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Yippee! Partnership with jerk is offically done!

We received a signed contract (that our lawyer drew up) from the jerk ATM partner yesterday. So yesterday while I was at work I gave Kathy the ok to mail him his check. Jerkhead received his check in the mail today and our ATM ISO officially changed everything on the account.

Soooo now we have 1 more ATM that is 100% owned by us. Now we just have 1 partnership left with this jerk and it’s just going to have to stay that way because the ATM makes wayyy too much money that neither one of us could afford to buy the other one out. That’s ok…..1 deal with him is better then 2!

The New Year is starting off gggggggggggggreat! (and it’s not ever here yet!)

P.S. Got an email on Christmas from another potential private money lender. 🙂

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If you’re not networking you are losing money

Folks, seriously, if you are not networking you are losing money! Obviously, I don’t mean that you’re losing money that you already have, but I do mean wholeheartedly that you are without a doubt losing money that you COULD have, but never will because you’re not networking!

I wanted to make this post sooner but I’ve been under the weather plus I wanted to put a video up first, but I’ve been having flip camera issues (I hate upgrading when the tell you to for this reason!)

Let me share with you the reason for this post. Last month, I had 3 networking appointments made with folks that either I knew personally from my past or that I met from the internet world. 2 of those appointments held up…the other one I’m going to have to re-schedule (she cancelled on me.)

Now what happened at these networking appointments? Well I’m glad you asked….I’ll share what happened with you now.

The first meeting I had with someone from the internet world. Dave Jacobs over at Llenrock Group agreed to meet with me to talk about commercial real estate. Well needless to say Dave and I hit it off! In our conversations though he asked me about ATMs since he’s read about that on my blog. Of course I told him about our ATM business and I even told him about how we just got a private lender for our ATM business and how that lender is using their self-directed IRA to invest with us.

Dave said “Hold on, hold on. Back up. What do you mean they are using their IRA?” So, I explained the whole truly self-directed IRA thang with Equity Trust and folks, etc. He then said “I have an IRA, I want to do that.” Dave and I spoke in great detail about partnering on his 1st couple of deals and now we’re just waiting on him to find some places to place machines.

2nd meeting was with a wholesaler buddy who I think we originally met in the internet world. We met specifically to talk about the ATM business. He was expecting a nice check for a wholesale deal that day and he wanted to partner on an ATM deal with some of the money. (Congrats! Btw, if you are reading Shannon as we now know that deal went through and you had a nice payday!)

Anyway, we worked out the details of the partnership and I’ve since sent him the paperwork for our partnership agreement and the paperwork for the business that he already secured! for the ATM.

Does it all make sense now? I mean why I said if you’re not networking that your are losing money! Get out there and network folks………I have very limited time now that I’m working full-time but I make it happen with the available time that I have. You can do it too! Make it a point to try to meet with maybe 1 person a week? or maybe 2 a month? or something…..anything.

By the way, Kathy’s been working it too. Tonight we have a meeting with Brandon (her 18 yr. old sons) best friends’ mom and her roommate. They want to talk about partnering on ATMs. However, we’re also going to talk about commercial deals with them too, because the roommate is a commercial real estate investor.

Network, network network. Learn to love that word….it’ll keep your pockets filled with moolah.

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