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I survived Career Day!

Woohoooo! So yesterday I got up at 6:30am! Yeahhh I really got up that early. And boy was I grumpy 🙂 Actually, I was nervous too. I’m ok talking in front of a group of adults but ummm I never really talked in front of a bunch of 8th graders before.

Anyway, it went pretty well. Kathy came with me and was my assistant with the power point presentation. There were 4 classes and in each class was anywhere between 7 to 20 kids.

I talked about wholesaling, rental real estate and passive income (cuz I was talking about rentals, etc.) Then I had a jeopardy type game for them to participate in to win the prize. Btw, they loveeeeeed the nasty pictures of the houses and that got them to pay attention and the thing that really got their attention was the checks that I showed them from some wholesale deals. You should have seen their little eyes bug out! lmao

I also talked to them about how real estate investing helps a lot of people and I spoke to them about mindset. I explained to them that a lot of people will tell them they can’t do it and it will never work, yada yada but if they get the knowledge and take action then they will prove to themselves that it can be done and sooner or later the nay sayers will be asking them if they could teach them.

I also let them know that Knowledge is nothing…..without ACTION! I also emphasized passive income……I said if you don’t listen to anything else I say today, please listen to this…….and I explained it. They all really liked the idea of receiving money and not really doing anything for it.

But out of everyone….there was one kid I felt that really, really got it and was paying attention to every single word I said and he actually wrote down every word I said (I was so happy he won the game and got a book!) What I did was gave the 4 winners a mini version of Rich Dad, Poor Dad for Teens. It was a pocket version.

Then I donated the full version to the school library and told ALL of the kids that they could go down there to learn more about passive income, investing and other things that you won’t learn in school.

Oh I also had a handful of kids raise their hands saying they wanted to learn more about real estate investing. I told them all to copy the websites that I had up on a slide. I told them all of the info was free and sent them to, and I hope we get a post from some 8th grader someday soon. 😉

Well……I have to go and dry the house. Yes you read that correctly. Kathy, I and Joe (the 9 yr. old) decided to have a water fight in our house for some reason!!! Seriously….the house is soaked. Our clothes are soaked. Our hair is soaked. The walls are soaked. The carpet is soaked. Our bed is soaked. Our couch is soaked. 🙂 But I can tell ya it was a fun time.

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Kids Random Ramblings Real Estate Investing

Looking for some ideas for Career Day?

Ok so I agreed to speak at Career Day at our local middle school. My neighbor is a guidance counselor there and was looking for help….so me being the great neighbor that I am, volunteered. (Her and her hubby are the best. I couldn’t ask for better neighbors myself!)

So my talk is on real estate investing 🙂 Here are my ideas so far and I’m looking for more. Mind you, I have to keep 7th and 8th graders entertained for 30 minutes. I’m doing 4, 30 minute sessions.

Idea #1– I’m going to let them know first and foremost that they need to pay attention because whoever pays attention, participates the most and genuinely shows the most interest will win a FREE prize that could potentially change the rest of their lives. By the way, the prize is a copy of Rich Dad, Poor Dad for Teens: The Secrets About Money–that You Don’t Learn in School! So I’m going to give 4 of those away. Because as we all know…they don’t teach that shit in school.

Idea #2– I’m going to start the presentation with a picture of a crappy, beat up, rundown, disgusting, nasty looking house. And ask them all: What do you see? I’ll get all of their answers of whatever they say….and then when they are done, I’ll tell them that what I see is: OPPORTUNITY. An opportunity to make a boatload of money. I’ll then go into that I’m a real estate investor and what I do. I’m debating on whether to get specific about me wholesaling, or if I should go over all different types of investing; wholesaling, rehabbing, rentals, etc. Just the major ones that I think they could grasp….Not gonna talk about sub 2 and shit like that. But I thought of a good everyday example to hopefully make them understand wholesaling. Ya know shopping at Walmart and what you pay for an item, is not what Walmart pays for it, etc. etc. (I had to explain this a few months ago to Brandon….and he’s fuckin 17! *sigh*)

Idea #3
– Now if they are like most kids, they like money and they want money, right? Ya know to buy video games with or skateboarding stuff, etc. So I was thinking of having a handful of my deals printed out with the picture of the house and at the bottom of the page a picture of the check that I made off of such house. Then I’ll go into each deal a little bit. Hours invested, etc.

What do ya’ll think? Can you think of some more ideas? Better ideas? Do you like my ideas thus far? Please help… much pressure. Oh…here are the tips the school gave me for my presentation:

+ Love to help
+ Like to be included
+ Like visuals, graphics and handouts
+ Are bored with statistics
+ Love to hear personal stories
+ Need varied activities
+ Want to know all about you

Hmmm I just checked and I think I have powerpoint on my computer. That may be worth putting everything on that, what do you think? I have to figure out real quick how to work it tho. The presentation is Friday morning.

Ohhh yeah and I also wanted to let them know that they could start making money in real estate RIGHT NOW if they wanted to and they don’t need any money or need to know anything crucial yet. And I’ll go into bird dogging and tell them to keep their eyes peeled and perhaps show some pics of what a good property to tell me about is. What you think of that?

Flippin’ Carey

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