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So our ATM Business is just moving along non-stop and we couldn’t stop it if we wanted to! A company that we have bought some of our ATM’s from just emailed me recently and asked if Kathy and I were interested in placing our ATM in a particular location because it was too far for them.

The location is a high-end salon and spa. They no longer let folks put their tips on the credit card, so they wanted an ATM in there so folks would hopefully tap the ATM so the stylists could still get a tip. I don’t know how well this ATM will do, but we’re willing to find out. Worse comes to worse, we have another ATM that we can place somewhere else if we’d like.

Actually, the hair salon that Kathy and I go to just recently started implementing the same rule: no tips on credit cards. We’ve been on him since January 1st to let us put an ATM in there. All of the stylist we’ve talked to want one bad, because they keep getting screwed on tips! But he, the owner, keeps sticking to his story that “they haven’t been having any issues with tips.” I.E. He is the owner, so people are still allowed to tip him on their credit cards 😉 So maybe he ain’t having any problems but I know the girl that did my hair last time got screwed by me because I forgot cash and she said that some days everyone forgets and somedays maybe just 1 or 2 forget. So I feel bad for them.

Anyway, this other salon and spa owner is very concerned for her stylists and it even showed with the ATM fee. She refused to take any profit sharing because she wanted the ATM surcharge to be low for her customers (and in a sense for her stylists.)

We’ll see how things go. Turns out, Kathy use to work with the salon owner way back in the day……small world.

On a quick note: yesterday my stepbrother played the “tinman” in his first ever play. He acted fantastically and oh my gosh he can sing too. Awesome job Zach! But prior to the play my dad and stepmom had a party at their house for him. So my stepmoms family was there.

One of her cousins owns tonssss of self-storage units and he funds them all with private money for the most part. Smaller deals he has used all private money; larger deals he has gotten a big chunk of private money and then financed the rest. He is just so intrigued by my ATM business and by us getting private money for our ATM business.

So he and I had a lot to talk about and we exchanged email information. He gave me some tips for him getting private money (he solely gets his from friends, family and ex-coworkers.) And I gave him some tips about the ATM business and how he may go about getting private money for his business from folks he doesn’t even know yet 🙂

Ok gang that’s it for now……..and in case you were wondering….the ATM Business Blueprint is coming…..I had a graphics issue…fired the old graphics artist and am getting ready to hire a new one. What can ya do?

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The ATM Business and Kids

So you’re probably thinking this will be a cute little post about how kids can succeed in the ATM business and how they can learn about passive income blah blah blah lol

But no…I’m just going to complain about kids for a hot minute. Kathy and I have an ATM with a partner. (We partnered with him to show him how to get into the ATM business.)

This particular ATM is in a roller rink. Obviously there are a lot of kids that go to the roller rink. Anywho, our ATM at this location was down for a few days. Why you might wonder?

Well a dime and a penny were found in the ATMs card reader and that forced the whole entire machine to shut itself down. Apparently the machines have a feature where if they think they are being screwed with they will just shut down so no one can do anything illegal to them.

My thinking was that we put a sign over the ATM that says: Attn Kids: If you damange this ATM you will be GROUNDED!” The ATM has since been moved to be in the path of a surveillance camera. Which is cool.

Luckily, this is a new machine and everything was covered under warranty and we are back in business again!

Note to the kids: you can play with the ATM you see at the top of the post, just not the one at any of our locations 🙂

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the free video training that the Diva Money Club is putting on. Awesome stuff!

P.P.S. Sign up for your free info over to the right to get tips, ideas and tactics on adding passive income to your life!

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ATM Video Vocab #3 – Niche Locations

Check out this ATM Video Vocab that I did in Atlantic City, NJ a few weekends ago. This is my first ATM video vocab using the Imovie program from my Macbook Pro. I’m still learning the program but so far, so good. I really like it. Enjoy and of course, post your comments and questions below!

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ATM Business Atm Deals

ATM Business Blueprint is coming along nicely!

I have to tell you all that I am super excited about the release of ATM Business Blueprint: Your Guide To A Profitable ATM Business That Provides A Lifetime Of Passive Income!

Things are coming along nicely. I’ve been working on the course diligently for you guys so that’s why I haven’t been posting many awesome posts lately 😉

I’m trying to FOCUS! I think the hardest part for me throughout this entire course project has been relying on and waiting on pieces of the puzzle from OTHER folks. I’ve been told I have issues with control and that’s probably why that aspect of this process is driving me nutso. 🙂 But it’s all good….

It’s definitely been fun and I definitely feel that anyone that purchase this course will be able to hit the ground money and making huge gobs of passive income from the ATM Business.

Ohhh and I almost forgot….there will be a special offer to only the first 5 people that sign up for the course! So, if you haven’t already signed up for the free report and got on the list to be notified when the course is officially launched, you should probably do that now. Fill out the form below!

Talk to you all soon. Thanks for all of the support and great questions throughout the months!

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Yippee! Partnership with jerk is offically done!

We received a signed contract (that our lawyer drew up) from the jerk ATM partner yesterday. So yesterday while I was at work I gave Kathy the ok to mail him his check. Jerkhead received his check in the mail today and our ATM ISO officially changed everything on the account.

Soooo now we have 1 more ATM that is 100% owned by us. Now we just have 1 partnership left with this jerk and it’s just going to have to stay that way because the ATM makes wayyy too much money that neither one of us could afford to buy the other one out. That’s ok…..1 deal with him is better then 2!

The New Year is starting off gggggggggggggreat! (and it’s not ever here yet!)

P.S. Got an email on Christmas from another potential private money lender. 🙂

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ATM Business ATM Video Vocab How To's Passive Income Videos

ATM Video Vocab – Episode #2 Profit Sharing

Check out this ATM Video Vocab episode! Learn about profit sharing and then use it to get more ATM placements in your ATM business.
Don’t forget to sign up for your free info over there ——->

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ATM Business ATM Video Vocab How To's Passive Income Videos

ATM Video Vocab – Episode #1 Surcharge Fees

This is a new video series that I’m starting to help folks learn more about the ATM Business. It will be great information for those looking to get into the ATM business but it will also be useful info for all of your ATM users out there 😉

Please feel free to post any suggestions for videos that you may want for future episodes below! Thanks and have a great day!

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Open Your Mouth!

I wanted to tell you all to remember to OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND SPEAK!

open your mouth about what you do for business

What am I talking about? I mean open your mouth and tell people about what you do! It’s such a simple concept yet a lot of folks just don’t do it. Why?

Maybe….they are embarrassed because they haven’t been 100% successful in their endeavor so they don’t talk it about that much.

….maybe they think that other people at their jobs will think they are cccccrazy (like a fox?)

….maybe they think their family and/or friends will think they are crazy, stupid, a failure or [insert whatever you want here.]

So please folks start telling people what you do. Maybe you’re like me and you work a Full-time gig (fyi I’m getting REALLLLY sick and tired of it lol) and you also do real estate investing (wholesaling? rehabbing? etc) and perhaps you have another side passive income biz (atms? ebooks? etc.) Well don’t be afraid to tell folks about your real estate investing and passive income gigs just because you have a full-time job!

Will some folks not take your seriously because you have a full-time gig (and they are secretly thinking well why don’t you do the other things full-time?) Sure….but who cares? Move on to the folks that will listen.

Btw, I decided to write this post because I got a phone call last friday morning from a gentleman. The call went like this:

Me: Hi I just missed your call and you didn’t leave a message.

Him: Oh yeah, I was referred to you by Donna P. <----my best friend. I have the gas station over at blah blah blah and I was interested in talking about an ATM. Me: Are you available today at noon? Him: Yes. Me: Ok, what is your name? Him: Mark. Me: Ok Mark I will see you then!

I met with him (as Kathy was in the car on a conference call for “work”) and he agreed to have a machine placed in his gas station. So this Friday, I am headed there to get him to sign our contract and then we’ll work on getting a machine for his place.

Oh and this Friday also, we are placing an atm in a new business as well. This is a partnership deal. We are partnering on this deal with a gentleman who is just starting in the atm biz. We’ll show him how to do this one (and a couple more if he wants) and then he can be off and running on his own! (If you haven’t already signed up for your free report on buying ATMs with No Money! Sign up below today and you’ll also be notified when my ATM Passive Income Course comes out!)

We’ve definitely got a lot happening in the ATM world and things are moving along awesomely (is that even a word?) Now we gotta really get cracking on multi’s.

Talk to ya’ll soon. Sorry I haven’t posted much, our internet service is not working at the house…grrrr they are coming out Monday to hopefully fix it!

P.S. It’s official! My self-directed ROTH Ira is ready to rock and roll. Now I just have to find something to invest in 🙂 Any ideas folks?

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Atm Deals Networking

If you’re not networking you are losing money

Folks, seriously, if you are not networking you are losing money! Obviously, I don’t mean that you’re losing money that you already have, but I do mean wholeheartedly that you are without a doubt losing money that you COULD have, but never will because you’re not networking!

I wanted to make this post sooner but I’ve been under the weather plus I wanted to put a video up first, but I’ve been having flip camera issues (I hate upgrading when the tell you to for this reason!)

Let me share with you the reason for this post. Last month, I had 3 networking appointments made with folks that either I knew personally from my past or that I met from the internet world. 2 of those appointments held up…the other one I’m going to have to re-schedule (she cancelled on me.)

Now what happened at these networking appointments? Well I’m glad you asked….I’ll share what happened with you now.

The first meeting I had with someone from the internet world. Dave Jacobs over at Llenrock Group agreed to meet with me to talk about commercial real estate. Well needless to say Dave and I hit it off! In our conversations though he asked me about ATMs since he’s read about that on my blog. Of course I told him about our ATM business and I even told him about how we just got a private lender for our ATM business and how that lender is using their self-directed IRA to invest with us.

Dave said “Hold on, hold on. Back up. What do you mean they are using their IRA?” So, I explained the whole truly self-directed IRA thang with Equity Trust and folks, etc. He then said “I have an IRA, I want to do that.” Dave and I spoke in great detail about partnering on his 1st couple of deals and now we’re just waiting on him to find some places to place machines.

2nd meeting was with a wholesaler buddy who I think we originally met in the internet world. We met specifically to talk about the ATM business. He was expecting a nice check for a wholesale deal that day and he wanted to partner on an ATM deal with some of the money. (Congrats! Btw, if you are reading Shannon as we now know that deal went through and you had a nice payday!)

Anyway, we worked out the details of the partnership and I’ve since sent him the paperwork for our partnership agreement and the paperwork for the business that he already secured! for the ATM.

Does it all make sense now? I mean why I said if you’re not networking that your are losing money! Get out there and network folks………I have very limited time now that I’m working full-time but I make it happen with the available time that I have. You can do it too! Make it a point to try to meet with maybe 1 person a week? or maybe 2 a month? or something…..anything.

By the way, Kathy’s been working it too. Tonight we have a meeting with Brandon (her 18 yr. old sons) best friends’ mom and her roommate. They want to talk about partnering on ATMs. However, we’re also going to talk about commercial deals with them too, because the roommate is a commercial real estate investor.

Network, network network. Learn to love that word….it’ll keep your pockets filled with moolah.

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Atm Deals Wholesaling

Possible wholesale deal? Atm meeting

I MAY have a possible wholesale deal. I am pretty sure I blogged about this house before, but I went to see a house a few months ago and made the guy an offer and never heard from him. Then he called me back recently and I had the “weird” feeling so I took my “rent a husband” Jeff with me lol and then I made him an even lower offer.

Never heard from him again. Btw, he has his house listed now too. Well he called me back again this morning and said he had an offer on his house and it fell through. He said the realtor doesn’t even have a sign on his house anymore lol Go figure.

He asked if I was still interested. We went back and forth for a while. He wants over $100k and I offered $65k to $68k (fixed up probably worth hmmmmm $200k to 250k. Big difference I know but I guess it depends what you are going to do with the place. It’s huge. Or someone could make it a duplex if they wanted to.) Anyway, he kept asking if I could do more….I told him there is no way in the world that I could be where he is. I did say, however, that IF and only IF I agreed to a higher price, slightly higher price that I would just put an option on the property and I’d take 30 days to find a buyer and if I couldn’t find a buyer in 30 days then we’d either a) agree to a price drop or b) he’d be on his own and I was out of the deal.

He seemed to understand but he wanted to think about it. He’s trying to walk away with 30k so he can move but it ain’t gonna happen. Plus, he’s super upset that just 1 or 2 yrs. ago when he bought the house he got it for over $100k. I think I’m a pretty good people person when talking about this kind of crap…..but we’ll see what he decides. Oh did I mention he’s in foreclosure?

Mhm yeah I told him look you’re gonna have to do something and walk away with SOMETHING or the bank will take the house and do you know how much you’ll walk away with then? He said “yeah.” I said “how much?” He said “nothing.” I said “exactly.” 🙂

So hopefully something sank in with him today. I’ll call him on my way to work tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow on my lunch break I’m meeting with an atm provider. I want to make sure that if we buy machines from them in the future that they give us the service that we like, etc. etc. Plus, I’m going to talk to him about working together on my upcoming ATM ebook.

I’m definitely learning how to incorporate activities into my days while working and it’s tough…..but hey……what’s that quote again guys?

“If you do for 3 to 5 years what most people won’t do; then you can do for the rest of your life what most people can’t do!”

Ok I’m going to check out a bunch of blogs from my buds since I’ve been out of the loop lately and then I’m off to bed. I’m going to try to get up early so I can work out…that working out thang didn’t go over so well this morning.

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