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Operation Outsourcing is in Motion!

Outsourcing our direct mail campaign for apartment units is in motion! I dropped off the materials to my neighbor this evening. She’s thrilled about it because she said “this is an easy way to make money!” And I was just so excited leaving her house. It felt great knowing that someone else is going to get our direct mail campaign all situation and in gear. *sigh*

That’s the good news. The bad news is remember how I’ve been saying I haven’t been sick since starting to juice?? Well, I got a lil cough and nose thing going on. And I know exactly how it happened. I took Joe to Cub Scouts last Monday and the church that it was held in after hours had no heat. It was freezing in there. Folks, I mean so cold that you could see your breath! So called that I had my scarf, hat and gloves on and I was STILL shivering! My nose was running none stop in there. I felt so bad for Joe running around in his coat doing scout stuff. I couldn’t even feel my toes or fingers!

Anyway, I’m pretty sure that’s what did it. So I changed up my morning juicing routine to try to combat this nuisance. Instead of 4 organic carrots and 2 organic apples in the morning I’ve been switching between 1-inch round of pineapple and 3 tangerines and 1-inch round of pineapple and 2 to 3 oranges. Ya know to get my vitamin C levels to kick the shit out of this slight cough and annoying nose behavior. (Plus, I been taking a vitamin C pill too. I think I have a vitamin C overload…I don’t think that’s good tho?)

The good news is, I am confident that juicing and all of my supplements and vitamins I’ve been taking has made what I have here just a lil nuisance vs. what I normally would get. I mean normally I would get sick and I’d be out of commission for a week! No shit. So I really think the juicing has helped sooo much that I really highly recommend you look into juicing if you want to work on a healthier lifestyle in the new year. And I believe 100% that if I didn’t go to that damn church last Monday night that I STILL wouldn’t be sick (all thanks to juicing!)

The bad news is, because of my heartburn/acid reflux/gerd issues I’m not suppose to have oranges. 🙂 So I’ve been getting heartburn like a bitch for the past week and I’ve had about enough of it. I’m going back to my normal carrot/apple routine tomorrow and the pineapple/orange is out the window. I’m sad because it was realllly tasty. Actually, the pineapple/tangerine was the bombdiggity!

I think I’m going to go to bed now and read some more of the Brain Tracy book. Good stuff. I’m getting up bright and early tomorrow too! Trying to develop better HABITS!!!!!

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Outsourcing Direct Mail Campaign

Well you read a few days ago that we have our direct mail campaign letters printed out on our quest for an apartment building, right?
Now we’re trying to find someone to address the envelopes, stuff the envelopes and stamp ’em.

After listening to some of Dave Lindahl’s cd’s about apartment investing I decide that I want to do what he does. He has someone in an old folks home do his direct mail campaign. I thought that was an awesome idea.

So I go to 2 retirement communities near me. The first one took my information and said “Volunteer Services” would call me back.
The 2nd one, which is literally 1 minute from my house gave me the number of “Resident Services.” I called her and left a message but she’s never gotten back to me yet. I’ll keep following up with both.

I didn’t think it would be so difficult to find someone to do this for us, especially since we’re willing to pay them. We’re gonna pay .10 per envelope (now Dave said he pays .11 per envelope but I just figured .10 makes the math easier lol)

My requirements are quite simple too:

1) Someone with nice handwriting
2) And I’d prefer someone that perhaps doesn’t get many visitors or perhaps none…so that way they’d at least be visited by myself and/or Kathy at least twice a month? Know what I mean??

I’m gonna put an add on craigslist now and still keep following up with the retirement communities.

P.S. I got the book “Million Dollar Habits By Brian Tracy” that Steph over at Flip This Wholesaler is reading for the book of the month. I picked it up at the library yesterday and have been reading it since.

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