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Progress with the kids

This new mom money incentive program is going to work out very well I think. Joe worked his tail off doing little things after school so he could pay 15 mom dollars to have 3 friends come over! I would ask if he is sure because if he keeps doing that everyday he’ll be constantly blowing his money on that instead of saving for other things. I told him to make sure he manages his money probably so he can get all that he wants.

Oh and his friends were telling him to make sure he wakes up on time so he earns easy money in the morning and suggesting other things for him to do (they saw his list.)

So last night for the first time ever….and I mean ever…..Joe got in bed, had is tv on for only 10 minutes (cuz we got home from cub scouts late) and when the timer went off on the tv he did not turn it back on (as I told him he would lose mom money and certain privileges for that cuz he needs to go to sleep) and he actually laid in bed without shedding 1 tear because it was time to fall asleep without the tv on. I was amazed. He just needed the hallway light on and he was good to go.

This morning, he came into my room at 7:10am dressed and ready to go down stairs to the kitchen table (he has to be there by 7:20!) He saw his 2 mom dollars sitting on the table and he was like “YESSSS, I should wake up like this more often.” He then said “I’d like cereal for breakfast please. I’m gonna feed the cats now though.” I said “no problem.” So because no one asked him to feed the cats he earned 4 mom dollars!

Plus, I gave him 5 mom dollars for answering our Secrets of The Millionaire Mind card right this morning. It was about Getting Paid Based on Results and Not Time. He gave a suitable answer for a 9 yr. old. I told him to study the card and perhaps I’ll ask him again later so he can earn another 5 mom dollars.

And for the 2nd day in the row he was early for school! He was super excited and I gotta be honest with you….so was I. I told him that I was super proud of him in the way he went to bed last night and how he woke up and got dressed and ready on time today.

He learned yesterday about counting your money and making sure you receive the proper amount that you’re suppose and also to make sure you count to ensure you have the correct change. He definitely learned about responsibility this morning and he’s learning that he’s getting paid based on HIS results and not by time. We discussed that on the way to school. I let him know that if take this mentality into the grown up world then you’re income is endless. He is also learned about money management…..because this morning he said “I have 12 mom dollars, so I have enough to have 2 friends come over after school, but I’m not so sure I’ll spend it on that quite yet.” 🙂

I’m very happy with his progress so far and we’re only on day 2.

As for Brandon,. the 17 yr. old. Kathy and I decided that come February 1st that we’re no longer going to be on his ass about money or getting a job or paying his bills or any of that. He knows that he’s got bills that are due, he knows when they are due and he is smart enough to know that if you make $140 a month and owe at least $250 a month that mathematically it doesn’t work out. He also knows that his truck is in the shop again (inspection) and that he needs to fix and sell his 4-wheeler to do get it out.

So I had a talk with him the other night and let him know that come Feb. 1 all of his responsibilities are 100% his and we will not be on his butt anymore about money. He no longer has any consequences from us in regards to his bills. His car insurance will be in his name by Feb. 1, he’s got his own checking account, and his mom will send him a monthly bill, which will include penalties if not paid on time (he owes her a lot of money for paying to get his truck fixed when he first got it.)

I told him that he’s going to be 18 the end of this month and he’s going to be graduating in 5 or 6 months so he’s going to experience the real world of responsibilities now and what happens if you don’t take care of yours. I told him he will be fielding calls and letters from his insurance company if he doesn’t pay his insurance on time and he will deal with the consequences if they cancel his insurance mostly meaning you can’t drive ANY car and your rate will most likely be higher the next time around. And he will be dealing with NSF charges if the money isn’t in his account when it’s suppose to be.

He’s also aware that he’s only allowed to use his mom’s car to get to and from school and work and that’s it. If he wants to go anywhere extra he needs HIS truck so therefore he needs to be motivated on his own to fix and sell his quad because we aren’t going to push him anymore. We’ve been doing it for over a year now and he’s obviously not listening. I said it’s up to you now….if you want to drive your girlfriend to the movies or the mall or whatever then you’ll fix and sell your quad so you can get your car out of the shop. It’s that simple. You KNOW what you have to do, it’s up to you whether you want to do those things or not.

He was thrilled that we weren’t going to bother him about money anymore lol but he still is a little confused about his future. He doesn’t know what he wants to do, which is fine, he’s only 17 but I told him you have to figure something out because we’re giving you until you graduate and then you’ll either have to have a F/T job and pay rent for an apartment (and go to school if you want) or you can have a F/T job, if you want, and/or go to school if you want but you’ll have to pay rent for living HERE too. This is the real world now. (Btw, he doesn’t know that we’ll be saving his rent money that he pays to us for living at home and giving it back to him. So, shhhhhhhh don’t tell him.)

I informed him that he still has his normal rules, i.e. curfew, girlfriend not allowed over when we’re not home, etc. but we just won’t bother him about money. I did let him know that we still will be on his butt about school and finishing his eagle scout thing though.

I think our talk worked though. When I came home from the store yesterday he was following up on jobs where he sent in his resume and he had been working on his 1 badge for Eagle Scouts. He actually finished that one and did the first 2 questions of his NEXT badge. I was like “hmmmmm, that’s odd.” lmao Usually, I have to be on his butt constantly getting him to do his scouts stuff. But hey….I’m not going to complain.

I feel so much better knowing that we’re not gonna be on his butt about money. I’ve been getting so frustrated and angry with him that I couldn’t stand to be around him. It was really frustrating to Kathy and I how he’s been so lazy and unmotivated about everything. So the other day I asked my mom for advice and she mentioned the plan above. I told Kathy about it and she said let’s try it cause nothing else is working!

I love my mom! I think she’s an amazingly, smart, wonderful woman! I get a lot of advice from her now that I have kids in my life. I tell me mom often how wonderful I think she is. Funny how things change from when we were kids to now that we’re adults and we realize “gosh, mom did know what she was talking about!”

Here’s some homework for everyone….if you’re lucky enough that your mom is still in your life, take some time out of your day RIGHT NOW and call her and tell her Thank You and that you Love Her!

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Kids Vacation Adventures

You aren’t goin’ to believe this!

So first, Kathy and I left the hotel at 12:30am Tuesday morning to get to the plane (we had to drive from San Francisco to Ontario, California. Poor planning on our part, but oh well.) We left to catch our plane. Was a 5:30 hour drive.

Then when we were about an hour or 2 from the airport there were all of the warnings on the radio and on the roads that the highway that we were on was CLOSED due to…are you ready for this? Snow and Ice!!! Who friggin knew it snowed in California????

We then had to re-route and drive along the coastline to get to the airport because this main road was closed. This took another 4 to 5 hours!!!! So by the time our trip started at 12:30am, we finally arrived at the airport 11 frickin’ hours later!!! We both missed our flights.

Ohhhh but wait, there’s more. It gets better.

So I’m waiting for my next flight. The plane gets there a lil late. No biggie. We board. We are sitting there for a whileeeee then the captain comes on and says we’ll be leaving shortly as they are looking into some “maintenance” issue. Now it’s an hour later! Mind you, I am now for certain missing my connecting flight!!! They had taxied us out to the runway to take off but then the captain comes on again and says “they are checking some figures and will take off shortly.” Thennnn he comes back on and says we have to go back to the gate. This is way over an hour now. We’re all like WTF???

We get back to the gate and then, you ready? This gets soo much better. Our plane is now surrounded by cops and K9 units!!! Yes, my plane was surrounded by cops and K9 units!!! Talk about shitting yourself. Then a cop boards the plane.

The flight attendant gets on and says “will muhammad ackabakar and abdul balbhalk and ackamha sahama and bubkam madrima please step to the front of the plane and bring all of your belongs with you!” Btw, those weren’t their real names. They were Arab type names tho.

Then the airline people started taking a few bags from under the plane off the plane!

Soooo the interesting part was 2 of them were in the seats right behind me in the very front of the plane. 1 was on the left side of the plane sitting by himself and the other was on the right side of the plane sitting by himself. Then the other 2 were at the very rear of the plane. Again 1 sitting on the left side and one sitting by himself on the right side!!! Prior to them having to get off the flight attendant went to the guys behind me and said “where did your friends go?” You see they were all together at the beginning. The one guy said they went to the back. The flight attendant then said “ohhh you want me to go get them and see if they want to come up and sit with you 2. There is plenty of room.” So the guy says sure.

She then comes back and says “they didn’t want to. The one guy said he was all stretched out on the seat and going to sleep.”

I think THAT is what sent up red flags to her. She must have told the captain.

Anyway, shortly after the captain comes on and says “for security reasons we’re going to ask everyone to get off of the plane with all of your luggage and personal belongings! The cops are sending in a K9 unit to search the plane.” I was thrilled because I was like I do not want to fly on the this plane. They need to check it out.

So we get off and of course I missed my connecting flight. But American Airlines was awesome. They gave me 2 choices: Wait til the plane is done be searched and head to Dallas and spend a free nite there and leave in the morning. Or stay in Cali for free and leave tomorrow morning. I did NOT want to go on that plane again so I opted to spend another nite in Cali. Btw, I had nothing to use personally, i.e. toothbrush, deodorant, etc. The only thing I had was my laptop. Kathy had all of the luggage and she was already in the air on a different plane. Luckily, the hotel gave me all of the necessary things I needed for free. Plus, they fed me.

UNBELIEVABLE, right? I just wanted to let you all know that I will no longer complain about being “momma” Carey for the next couple months. Cuz the truth is I’d rather be momma Carey instead of dead Carey cuz I was splattered all over the world cuz my plane was blown up by terrorists! Know what I mean? I get in at 5:15 this evening and Kathy texted me telling me that I had to take Joe to Karate and that afterwards he wanted to go to boy scouts so I had to take him there….I was like NO PROBLEM!

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Random Ramblings

Lil bummed today

So I’m a lil bit bummed today. Not feeling too great in the first place…not sick…just crampy. But I’m not letting it stop my taking action. For some reason, now in my life I’m very in tune with the fact that THOUGHTS lead to FEELINGS which lead to ACTION.

Anyway, the major reason I’m bummed is Kathy got offered a job today. That’s not a bad thing…that’s a wonderful thing because I know it makes her feel happy and safe and comfortable, etc. But this job requires a lot of traveling. It’s the same type of work she did before, she’s a Senior Clinical Research Analyst for Pharmaceutical companies, but at this company more traveling is required. I don’t think it’s gonna be constant traveling but I’ll hardly see her the entire month of December and January.

And on top of that, I have to play full-time mommy when the kids are here and she’s traveling (grant it that’s every day for Brandon cuz he only lives with us, but every other week for Joe.) Getting Joe up for school, getting him breakfast, checking homework, studying, making dinner and everything else in the world that mom’s and women do (and a lot of dads) that we sometimes don’t really pay that much attention to. Btw, I never had any desire to have kids, personally. However, I always seemed to date women with children…..Kathy’s the first one I’ve actually lived with. So the whole kid thing is 100% NEW to me and my world. There’s no doubt that I’m still adjusting to them and them to me (after 1.5 yrs. of living together) but still it’s a lot different when Kathy is here and I’m just a step-parent vs. her not being here and I’m the sole parent figure. Ya know? Anyway…..

I think I’ll take a lot of positives from it tho….it’ll FORCE me to get up early every day like I wanted too (you hear that Steph…I will probably be able to accomplish that aspect of my list lol) and then after I get up, work out and take Joe to school I can start on real estate at 8am non-stop until about 2:30pm. I can’t do any nite time appointments for Rainbow when Joe is here but I figure I can work on my websites. So I’m gonna try not to be so bummed out by it.

Ok off to fill our strip club atm. 🙂

Flippin’ Carey

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Kids Random Ramblings

Real estate schedule

Well I didn’t finish off any of those deals that I spoke about. Thursday I was suppose to meet up with the Oxford wife but I got a text early in the morning saying that the roads were icy and to be careful cuz it was suppose to snow too later. And me? Well i’m a HUGEEE baby when it comes to driving in the ice and snow, so I canceled that appointment and we will most likely reschedule for early next week. I see the husband called me today but he didn’t leave a message so I’ll call him back.

I was suppose to meet the Reading husband and wife today at 4pm but he’s stuck in Harrisburg so we will touch base mid-next week and probably meet end of the week or something.

And I finally came up with somewhat of a plan for msyelf. I need to get back into the swing of things to make money but I don’t know if this happens to any of you who do this full-time but does it ever seem like your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, significant other whatever you want to call them…kinda ALWAYS thinks you’re available to help them out because well “you don’t have a real job.” That happened to me Wednesday into Thursday and I was FURIOUS. But I kept it inside and then I shared it with my best friend and we talked about it and she helped me work through my furiousness lol and to come up with a plan.

So here it is: My OFFICE days are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday…and when I say office, I don’t necessarily mean that I’m actually in the office all day. I just mean that those are the days that I do NOTHING BUT REAL ESTATE. No lunch meetings with my baby, no christmas shopping, no taking Brandon to therapy, nothing BUT real estate. And if anyone, mostly Kathy tho, needs me to help out with Brandons therapy or anything else or even just lunch then they can happen on either Tuesday or Friday as long as I don’t have a scheduled appointment. Because even tho my office days are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday I still could potentially set up appointments on Tuesdays and Fridays, but I will try to still with my office days if at all possible.

My best friend, Donna, made a good point she said “you know and I know that you won’t ever work a 40-hour week….so just pick 3 days to work and those are your office days and that’s all you do is work.”

I thought it was a good idea. So that’s what I’m doing.

We are going away for the weekend to Atlantic City to play in a poker tournament tomorrow. So we’re both excited about that. I think it will definitely be good for Kathy…for the first time since October 20th, the boys’ father will have them BOTH. Their custody arrangment is going to resort back to every other week even though Brandon still isn’t perfect. But he’ll be just fine. Kathy is a lil worried about him going with his father because she doesn’t think he’ll take care of him the way he needs to be taken care of (and that’s a whole other blog, but I understand why she feels that way) but in reality I said that Brandon will be fine…if anything isn’t done properly or whatever he’ll just call or text you (or me.) lol So that made her feel a lil better.

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Kids Short Sale Deals Short Sale Investing

Short sales and kids and hospitals, oh my

Woohoo! GOOD NEWS to report to myself (and you all) today!

First, the property that I was describing that goes to sheriff’s sale tomorrow? Well the first mortgage called me this morning and said that it’s been postponed until January. Her and I chatted a bit and we both don’t understand what the 2nd is thinking at all! But I’ll keep trying to give them some facts to make them listen to reason. Still haven’t had luck getting in touch with a supervisor per Cory’s advice.

On a personal note: Brandon was released from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia yesterday. He still has an awesome sense of humor…he texted me asking if I was gonna have dinner waiting for at home when he and his mom (Kathy, my significant other) got there. Then he said he was only kidding cuz he knows I’m a horrible cook. (I’m not THAT bad though.)

They still don’t know what his therapy sessions are going to look like yet, but he still is not allowed to go to school yet. Oh and he’s in full force with his texts asking for songs. (Since he’s been in the hospital I’ve been downloading him songs and making cd’s for him.) So, we’re currently working on a new one for him.

Ok so, I have to work on getting in touch with Loss Mit. Supervisor for the Exeter township house. I also REALLLLLLY need to get my sub2 property sold (that I bought on 9/28.) I’ve been getting a lot of headaches lately and Kathy thinks it’s because I don’t have that property sold (I tend to believe her about medical stuff since she’s a registered nurse although now she does drug studies for cancer medications.)

Also, I had a guy that I spoke to months ago call me today for help. I honestly think I may be able to help him KEEP his house, but I’ll know more after I talk to him in greater detail today. I don’t know what has happened over the last couple of months.

And, the deal that I have 1/2 going on in Oxford?? Well I got the agreement of sale signed but nothing else really. The lady had to go back to work so didn’t have time to get docs notarized. I keep calling the husband but he hasn’t called me back. Well he did call me back once to tell me that the key to the house will be in the mailbox waiting for me and all of the docs I need from them (tax returns, etc.) will be in the kitchen. But I told him I still need to meet with the wife to get stuff notarized and I haven’t heard a peep. Maybe it’s cuz of the holidays???

Anyway, gotta get going now as I’m going to watch Andrew today. Andrew is my best friend Donna and her partner, Colleens adopted lil baby boy. They brought him home from Guatemala on October 11th 2007 and ever since I met him I’ve been hopelessly in love with him. Seriously, I would love to spend all of my time with him. He’s awesome. And he’s made me do a lot of soulsearching actually. I REALLY need to get my shit together with this real estate investing because one day when I have a kid I want to be able to be home with him/her every day. I don’t want to have to dread getting up and kissing my kid good bye so I can go to work at my JOB for 8 hours. Nope, I don’t want to do it. And I have to ENSURE that it never happens!

Oh and Andrew, he turned 1 yesterday hehehehe….God I love that kid. I really have never felt this way about a kid before….I mean I get along with ALL kids. Always have, always will. But I’ve never been a big “lil” kid kinda person, if you know what I mean? But I’m definitely a HUGE “lil” kid Andrew kinda person. I’d seriously do anything for that lil guy.

andrew at christmas 2007

Adorable ain’t he? That’s one of his xmas pics for 2007. Sigh…..guess it’s not a good idea to steal the kid of your best friend huh? lmao Btw, I’m just JOKING (well not really…ok ok yes I am, I am.)

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Random Ramblings Real Estate Investing Short Sale Deals Short Sale Investing

Starting a real estate investing blog

Well I decided to start a blog after checkin out the WI girls blogs and Stephs….and Patricks. I figured this would be good for me to help get things on paper errrr computer for me to see. Ya know? Maybe some lightbulbs will go off when I do some re-reading and also I can keep myself accountable. That’s the plan anyway.

Since I’m sittin at the hospital while Brandon (significant others son) is sleepin and I have nothing else to do so I’m gonna do this for a bit. I may get sleepy shortly cuz it is 1:40am. Btw, I hope I’m doing this right…..can anyone see this?

I’m a lil frustrated by that ss that I posted*. I’ve invested a lot of time and energy in it since August. Grrrrr and now the 2nd won’t even counter cause they are going to the auction! The numbers don’t make sense to me so I don’t see why they are going that route…but what do I know?

Here the numbers:

1st $130k
2nd $ 40k
Back Taxes $14,400

Repairs Needed $10,000 to $15,000
ARV $185k to $199k (it’s been fluctuating with the market, but mid 190’s is probably accurate.)

I only offered 2nd $1k but could do as much as 10k and I have an investor that would pay $160k to 165k…..

The bank didn’t even do an interior bpo! I have no idea what they are thinking. The interior would have come in I’m sure at around $170k to $180k and honestly that’s too much, imo.

Well I’m gonna follow Cory and Shauns advice from the forum and see how that pans out.

I got another deal brewing but I forget the numbers right now cuz well it’s 2:15am and I am sleepyyyyyyyyyy. But boy does it suck sleepin on this uncomfy couch in the hospital.

Oh and for those that inquire: Brandon will be getting out of the hospital on Dec. 5th. Then he’ll have to go to outpatient therapy daily for a month, then he MAY be able to go to outpatient therapy 3 days a week and school 2 days a week. We shall see.

I’ll report back soon and give ya the numbers on the new ss I signed up (half way.) And I gotta talk about my sub2 deal more……….that thing is freaking me out!

*This is referencing a post I made on

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