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Open Your Mouth!

I wanted to tell you all to remember to OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND SPEAK!

open your mouth about what you do for business

What am I talking about? I mean open your mouth and tell people about what you do! It’s such a simple concept yet a lot of folks just don’t do it. Why?

Maybe….they are embarrassed because they haven’t been 100% successful in their endeavor so they don’t talk it about that much.

….maybe they think that other people at their jobs will think they are cccccrazy (like a fox?)

….maybe they think their family and/or friends will think they are crazy, stupid, a failure or [insert whatever you want here.]

So please folks start telling people what you do. Maybe you’re like me and you work a Full-time gig (fyi I’m getting REALLLLY sick and tired of it lol) and you also do real estate investing (wholesaling? rehabbing? etc) and perhaps you have another side passive income biz (atms? ebooks? etc.) Well don’t be afraid to tell folks about your real estate investing and passive income gigs just because you have a full-time job!

Will some folks not take your seriously because you have a full-time gig (and they are secretly thinking well why don’t you do the other things full-time?) Sure….but who cares? Move on to the folks that will listen.

Btw, I decided to write this post because I got a phone call last friday morning from a gentleman. The call went like this:

Me: Hi I just missed your call and you didn’t leave a message.

Him: Oh yeah, I was referred to you by Donna P. <----my best friend. I have the gas station over at blah blah blah and I was interested in talking about an ATM. Me: Are you available today at noon? Him: Yes. Me: Ok, what is your name? Him: Mark. Me: Ok Mark I will see you then!

I met with him (as Kathy was in the car on a conference call for “work”) and he agreed to have a machine placed in his gas station. So this Friday, I am headed there to get him to sign our contract and then we’ll work on getting a machine for his place.

Oh and this Friday also, we are placing an atm in a new business as well. This is a partnership deal. We are partnering on this deal with a gentleman who is just starting in the atm biz. We’ll show him how to do this one (and a couple more if he wants) and then he can be off and running on his own! (If you haven’t already signed up for your free report on buying ATMs with No Money! Sign up below today and you’ll also be notified when my ATM Passive Income Course comes out!)

We’ve definitely got a lot happening in the ATM world and things are moving along awesomely (is that even a word?) Now we gotta really get cracking on multi’s.

Talk to ya’ll soon. Sorry I haven’t posted much, our internet service is not working at the house…grrrr they are coming out Monday to hopefully fix it!

P.S. It’s official! My self-directed ROTH Ira is ready to rock and roll. Now I just have to find something to invest in 🙂 Any ideas folks?

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