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Bandit sign police

Me and the Bandit Sign Police

So, the bandit sign police got me…..twice within a couple of weeks! And in 2 different areas to boot.

I decided I wanted to start getting more real estate deals a brewing (I’ve been on hiatus working on the ATM Business course.)

When I want my phone to start ringing what do I do? I put out bandit signs. Love me some bandit signs.
bandit sign
My phone definitely started ringing from my bandit signs. wGood calls and uhhh not so good calls. This is basically my “how to” on how to deal with the bandit sign police.

1st bandit sign police call was in my neck of the woods. BSP: You’re not allowed to put those signs on states roads.

I proceeded to be sweet as pie to the bandit sign police and he then said “well I will let you go out and pick them up instead of having my guys do it cause I know they are expensive. Just try to keep ’em off of the state roads.”

I asked him to elaborate on what a “state road” is and how I can tell. He told me but to tell ya’ll the truth, I honestly looked while driving around but I can’t see any signs that say SR that are posted near speed limit signs.

I never went to pick up my bandit signs. I forget where I put all my bandit signs! The good ones are still up and I even got a deal signed up from my bandit signs last week!)

2nd bandit sign police call: This one was a call from the guy who works in the township where I have my rental property for sale. I put up handwritten bandit signs to try to sell my rental property. This is how this one went down.
handwritten bandit sign
He left me a voicemail that said: You can’t have those signs up, they are illegal in the township. You need to come and get them before I take them down. Thank you.

So, me, being me…well I called him 🙂 I was, of course, sweet as pie. Told him I was sorry but I was just trying to sell my house cause my real estate agent sucks (sorry dad hehe) I proceeded to ask him what the rule was for real estate agent signs for the weekends? And if I could do like they do and maybe put out on Friday and pick up Sunday night?

BSP2 said: well, if you have a sign on your property then you can actually put signs around the area that SEND people to your house. That’s the only way it would be legal. The signs have to send them to your property.

I said…ok I will take care of them this weekend. All bandit signs will now send them to my property for sale.

He said ok but he wants to verify to make sure. I’m going to do it anyway and if when he verifies and it’s not the case, well I’ll just ask for forgiveness from the bandit sign police.

Btw, these conversations took me back a few years when I got my very first call from the bandit sign police. It was a woman and I actually went in to see her to get my bandit signs. We struck up a conversation and I left there knowing exactly how to follow the rules of the township and keep putting my bandit signs out!

Did any of you have experiences with the bandit sign police? How did it go down?

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Offer Accepted (Option)

Well I got my first offer accepted on a property that I was checking out.

Remember my challenge post? So far, no one else has taken me up on my challenge. And it may be a good thing for YOU, because I’m thinking I’m gonna smoke the competition lol

Anyway, since I’ve sort of had a hiatus in the real estate game since I’ve been working on my ATM course, well I thought that I’d be a little rough at getting back into the swing of things.

Ahhhh not so much. I had 4 sellers get in touch with me right after I made my challenge post and I called them all back. One I emailed my “option” agreement that I’d use on their house (and they honestly did sound into things.)

Another I made an appointment to see their home and that home is the one I put under agreement. Anyone looking for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath Cape Cod in Perryville, MD? If so, I know this sweet, wonderful woman who has one available. I’m sure I could put in a good word for ya!

Now I just gotta get that puppy sold. Oh, also put out some bandit signs for my rental property that has been for sale since November. I’m firing the Realtor (yep, my father lol) and going to sell the damn thing myself! I’ve gotten 5 calls on it already. Have an appointment on Sunday with someone on it.

Challenge, schmallenge. I’m gonna kick my own self’s butt in this challenge. If you should decide that you want to join the challenge then go visit my “Are you up for a challenge” post and let’s go!!!! (Another Steph…what about you?)

You can check out the prize that you can win if you win the challenge too. It’s ATM Business Blueprint. Yes, my awesome, fantabulous ATM business ebook and entire ATM course. (Yes, I’m biased. What do you expect? Geez.)

Quick question…..have any of you gotten any properties under agreement with an option? Not a lease option, just a straight up option? Would love to hear how it went……

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Are you up for a challenge?

Are you seriously up for a challenge? I am. And that’s why I’m making this post. Many of you know that I currently work a full-time job, along with running my ATM business and of course, I have my real estate business (which has been stagnant while I worked on my course for starting an ATM business.)

Anyway, I’m ready to quit my job! But of course, I have a significant other to worry about and a family, house, all of that good stuff. Mostly Kathy tho, my significant other/fiance’ (we’re getting hitched in September!)

So my challenge for myself and for you is to come up with ways to REPLACE your income from your job. Then make it happen for 2 to 3 consecutive months. The key here is CONSECUTIVE. You don’t want to do it after 1 month because it could be a fluke, right? Plus, the more months you go, the better it will be to let your significant other know that you’re bailing your J-O-B!

Now, my ATM business can replace my job salary now BUT I have a job for 1 reason and 1 reason only. To help get us out of debt that we have. If it wasn’t for debt, I wouldn’t have a job. So that’s why I still want to REPLACE my current income because I don’t want to take any money away from out debt (and I’m sure neither does Kathy.)

My method to get out of my job quickly will be real estate. And I’m going to use a method of real estate that I’ve never done before, so that’s why this will not only be a challenge for you should you choose to take on a new method, but it will still be a challenge for me.

Once I complete my challenge (and I will) I will share with you the method in real estate that I chose.

Oh and did I mention a prize? For anyone who posts below and tells me they are up for a challenge and let’s me know what method they will take to replace their current income from their job AND THEN, here’s the key…..and then prove that for 2 to 3 consecutive months you were successful at replacing your current income well you will win my course: ATM Business Blueprint.

This challenge is ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO FIRE THEIR BOSSES!!! If you have no desire to quit your job and start making money on your own, then please do not enter this contest.

That is my way of motivating you. Because you can then use my ATM course to catapult your passive income. Multiple streams of income baby, right? So with your new method of replacing your income and your soon to be new ATM business (because you won this challenge) you will always have multiple streams of income!

Soooo who is up for the challenge? Let me know below. The challenge starts TODAY!

Oh and a quick P.S. Thank you to Bill Walston from for this motivation that I needed 😉

P.S. If you want to see what your prize will be when you win this challenge….check it out here: ATM Business Blueprint.

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My rental property is STILL for sale!

My rental property is officially pissing me off. It’s been for sale since November 2010.

I have it listed with a realtor (my father to be exact.) It’s had exactly 2 people through it. 1 said it was priced right. 1 said it was priced too high.

New carpet, new paint, it’s just in new-ish condition we’ll say. Started at $99k, then dropped it like 15k, now down to $72k.

Welllllllllll I’m at my wits end but this evening I was talking to a friend of mine, Bill Walston from, and Bill said “why don’t you do a 3 yr. lease option?”

Now folks, I’ve done lease options before. I am very familiar. As a matter of fact, I’ve done a lot of different types of deals since 1999 when it comes to real estate investing.

So, why is it that 7 months after my property has been listed that I am just NOT thinking of doing a lease option on my property because Bill brought it up tonight?

Ridiculous huh? I think sometimes I get really “whacky” when I’m dealing with a property of mine personally. And I suddenly forget everything that I’ve learned in the past oh gee, 12 years! lol

I may have thought about a lease option and nixed it because I just want to be 100% done with the property, but the truth is, I think Bill is right…..I think the lease option is my best bet right now cuz guess what?

Carey don’t like shelling out hundreds of dollars a month for NADA!!!! Thanks Bill, you’re the best!

P.S. Don’t worry, I’ll keep ya’ll posted on my new idea of lease optioning my rental property out. Kathy and I discussed it this evening and she’s all for it! I’ll break the news to pops Sunday (yeah, yeah, I know it’s father’s day, but come on I need to get rid of this thing!)

P.P.S. Remember, if you’re interested in making passive income by starting your own ATM Business then you should sign up for my free video training series!

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Jobs Suck. Freedom Rules. Diva Money Club Review!

So we all know jobs suck and freedom rules! (Well a lot of us think jobs suck anyway.) I don’t know if you know about the Diva Money Club yet, but I’m going to do a quick review for you.

I mentioned the Diva Money Club a month or so ago and I’ve been involved as a member, or Diva, since they opened their virtual doors. Anyway, the gist of the Diva Money Club is they want to help all Diva’s and Divo’s (yes, men you are allowed to join too) get out of their jobs within 12 months and they do it in 2 ways; real estate and online marketing. Basically they will help you replace a $50,000 a year salary with one or both of those methods within 12 months. (Ok so if you make more than $50k a year…don’t worry, I’m sure they will help you make that happen too!)

Who are the Diva’s? Well a few of them you may be familiar with as they are friends of mine that you’ve seen on this blog before. The other ladies I’ve come to really like and have become friends with as well. Here is the breakdown for you:

Steph Davis – you may know her from She’s the blogging and wholesaling diva.

Shae Bynes – you may know her from She’s the real estate Diva and online diva as well (Plus she’s quickly becoming the private money diva because of all of the private money she’s been getting lately.)

Julie Broad – you may know her from She’s the real estate and online marketing Diva. She’s from Canada, eh? hehehe I love doing that with Candian folks.

Susan Lassiter-Lyons – you may know her from well a lot of things and most likely Susan has done it all. She’s the Diva of Diva’s. She’s made loads of money in online marketing, loads of money in commercial real estate, loads of money syndicating real estate deals and she’s raised over $26 million in private money (oh and yes, I said million!)

As you can see there are some real heavy hitters running the show at the Diva Money Club.

Now, what do I think of it? Well if you know me and I’d like to think that you do after spending this much time with me thus far, you know that I’m not about b.s. I don’t care for it, I don’t have time for it and I don’t think you deserve it. So I’ll never hold back what I feel (sometimes that’s good, sometimes uhh not so good 😉 )

Anyway, here is the scoop: I have learned so much from just Susan alone these past couple of months that she alone is worth it. You all know that I’m launching my ATM course, well a lot of questions that I have I ask Susan to help me with because she’s launched tons of courses online. Actually, all of the Diva’s have launched some type of course online. I think Susan may have the most, but Julie has a lot too. Anywho, I don’t just get Susan’s feedback…I get everyones. Plus, I get the feedback of the other members of the DMC.

It’s kind of cool….we’ve all became a tight nit bunch and we’re constantly trying to help one another out; whether it’s critiquing websites or sales pages or helping with wholesaling contracts or investor friendly title companies we’re ALL there to lend a hand.

Are they teaching some stuff that I already know? Of course. But that’s ok, not everyone else knows it. I just don’t spend time on that stuff. I spend time on the forum in the sections that I want to learn more about and I spend time watching the video modules that I want to learn about. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, not only is there a forum but there are video modules for real estate investing and video modules for online marketing. It’s awesome!

Plus, they have extra bonus they’re always adding and they have something called Deep Dive Trainings. They are just extra video trainings that they share. It’s really great stuff!

So bottom line….I give it 2 thumbs up. If you’re looking to eventually leave your job or even if you love your job but you’re looking for some extra income then you have to check out their 3-part free video training at the Diva Money Club.

It’s free training! It can’t hurt to give it a listen, can it? I promise you’ll be blown away. Check out the training videos for the Diva Money Club here. And then I would love for you to come back here and let me know what you think!

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Found a Motivated Multi-Family Seller & Half Empty Nester

Well I think I found a Motivated Multi-Family Seller….more on that in a moment. So Kathy and I are officially “half empty nesters” lol

Friday we both helped Brandon move out of the house and move into his new home….Immaculata University. Every other week now Kathy and I will be all alone at the house (unless she’s traveling for work of course.) As you know, Joe is at is dad’s one week and our house 1 week… we’ll have him every other week at least.

I gotta tell you guys…I was really excited that Brandon was moving out. Him and I haven’t been seeing eye to eye lately….I won’t get into why, but his last week here in the house I was really impressed with all of his initiative that he took and I think he found a new maturity and sense of responsibility that last week. (I think a part of him was doing it to say to his mom “I’ll be ok, don’t worry about me.”)

Anyway, I gotta tell you….Kathy is away now and I’m home with the kitty cats and it is Q-U-I-E-T around here. I mean seriously. It’s crazy….I mean Brandon and I may not have gotten along a lot lately but darn at least we were both here to talk to one another lol This is definitely gonna take some getting use to for sure. He stopped by today and I was all excited to see him lmao He didn’t stay long tho but that’s ok….he’s having fun. He starts school tomorrow.

Oh and on a Joe note….I drove Joe and Kathy to the airport Friday nite and I kept saying how I was tired. Joe was psyched to get on a plane (he’s 10, remember?) Anyway, Saturday morning Kathy tells me that Joe was worried about me last night (friday when I dropped them off) and I asked her well how do you know he was worried about me?

Kathy said Joe just started crying and Kathy’s looking at him like wtf? lol And she asked him what was wrong and he said “I’m worried about Carey. I”m worried about her driving home, she said she was tired. And I wanted her to come with us.” So Kathy told him not to worry that I’d be ok and that she told me to text her when I got home. He said “ok, well make sure you let me know when she texts you she’s home.” lol Cute kid, huh?

Ok now on to the Motivated Multi-Family Seller…..when I get to work I’m there an hour before the sales guys get there so I read all of the papers that we have delivered to us. Well I found an ad where a few places were listed for sale. I called and they have single family houses and smaller multi’s for sale….duplexes up to a quad.

And I was talking to the seller and after he tells me his prices….I’m quiet and just waiting for him to talk more. He said “but uhhhh ummmm that’s just the asking price, I would take less. You can make me any offer you want, ok?” 🙂 (Yes, ok. Thanks!)

Anyway, I got an appointment to check out 3 of his buildings tomorrow after work. Hey maybe we’ll have another “What would YOU Do” post.

On the eating and drinking end…..I just made a smoothie with Kale, Collard Greens, Spinach, Banana, Grapes, Blueberries, Raspberries and Almond Milk in it….and let me tell you it looked like shit, but it tasted absolutely AMAZING. Yummmmmmmy.

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So, is it a deal or not? What would YOU do?

So is it a deal or not? What would you do? Ok so I know what I am going to do with this property….remember the one that my past seller whom I did a sub2 deal with called me about recently?

I went to see his property last Saturday (I think that’s when it was.) Anyway, I know what I’m going to do with the deal for the most part so I wanted to throw the details out there and see if you all think it’s a deal or not and ask you what would YOU do? Or what options can you think of?

It’s a twin. 2 to 3 bedroom / 1 bath.
Owes about $58,500.
Mortgage payment $556 / mo.

Comps come in around roughly $55,000
Rents in the area are about $525 to $550.

Now the ex-boyfriends mom who lives in the house claims she will pay $700 / mo. plus all utilities except gas if she can stay and let her daughter and son-in-law move-in with her (she has been paying $300 / mo.)

In this scenario, remember that the seller will just flat out sign over the house to you and you also have your real estate license. Soooo, is it a deal or not? And what would YOU do?

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Glad to be alive, 30 Day Challenge, Past Sub2 Client…

Well I want to start off by saying that I am super glad to be alive! Yesterday, I witnessed an accident on my way home from work and the car that got hit was headed right for me! I was stopped at a red light at an intersection and I was in the left turning lane to go onto the main road.

Apparently, there was a yellow light on that main road and a car making a left turn onto my road decided to go through the yellow right and a car going the opposite way decided to go through the yellow light as well and smashed right into the turning car!

The car literally was spinning right towards my car and I couldn’t go anywhere, because there was a pickup truck next to me on the right and to my left and front was this car spinning at me. I literally braced myself to be hit by a friggin car! Just as it went to hit me the car kinda turned and crashed into the sidewalk! Whew! I was a mess for real! I called 911 for them but from bracing myself my back hurt for the rest of the night.

Soooo just want to say that I’m glad to be alive and I’m glad that all of you are able to read my words right now and that I’m able to read yours! 🙂

Now you remember Steph’s 30 Day Challenge from Flip This Wholesaler? Well I wanted to start working out again and get into the shape I was use to prior to getting my wisdom teeth out in January. I committed to working out at least 3 to 5 times a week.

Last week I worked out 4 times and I lost 4 lbs so far 🙂 Plus, me and Kathy and a few poker buddies put together a “weight loss” challenge because I kept posting about working out and they decided they wanted in. Of course, us being poker players and all, we put 50 bucks on the line lol At least 5 out of 8 of us are poker players! Ours is a 2 month challenge though….whoever loses the highest percentage of their original weight wins 50 bucks from each player.

Speaking of poker, we had our Homegame yearly championship on Saturday and I finished in 4th place and made some moolah (3x my buy-in.) And Kathy finished in 6th place and cashed (btw, when I met her she sucked at poker, but I taught her how to play better!)

Now today a past client that I did a sub2 deal called me. I don’t know if ya’ll remember telling you about a guy long ago that called me and I had a weird feeling about so I asked my dad to go with me and when we got there the house was immaculate and there were candles lit all over? And it turns out the guy was a gay guy and just really liked candles, etc. lol

Anyway, he called me today and asked if I still buy houses or take over payments like I did with his other house before? So I called him and told him I sure do and he asked if I would do that with his current house because his boyfriend just left him yesterday and left him with all of the bills (house, 2 cars, boat, etc. etc.) Oh and get this….the boyfriend left his mother there too! How’s that for some shit? lol

So I’m gonna see if I can help him out…gotta run some comps on his house. When I check things out I’ll have a better idea of if I’m going to wholesale it with an option contract or take it over sub2. And I gotta run comps on someone else’s house too…they want out as they are moving to Texas tomorrow!

Oh and lastly, we will be installing our 2 new atm’s on Friday into the cash only ice cream shops! I’ll keep you updated on how things go there, of course.

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I survived Career Day!

Woohoooo! So yesterday I got up at 6:30am! Yeahhh I really got up that early. And boy was I grumpy 🙂 Actually, I was nervous too. I’m ok talking in front of a group of adults but ummm I never really talked in front of a bunch of 8th graders before.

Anyway, it went pretty well. Kathy came with me and was my assistant with the power point presentation. There were 4 classes and in each class was anywhere between 7 to 20 kids.

I talked about wholesaling, rental real estate and passive income (cuz I was talking about rentals, etc.) Then I had a jeopardy type game for them to participate in to win the prize. Btw, they loveeeeeed the nasty pictures of the houses and that got them to pay attention and the thing that really got their attention was the checks that I showed them from some wholesale deals. You should have seen their little eyes bug out! lmao

I also talked to them about how real estate investing helps a lot of people and I spoke to them about mindset. I explained to them that a lot of people will tell them they can’t do it and it will never work, yada yada but if they get the knowledge and take action then they will prove to themselves that it can be done and sooner or later the nay sayers will be asking them if they could teach them.

I also let them know that Knowledge is nothing…..without ACTION! I also emphasized passive income……I said if you don’t listen to anything else I say today, please listen to this…….and I explained it. They all really liked the idea of receiving money and not really doing anything for it.

But out of everyone….there was one kid I felt that really, really got it and was paying attention to every single word I said and he actually wrote down every word I said (I was so happy he won the game and got a book!) What I did was gave the 4 winners a mini version of Rich Dad, Poor Dad for Teens. It was a pocket version.

Then I donated the full version to the school library and told ALL of the kids that they could go down there to learn more about passive income, investing and other things that you won’t learn in school.

Oh I also had a handful of kids raise their hands saying they wanted to learn more about real estate investing. I told them all to copy the websites that I had up on a slide. I told them all of the info was free and sent them to, and I hope we get a post from some 8th grader someday soon. 😉

Well……I have to go and dry the house. Yes you read that correctly. Kathy, I and Joe (the 9 yr. old) decided to have a water fight in our house for some reason!!! Seriously….the house is soaked. Our clothes are soaked. Our hair is soaked. The walls are soaked. The carpet is soaked. Our bed is soaked. Our couch is soaked. 🙂 But I can tell ya it was a fun time.

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Looking for some ideas for Career Day?

Ok so I agreed to speak at Career Day at our local middle school. My neighbor is a guidance counselor there and was looking for help….so me being the great neighbor that I am, volunteered. (Her and her hubby are the best. I couldn’t ask for better neighbors myself!)

So my talk is on real estate investing 🙂 Here are my ideas so far and I’m looking for more. Mind you, I have to keep 7th and 8th graders entertained for 30 minutes. I’m doing 4, 30 minute sessions.

Idea #1– I’m going to let them know first and foremost that they need to pay attention because whoever pays attention, participates the most and genuinely shows the most interest will win a FREE prize that could potentially change the rest of their lives. By the way, the prize is a copy of Rich Dad, Poor Dad for Teens: The Secrets About Money–that You Don’t Learn in School! So I’m going to give 4 of those away. Because as we all know…they don’t teach that shit in school.

Idea #2– I’m going to start the presentation with a picture of a crappy, beat up, rundown, disgusting, nasty looking house. And ask them all: What do you see? I’ll get all of their answers of whatever they say….and then when they are done, I’ll tell them that what I see is: OPPORTUNITY. An opportunity to make a boatload of money. I’ll then go into that I’m a real estate investor and what I do. I’m debating on whether to get specific about me wholesaling, or if I should go over all different types of investing; wholesaling, rehabbing, rentals, etc. Just the major ones that I think they could grasp….Not gonna talk about sub 2 and shit like that. But I thought of a good everyday example to hopefully make them understand wholesaling. Ya know shopping at Walmart and what you pay for an item, is not what Walmart pays for it, etc. etc. (I had to explain this a few months ago to Brandon….and he’s fuckin 17! *sigh*)

Idea #3
– Now if they are like most kids, they like money and they want money, right? Ya know to buy video games with or skateboarding stuff, etc. So I was thinking of having a handful of my deals printed out with the picture of the house and at the bottom of the page a picture of the check that I made off of such house. Then I’ll go into each deal a little bit. Hours invested, etc.

What do ya’ll think? Can you think of some more ideas? Better ideas? Do you like my ideas thus far? Please help… much pressure. Oh…here are the tips the school gave me for my presentation:

+ Love to help
+ Like to be included
+ Like visuals, graphics and handouts
+ Are bored with statistics
+ Love to hear personal stories
+ Need varied activities
+ Want to know all about you

Hmmm I just checked and I think I have powerpoint on my computer. That may be worth putting everything on that, what do you think? I have to figure out real quick how to work it tho. The presentation is Friday morning.

Ohhh yeah and I also wanted to let them know that they could start making money in real estate RIGHT NOW if they wanted to and they don’t need any money or need to know anything crucial yet. And I’ll go into bird dogging and tell them to keep their eyes peeled and perhaps show some pics of what a good property to tell me about is. What you think of that?

Flippin’ Carey

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