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Good news with Harkin Amendment plus New Atm Placement for us!

Check out the video to learn why we’re going to keep trucking with our ATM business and to find out why we think our newest location is going to be super profitable!

Remember, check out the video and if you have any comments, questions or anything just post ’em below! Have a great day!

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Harkin Atm Amendment Being Discussed Today

Remember that ATM amendment that Senator Harkin from Iowa wants to get added to the Wall Street Reform Bill? The one that caps the atm surcharge at 50 cents? I wrote that longggg letter about it here.

Anyway, I sent a letter to Harkin and the 2 other co-sponsors, plus to my 2 Senators in PA and Kathy did the same, but she included the White House too. Today I called Senator Casey of PA and was speaking to someone about it and she told me that Harkin’s amendment is still going through some changes and she doesn’t know what they are exactly but that they changed the cap and she suggested I call his office.

So, of course, I picked up the phone and called his office. I’ve left 2 messages for Zach there in the past week but I’ve never heard back from him. Anyway, I spoke to Sasha, who took foreverrrr in giving me her damn name lol She advised me of some of the changes that were made to the bill. They REMOVED the 50 cent cap all together. They made the wording say something to the effect that the fee should reflect the amount being taken out or something like that. We talked briefly about the bill and about my letter, etc. and she told me that today on C-SPAN at 2pm they will be talking about this amendment so I could watch to see if it passes. You know I’ll be all over it.

Hopefully, this amendment goes no where because they have zero business being in our profit margins in any way, shape or form. I don’t trust this amendment as a whole, even though they removed the cap.

Keep calling your Senators folks, you have about 3 more hours.

P.S. On a good note: we will be moving our newest machine that we placed at that Chinese buffet and we have a cash only restaurant that is really interested in us placing our machine there. I just have to field a couple questions from the hubby and wife. Hopefully I’ll be able to speak to them later today or tomorrow. They are both super sweet.

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