business mistakes, so don’t let that stop you from
pursuing your dreams! Just remember to always learn from those business mistakes and to never, ever
make the same business mistake twice!

Have you made any business mistakes when starting your new business? What were they?

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The Best Investment for Passive Income

The Best Investment for Passive Income

Have you ever wondered what the best investment for passive income
success is?

In this post, I’m going to share with you what the absolutely best investment
for passive income success is for you. Yes, YOU.

Some of you may be disappointed when you hear it and some of you may
feel a sense of relief. Regardless of how you feel when I tell you this answer
I can promise you one thing: this is by far the single best investment for
your passive income future. No if’s, and’s or but’s about it.

So what is the best investment for passive income?

What is the Best Investment for Passive Income?

YOU ARE! Yes, you are the best investment
that you can make for your passive income future.

Folks, you need to start investing in yourself. Yes, the single best
investment when it comes to passive income is your ability to

If you think “invest in yourself” is a little too self-helpy for you or
a little too out there for you then you know what? Call it an education.

Call it training. I don’t care what you call it but you must take this step
to invest in yourself if you want to change something that you do not
like in your life right now. (For most folks, that’s either lack of money
or lack of time with family and friends.)

So many folks out there want the best investment for passive income or
the best investment for anything but they aren’t willing to go that extra
step and invest in themselves.

What do I mean by Invest in Yourself

Now you know the best investment for passive income is your ability to
invest in yourself.

But what exactly does that mean? Well, when you invest in yourself you
will sometimes invest your time.

You will sometimes invest your money. But for the majority of situations
when you invest in yourself you will invest your time and your money.

If you want to know how to do something that someone else already knows
how to do…..why would you think that someone should walk you through
that information for free?

This is a very serious question. You can take a moment to think about it.

They have already invested in themselves by investing their time and their
money and now they are successful, so why do YOU think they should spill
their guts to you for free?

Because you’re a nice person? Because you have no money? Because you have
big things planned? Why?

I have news for you…most of these people that you are wanting free information
from are nice people too, they also HAD no money and they had and still have
big plans.

But they did something that most other people won’t do…they said you know what
I’m going to invest in myself.

Listen, I’m not telling you to not seek out free information. Free information is
awesome. Heck, that’s how I got started in real estate investing. And that’s why
I provide tons of free information about the ATM business…..

So, free information is great. But at some point you have to say to yourself

“Self, I want this (whatever THIS may be) and I need more then this free information. I know
this is someone that I can trust and that will help me get to where I want to be, so
I need to go ahead and tell myself that the time is now to invest in myself. I need
to go in a different, more better, more financially secure direction in my life and the
only way it is possible is to invest in education for myself and yes, this person deserves
my hard earned money while I invest in myself because they are more than willing to
help me since THEY CHOSE to invest in their self a long time ago to learn what I want
to know now.”

That was a mouth full, I know. But please, take a moment to read it, feel it and understand

Free information will only take you so far. Free is great for a while. But that old saying
“you get what you pay for” is very true.

This post has been a long time coming. I don’t want it to come off like I’m being some
jerk, but the reality is if you know something that I want and need to know how to do
then you DESERVE to be paid for that knowledge….don’t you agree?

Same goes for me. If I know something that you want and need to know how to do
because you feel it will make you happier? healthier? wealthier? more secure? etc.?
then I DESERVE to be paid for that knowledge as well, right?

And when I say “I” here I’m not really just referring to I. Of course, if you’re interested
in creating a lifetime of passive income by owning ATM machines then yes, I would be
appropriate for me when it comes to your best investment with ATMs lol but when
I say “I” that really is referring to anyone out there in the real world or the internet world
that has the ability to teach you something that you do not know and that you want to know.

Whether it be a real estate investor, online marketer, network marketer, etc. Anyone
that has special knowledge that you want. PAY THEM FOR THAT KNOWLEDGE…there
is nothing wrong with that, it’s how you invest in yourself and I promise you that
when you choose to invest in yourself it will be the best investment for passive
income you’ve ever made!

Can I share with you real quick what happens when you invest in yourself? When
you choose to invest in yourself you now have this new knowledge that you can
use and take action on for the rest of your life. NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE
can take that knowledge away from you.

You can use it to make more money for the rest of your life.

You can use it to spend more time with your family for the rest of your life.

You can use it to really design the lifestyle that you want….for the rest of your

But it’s YOURS forever, because you finally chose to invest in yourself. Can’t nobody
take that from you. And because of that, you can always, always bounce back from
any situation, any job loss, any down economy. You are at the mercy of no boss,
no manager, no job market…….you have the ability to create your own destiny because
you chose to invest in yourself. And that is real power. And that power makes investing
in yourself the best investment of your life.

invest in yourself and create your own destiny

Tell me below how did you invest in yourself this month so far? Why did you make
that investment? What is your ultimate goal that you are seeking?

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How To Become Unemployed And Start Living Life…YOUR Life

Ever thought about “firing” your boss? or hoping you, yourself, got fired? Thought about
starting your own business so you don’t need to rely on the “security” of a J-O-B?

Notice, I put security in quotes. Most folks don’t realize that when you are working
for someone else, you never, ever, ever have security. You are replaceable. Always.
Please don’t ever forget that.

Anywho, most of you have been on my journey with me since investing in real estate
back in 1999 starting with mobile home deals. Fun times.

You’ve been around when I was a full-time real estate agent, a full-time real estate
investor and many things in between.

Truth be told….I sucked at managing ME. So I usually ended up at a J-O-B. Stupid,
I know. I think laziness had a lot to do with it too though…….

Anyway, when I met Kathy (my current wifey-poo,) well things really started to change
for me. She was the first partner that I ever had in my life that REALLY believed in me,
believed in my knowledge and believed that I could take US to a whole new level in
this game of life. (Now my mom has always believed in me, but well she’s not the kind
of partner I’m talking about lol That’s different, she’s my mommy.)

Kathy has always been supportive of my dreams. Problem was, Kathy and I were in a lot
of debt after we bought our house together. Especially sucked for me because I had
gotten myself out of a boatload of debt and now I was back in it.

Well, I had to do what I knew to make money quick to help us. Real estate. So, I
wholesaled deals, etc. But….wholesaling really wasn’t my passion. Sure it was easy
and it was quick money, but I really didn’t enjoy it all that much.

While I was figuring my “sh*t” out, I started working again…..ughhhhh yes a J-O-B.

Meanwhile, Kathy and I decide to look towards apartment buildings for real estate
and we decide to start an ATM business for passive income (that was in 2009.)

While we’ve been crushing it in the ATM business, we still had huge debt to crush.
So, I’ve been working for car dealerships. BMW in their internet department. Then I
went to a Dodge, Jeep and Chevy dealer to work in their finance department.

While I liked my most recent boss A LOT as a person. I really didn’t like my J-O-B.
I’m an entrepreneur!!! I will never like a j-o-b. My boss knew the type of person I
was and knew the businesses we had. She was so awesome, and would always give
me tips, ideas, etc. about the businesses. She knew I wasn’t going to be at the job
forever, that’s for sure.

The thing that was even more frustrating to me was the fact that our ATM business
more than covered my salary at both of those J-O-Bs at the dealerships. Grrrrrrrr.

D@mn debt! I tell ya. Anyway, my wonderful wife had an awesome idea of me going
part-time to concentrate on our businesses. It’s hard to be successful in your businesses
when you are working a gabillion hours a week and then coming home to a family. It’s
do-able…but really hard.

So, my boss was on board. Woohooo! Man, I started kicking tail when I went part-time.
Not even kidding. I was crushing it and taking names. Working on our ATM biz, making
offers on apartment buildings and improving my ATM Business Blueprint course so
other folks can start making passive income from ATM machines.

It was great! Then a month later my boss says to me (and I’m going to paraphrase:)
“Well, we kinda need you to come back full-time again. I know it’s not good timing.
I wish you were just ready to leave here on your own, but we’re getting more and more
busy, etc. etc.”

I was annoyed. I mean it’s only been a month or so. But oh well, that’s cool. She said
she would give me and Kathy the weekend to talk about it.

The bad thing was Joe was getting ready to end school and that’s a huge reason Kathy
wanted me to be part-time. To be home for him. Soooo, she wasn’t happy about the
whole full-time thing.

We told them that I would go back full-time in September if they needed me to. They
said they needed someone sooner. I was like ok, no problem, I understand but I can’t
do that because of Joe. Our plan was for me to be home for Joe this summer.

My boss understood and June 8, 2012 was my official last day an an employee of
someone else. Man did it feel awesome.

Truth is, we have income coming in from our ATM business, from my ATM Business
Blueprint Course and from my very last rental property. Grant it, the debt crushing
machine may be a little slowed down, but having other income streams definitely

My problem now? I put wayyyy too much pressure on myself to making a bajillion
dollars in a year to get Kathy out of her job. Sure, our ultimate goal has been to
get us both out of our jobs, but I’m putting more pressure then normal on myself
now to do that. She’s not. I am.

But I have been kicking butt. Just went to Brendon Burchards High Performance
Academy in Cali last month, just did a teleseminar for T Harv Ekers “Wealthy
Now” members last month, going to Brendon Burchards Worlds Greatest Speaker
Training in August and I’m just really excited about the future folks!

I’m happy to start living MY life…the life I want with my wife and my family.

You can decide to start living life too…..your life. Just start with 1 extra passive
income stream (or heck it doesn’t even have to be passive, but it helps for it
to be if you already have a full-time job.) Then keep adding another passive income
stream after you get cranking with the first one.

You can do it. For you. For your family. For your future.

Thank you for reading my rambling post today, I know it’s been a while, but as
you can read….I’ve had a lot on my mind and a lot going on. You guys and gals
are all awesome.

I definitely want to say a big hugeeeee, awesome thanks to Kathy. For being there
for me and believing in me. Pretty soon babydoll, you’re going to be sipping pina
coladas on the beach while I’m next to you with my laptop making us more money! 😉

kathy and carey wedding

This is a pic from our beach wedding. We wanted something casual and inexpensive. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day, a more perfect wife and a more perfect partner in business.

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forget to grab your free ATM Business Cheat Sheet, ATM Business Road Map and a 30 minute video that ‘splains it all!

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Goals and Planning How To's Must Have Books Must Read Posts

Achieve Financial Freedom Sooner Than You Thought Possible!

financial freedom

Ok guys and gals it’s time! Time for you to buckle down and grab YOUR financial freedom. It’s right there just waiting for you… can do it and you can do it a whole lot sooner than you thought possible!

Today Shae launched her: Financial Freedom GPS and I have to tell you it is awesome! If you know me well at all or even semi well you know that I don’t refer crap. If I refer it and I’m willing to put my name on the line for it then I truly believe in the product. Actually, I even wrote a testimonial for Shae as Kathy and I have been working the plan since October 1st (yes, the beginning of this month.)

This is a must have guide if you want to leave your job (aka the rat race) or maybe you don’t want to leave your job but you want to have options in life….a whole lot more options in life than most folks have. Or maybe you just want a great new step-by-step way to get out of debt and start putting more $$$$ into your pocket! Folks this ebook really is worth the small investment…I can’t tell you enough.

Check out the Financial Freedom GPS here.

I promise if you follow the simple steps that you (and even your spouse if you have one) can be well on your way to YOUR Financial Freedom.

Financial Freedom GPS - Achieve Financial Freedom

P.S. Yes, these are affiliate links, but if I’m an affiliate for a product, it’s because I BELIEVE IN IT WHOLEHEARTEDLY!

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Court Date and Security Guard Run-in

Well my court date for my eviction is scheduled for Wednesday morning at 11:15am. I’m seriously thinking of selling the place if it’s in decent shape, which I have a feeling it will be. Even though I’m pissed at my tenants for not paying, they always kept the place immaculate and even added “home” touches to it.

Starting October 1st, Kathy and I are going to go through a major shift in our finances…..we are going on a major budget to pay off of debt. Speaking of which, did you read this post by Shae that will help you get out of the rat race? Shae is the one who helped me with the actions that Kathy and I will be taking come October 1st. (P.S. Shae, I hope it was ok to say that lol)

My thinking for selling goes like this: Do I want to have a crap load of debt and collect $300 a month positive cashflow from this place? or Do I want to sell it and get rid of 1 huge debt and possibly another big one? And then work on bigger and better streams of positive cashflow? (Btw, that $300 goes right out the window when you have to evict a tenant 1 time.)

So the jury is still out with the rental property. But funny story, last night Kathy and I went to fill the strip club. Well it was Race Weekend and the place was PACKED. And I mean PACKED! There were guys all over the place and security guards all over the place. Some guy stopped us walking in and asked “Have you been in there?” And I said “Tonight? No. Why?” And he says “two women unattended…it’s probably not safe.” I lol’d and said “we come here all the time, we’ll be fine.” I should have said “I know the owners, all the girls, the manager and the tallest, badest security guard in there.” But I didn’t….

Now this was the first time we went there where there were more security guards there than their normal guy. The first security guard stopped us to try to make us pay, until the BIG GUY that we know pushed him away and said “they’re the atm people, let them go.”

Then we walked right over to the atm, right passed a gigantic security guard (one who was never there before.) We noticed the machine was unplugged (i.e. it was out of money so the owners unplugged it.) Well Kathy leaned down to plug it back in and little did we know but the gigantic security guard was following us and at this point he went for Kathy (it seemed) and said “leave it plugged in.”

Well all I could do was react, thinking this big guy was going to grab her or something, and I stepped in and put my hand around his HUGE arm (ladies and gentlemen I couldn’t even get my entire hand around his arm lol) and I squeezed realllll hard and said “BACK UP…it’s our machine.” Kathy looked at me and looked at him and he just said ok and backed up and went back to his station lol

After that split second I thought to myself “holy shit his arms were huge and he could have crushed me like a bug!” But of course, we don’t think of that stuff when we’re trying to protect our loved ones do we? Anyway, as we walked out the security guard came up to me and said “sorry about that.” I told him no problem.

Then Kathy and I thought and said to each other “hey, at least they are watching our machine!” lmao So I have to say that once again, I’m happy to be alive and so glad that mr. bad ass security guard didn’t crush me like a bug. hehehe

Kathy and I went and saw that 4 unit that I seen already….we will be making an offer on that cock-roach infested place tomorrow. If it gets accepted…the private money hunt will be on. We’re actually going to be making like a $35k offer, I’m thinking…place needs some work tho….plus 3 tenants aren’t paying so we’re going to have to account for evicting them and only getting 1 months rent while we work on the places to get better tenants in. Wish us luck!

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Goals and Planning How To's Videos

You Vs. Goals

Ever have a problem keeping the goals that you write down? Ever wonder why you don’t want to complete all of your daily tasks that you give to yourself? Why do we sabotage our own successes when we know what we need to do?

Please give your tips and ideas after watching the video. The video is about some tips I gave to a friend who was having problems with her goals (I took the tips as well lol)

What do you think? How do you ensure that you complete your goals? This goes for folks that are self-employed but definitely want to hear from folks that have a “comfortable” J-O-B but are trying to reach a different GOAL for their lives in the future…….

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Planning Your Retirement with Your Atm Machine Business

planning your retirement

Are you planning your retirement? Seriously. How many of us self-employed real estate investors or just self-employed in any type of business are REALLY planning for retirement? Are you being truly effective at planning your retirement? Could you be doing more to plan your retirement? I know I could be doing more to plan for my retirement.

So I was in the shower today (remember! I do my best thinking there) and a thought occured to me: “You know I’m trying to get folks to use self-directed ira’s to invest in my commercial real estate deals, so why couldn’t I use my own self-directed ira to invest in my atm machine business?”

Now, I have to run this by the self-directed IRA company that I plan on using (Equity Trust) but if the guy I’ve been dealing with, who has been amazing by the way (Matt) says it’s an ok investment for my ira then it’s something I am seriously going to do (and I just told Kathy about it too!)

Do you guys have any idea how huge this is…IF in fact I can invest my ira into my atm machine business?? Planning YOUR retirement just got easier too; if this is in fact an acceptable investment strategy for your self-directed IRA.

Just an example how planning your retirement with your atm machine business would work:

– You have 10k in a self-directed ROTH IRA (I love the ROTH IRA.)

– You find a business that you think would be an awesome spot for your atm machine.

– You have your ROTH IRA pay for the machine, pay for the modem, pay for any stickers, extenstion cords, etc. ($2500 max)

– You have your ROTH IRA put let’s just say $1,000 into your atm machine to start (that’s how we start most of our new atm’s that we place.)

– You begin to collect the surcharges from the machine every month and that gets deposited into your ROTH IRA (after you pay your bills which most likely will just be a $15 modem charge.)

Rinse and keep repeating because the entire time you’re actually planning your retirement. Over and over and over again.

Now with our atm machines we’ve been averaging about $200 a machine per month. So that’s 20% a month per machine. Imagine you put that $200 back into your self-directed ROTH IRA every month; year in and year out for as long as you have your atm machine. That’s 20% of your $1000 going back into your TAX FREE roth Ira. Is that not an awesome plan to consider when planning your retirement?

If you then decided that you wanted to get out of the atm machine business then you would sell your atm machine to someone else who wants to potentially use the atm machine business to plan their retirement. Of course, 100% of those profits must go right back into that TAX FREE ROTH IRA! hehehe I like saying that….TAX FREE!

Planning for retirement I think just got a wee bit easier folks. For me anyway 🙂

Just a note: If you were interested in converting your traditional ira to a self-directed Roth Ira then you will have 2 years to pay the conversion taxes. So you can pay 1/2 in 2011 and 1/2 in 2012. Btw, I am NOT an accountant nor am I giving you finanical advice. Please consult with your accountant to verify all of this information 🙂 (This also applies, I believe if you are converting your self-directed traditional ira to a self-directed roth ira. You have the 2 years to split up the conversion fee.)

If you have any questions about how you can use your atm machine business when planning your retirement please post them below!

Soooo what do you think? Are you excited as I am about this method when planning your retirement? Also, I’m thinking that this would be a good way to go when partnering in atm deals.

What do you folks think?

planning your retirement with your atm machine business

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Goals and Planning

Business Strategy Session

Have you had a business strategy session lately? So you can keep an eye on your goals and how you’re going to get there…..

Well Kathy and I recently had our business strategy session thanks to Shae, from Good Faith Investing, writing the article Strategy Sessions for Real Estate Investing Success over at

I was happy Shae shared that article because I was telling her about how Kathy and I talk about our businesses daily but we don’t ever have a REAL strategy session.

Let’s just say it was kinda like pulling teeth to get Kathy to do our business strategy session. You see Kathy isn’t much of a hmmm how shall we say it? A write down and plan things out kind of person when it comes to business, money and well just goals in general. (Oddly enough, she’s an awesome planner with just about everything else.) Me? Well I suck at planning just about everything else, but I enjoy writing down and planning things out that have to do with business, money and goals, etc. Yeah…you can see where the pulling teeth comes in right?

I tried to get her for days to agree to do our business strategy session. Finally one night at like damn near 9:30 she agreed to suck it up and sit down to start our business strategy session. Woohooo! We had some words for a wee bit (because as I mentioned…it’s like pulling teeth with her to do this kind of stuff!)

We finally get into it and then Brandon comes home and interrupts her. He’s her 18 yr. old son and he just broke up with his very first girlfriend that night (it was his 3rd time at trying to break up with her 🙂 I had warned him about her going to cry and I even “practiced” with him but well needless to say her really crying in front of him was a whole different experience then my fake crying in front of him.)

Anyway, after he gets done crying too (he was upset that she was upset) he finally went to his room and we were able to continue our business strategy session some more. We didn’t get it completely finished but we got a lot accomplished.

We had actually had a 30 minute strategy session with one of Dave Lindahl’s coaches and he basically told us that we needed to focus. Pick an area and focus on it, etc. So that’s what we did during our session.

We picked several locations that we were interested in focusing on and we wrote them down. My job is to research them since I have the time because Kathy travels for work a lot and then after my research we’ll determine which area to focus on. I haven’t spoke about this much but Dave Lindahl’s main concept is investing in emerging markets. Which at first hearing that concept was kind of scary to me but I’ve since come around and I welcome it.

If you’ve never read the book Emerging Real Estate Markets: How to Find and Profit from Up-and-Coming Areas by David Lindahl (affiliate link) I really think you should go out, buy it (or borrow it from the library) and read it. I really think this would be a beneficial book for ANYONE in real estate, whether you’re into residential, commerical, development, etc. I highly recommend it. Actually, I borrowed it from the library but I enjoyed the book so much after I returned it I bought it.

A couple of the areas we’re in the midst of researching are: Odessa/Midland, Texas, Louisville, Kentucky, Phoenix, Arizona, Dallas, Texas and San Antonio, Texas.

Man I’ve been learning so much about job growth, population growth, how to find out information from the city’s economic development committee, etc. It’s been quite interesting to say the least. Odessa/Midland are at the top of our list. We’ve already made broker contacts and Kathy has a meeting with one this upcoming week. I also set up a meeting with a very nice woman at the economic development department (Kathy will be in Odessa for work, just in case you were wondering lol)

I think the gist of our business strategy session went well but we got so much more to accomplish for the rest of our strategy session.

I just wanted to thank Shae again for that awesome article she wrote about strategy session. It really helped immensely. And if you haven’t sat down and had a business strategy session with your partner or even with just yourself…..carve out some time to do it asap!

P.S. Notice we didn’t even finish our real estate business strategy session and that we STILL have to start our ATM business strategy session (can you just feel Kathy’s excitement with all of this? 🙂

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