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How To Find Apartment Building Owners List

Posted on 06. Jun, 2012 by .


How To Find Apartment Building Owners List Since moving from single family to apartment buildings I always find it interesting to figure out how to find apartment building owners list. I mean as a single family real estate investor you can get all kinds of lists, right? Expired listings, foreclosures, pre-foreclosures, divorce, probates, etc. But […]

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Direct Mail List to Buy Apartment Buildings

Posted on 23. Feb, 2010 by .


So you know I’m working on my direct mail list to buy apartment buildings. Right? Well my first direct mail list, where I did sent out the first batch of mailings, as it turns out I screwed up the list. One of the counties that I was looking in broke down the apartments in 5+ […]

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Buy Apartment Buildings – Direct Mail Letter 1

Posted on 28. Jan, 2010 by .


So I figured it’d be cool to share with you the letters that we’re using in our direct mail campaign to buy apartment buildings. I have 5 letters in a series that I will send out to folks on my list in hopes that I can buy apartment buildings from them. Then I actually have […]

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Our Quest to Buy Apartment Buildings

Posted on 27. Jan, 2010 by .


On our quest to Buy Apartment Buildings you know that we started a direct mail campaign. Well we sent out 278 letters and up to and including today we got 6 calls in response to our letters. Of course not all of the calls are going to help us buy apartment buildings lol but hey […]

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