Passive Income

Passive Income with the ATM Business

I’ve been up to some pretty cool things. One of which is an awesome passive income opportunity.

passive income tranax atm

Have you ever wanted to own your own ATM? Yes, seriously, the ATM is yours and people go to it to take out cash and of course, you make the surcharge fee day in and day out and night in and night out (even while you sleep or are on vacation.) It’s amazing.

I started with these babies back in July of 2009 and I am loving it (I know I sound like a McDonald’s commercial….sorry!)

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Passive Income with Apartment Building Investing

I got to be honest here, I haven’t secured my first apartment building yet. I kind of got side-tracked because everyone wanted to learn about the ATM business so I created my ATM Business Blueprint course. But anyway, I have been in the real estate business since 1999 and have done all kinds of real estate investing deals, including being a landlord.

I’ve started my apartment building mailing campaigns, I’ve started making contacts with commercial brokers and I’ve even started trying to accumulate private money for my apartment building investments (did I mention that I already have 2 private money lenders for my ATM business?) Yes, so you see, I do have an awful lot of knowledge that I can share with you, plus you’ll have the joy of going on my journey to my first apartment building day by day.

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May You Live Happily Off of Passive Income,

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