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How to Buy an ATM Cash Machine

Here’s a new ehow article I wrote called How to Buy an ATM Cash Machine:

Buy an ATM cash machine and you’ll have an endless supply of passive income for the rest of your life.

Banks aren’t the only ones who own ATM cash machines….people just like you and me can own them too and I’m going to show you how!

1) Before buying or leasing an ATM cash machine you’re going to want to find a location to put one. I’m going to assume that you don’t own your own store (if you do, awesome, you can put the machine in your store!)

You’ll want to look for high traffic locations. Location is the key to a profitable ATM business.

Some awesome atm placement spots are convenience stores, pizza shops, bars, restaurants, etc.

You can finish the article How to Buy an ATM Cash Machine here.

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Passive Income Random Ramblings

Atm meeting today!

Well I made some calls yesterday and I secured a meeting with a local pizza shop. We’re meeting today at 2pm to go over why they should let me (us) put our atm there. 🙂

My new broker, Vince, actually referred me to this place. I called him the other day as a buddy of mine was looking to talk to him and potentially join his company so I was just following up to see if he spoke to him. In the meantime, he asked if I ever got in touch with the folks he referred me too about the atm. I said that I spoke to one place and they told me they had an atm for a year now but just haven’t put it in. Then he said ok well what about this place. And he gave me the owners names and he told me he even told them about me already and that I’d be contacting them soon.

I like this guy lol Anyway, meeting is set for 2pm. Hopefully, they say yes because we’re paying monthly for a modem that has no machine attached to it! I mean it’s only 20 bucks, but it’s 20 bucks that should be profit!! Know what I mean? You live and you learn.

A couple lessons I learned about the ATM business so far:

1) Don’t buy a machine BEFORE you have a place to put it, yes even if the machines are on sale and it’s an awesome deal for them!

2) If you don’t listen to rule #1, then don’t get your modem activated until after you find a place to put the ATM.

The other places I followed up with were either a) not interested or b) they are still trying to speak to the owner about it. I get that a lot when visiting hotels, but usually I can get to the GM who can make a decision or get to the owner a lot faster.

Flippin’ Carey

P.S. If you’re wondering about how much we make from our atm’s I’ll tell you. Last month it was $802 on 4 machines. So they average about $200 / mo. Most machines only have about $1000 to $1500 cash in them and if you’re making $200 / month on that cash….who wants to figure out the return on that money in the machine? Btw, each machine doesn’t do $200 / mo. The chinese place does about $480 a month (that’s a 50/50 split deal tho) and the strip club does about $440 a month (no partnership splits there.) The other 2 places are anywhere from $80 to $120 per month each. So we figure the strip club and the chinese place are actually going to pay off ALL of our machines for us.

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Educational Seminars Passive Income

Bill Wrixon – Passive Income Opportunity Seminar Day 1

So I deleted this post on 9/20/2013 because I got an email from someone who claims to represent Bill.

*yawn* That someone is in the class of 2013 for law school 🙂 I wasn’t worried about any lawsuit
whatsoever, I mean seriously who is stupid enough to sue over a post on a website that is viewed my
well not many people lol I’m thinking no one.

But since I don’t care about Bill Wrixon nor his company I had no issues deleting all of this.

Very comical. That is all. Have a great day all! Read some more updated posts on real passive income opportunities from people that don’t mind having posts out about them. 😉

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Educational Seminars

AJ Monte – Passive Income Opportunity Seminar Day 1

Now AJ is an option and commodities trading guy. He is a co-host of the show the Market Guys Podcast (plus they have a website.) I really enjoyed his session mostly because I’m interested in stocks and options, etc. but honestly, I’m really clueless about them. He just seemed like a down to earth nice guy. He wasn’t even trying to hawk a course or anything, just trying to inform and teach folks and you of course, could give him your info if you wanted more information from him.

His big concept that he wanted folks to grasp was: “True wealth is learning how to leverage time!”

He also stressed not to work with your back, but to work with your mind. And above anything, if you want to make money hang around successful people. If you want to be a bum, hang out with bums.

***Surround yourself with like-minded individuals***

All you need is a little bit of momentum. His idea behind this is that water boils at 212 degrees….BUT at 211 degrees, it’s still not boiling…it just needs that lil bit more and then bam at 212 degrees it boils.

So when the BUY intensity is so high and rapid you want to be on the right side of that. And that most money made in 1932 was by the entrepreneurs.

He recommended books by Dr. Steven Leeb. He also recommended a way that I’m sure a lot of us know about getting some passive income but I think it’s worth mentioning again…..if you have a podcast, blog or website you need to work it to accumulate a massive audience and then look for sponsors.

I know it doesn’t appear to be as much information here but I really did enjoy his session. I learned a bit about option trading and commodities trading.

Oh one last thing that he wanted to stress with us is that OPPORTUNITY is everywhere.

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Educational Seminars Passive Income

Bonnie Solow – Passive Income Opportunity Seminar Day 1

So after T. Harv Eker spoke about How to Get on the Best Seller’s List….his literary agent, Bonnie Solow, spoke to us via a telephone call.

The whole idea with writing a book in regards to passive income is that you’ll generate royalties, upfront advances, etc. plus, as Harv said it’s your “brochure” so you can earn passive income off of other things folks buy from ya.

Bonnie said an agent is the person that marries the author with the publisher. Helps create book ideas, protects you from the publisher and lobbies on your behalf. Literary agents get a 15% commission of what you earn.

Concept to Cash
1) Have a fresh and unique idea
2) Self-publish vs. traditional publishing (you need traditional publishing to really become a figure in your field. Like you are a “master” in your field an authority that folks can turn to.)
3) Increase appeal to agents
4) Write proposal and query letter
5) Find literary agent
6) Agent submits project to publishers

1) Is your idea fresh and unique? Or do you have an old idea but have a new spin or twist on it?
2) Do you have an interesting story to tell?
3) Are you passionate about your subject?
4) Do you have credentials?
5) Are you the right messenger for the cause? (I.E. If you’re not a parent you shouldn’t write books about parenting.)
6) Can you reach target market?
7) Is your idea relevant?

Decide which publishing route to take. Is your marketing platform (your audience) enough to excite a publisher? If not, you’re gonna have to self-publish.

Is your idea after a general or targeted audience? If general, you can go with traditional publisher.

Do you have the appetite and stamina to run your own business? If yes, you can self-publish, if you, traditional publishing.

Increasing Your Appeal to Agents
1) Create a buzz via an online presence.
2) Use websites
3) Social marketing
4) Blogs
5) Podcasts

***Consider self-publishing with the intention of landing a traditional book deal.***

Must have awesome Marketing Plan
1) Design website/blog specific to book
2) Develop Twitter, Facebook, Scribd, and Youtube presence
3) Organize email blast and solicit use of friends and colleagues databases i.e. Joint Venture deals
4) Procure speaking engagements
5) Create webinars, teleseminars, courses
6) Consider hiring outside publicity
7) Write op-eds for newspapers
8) Explore special sales opportunities- bulk corporate sales? special retail outlets?

Look for ways to expand brand and income opportunities!! Create a series? Speaking engagements? Always keep buzz alive.

Write what you’re passionate about. CONTENT is king. Create an awesome marketing plan to reach your readers.

Bonnie recommended a book called: Red Hot Internet Publicity by Penny Sansevieri

I don’t know about you guys, but I think that even if you’re not interested in publishing a book that you can still take some really good ideas from Bonnie’s information here. Plus, who knows…you might change your mind about a book in the future??

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Educational Seminars Passive Income

T. Harv Eker – Passive Income Opportunity Seminar Day 1

Before I go into the passive income opportunity seminar stuff I want you to know how happy I am to be home and drinking my morning breakfast of 4 organic carrots and 2 organic apples (there’s no parsley left.) I soooo missed that while I was away. I wish hotels would have Juicers in their rooms 🙂 Anyway, it’s good to be home and getting back to eating normal again.

Ok so this seminar was called Never Work Again. But I’m going to refer to it as the Passive Income Opportunity seminar because well, that’s what it was. Fair enough?

Day 1- opened with T. Harv Eker talking to us. He pretty much spent the whole day with us. For those that don’t know him, he wrote the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and he actually started the company Peak Potentials which is the company that puts on all of these training seminars.

Harv started off with going over again the difference between active income and passive income. He went over the golden goose working for you theory that they talk to you about in the Millionaire Mind Intensive. [Carey’s note: Have tons of free tickets to this event coming to me! Message me if you’re interest in a pair!] His main points were that you have to either Create, Build or Buy cash flow income vehicles i.e. passive income streams. Plus, you should set up your business so it works without you!

Here’s the main concept:

Create/Build/Buy your cash flow vehicle —> Earn some money with it —> Buy another cash flow vehicle —> Earn some money with it —> Buy another cash flow vehicle etc. etc.

Then he said that you can be FREE a whole heck of a lot faster than you can be rich. So let being free be your first goal and being rich be your second goal. And being free meaning that your income from your passive income streams is more than what your life expenses are.

Oh and by the way, with the whole passive income thang… I’m sure you all know it’s not 100% hands off. Everything we do, even when we set up our businesses to work with out, still requires some maintenance. It may be a little bit of maintenance but it’s maintenance none the less. I hope that makes sense to everyone.

Now Harv went on to quote a statistic that 84% of people would like to write a best selling book. Soooooo Harv proceeded to tell us how you go about getting on the best seller’s list!

He said the easiest list to go for is the Non-Fiction list. So go for the non-fiction designation for your book.

You’ll need a #1 Marketing Plan!!! Because even if you have a publisher they will tell you they’re going to market the heck out of your book, but they won’t. Your efforts need to sell 90% of your books!!!!

Keys to Creating a Best Seller
1) Quality of the Info- do not fill your book with fluff. You want people to refer to your book, not say it’s full of fluff.
2) Style- try not to sound like everyone else. Don’t be boring. Be an individual.
3) Marketing- you need to have an on-going marketing strategy. Even if you have a publisher act like you don’t. Have a unique selling position. Do joint ventures, p/r, use your connections, internet marketing, etc.

– some keys to marketing-
*Platform and Following- you must have a ready-made audience BEFORE writing your book. You develop a ready-made audience by doing seminars, having blogs, writing columns, doing a radio show, etc. It’s critical to have some kind of following prior to writing your book!

*Joint Ventures- use someone else’s database to sell your book.

How to Get on the Best Seller’s List
1) Focus on 1 time period- the different best seller’s lists focus on a certain period of time. So decide which list you want to get on and focus on that specific period of time. NY Time Advice list is # of copies sold per week, NY times Biz list is # of copies sold per month, Amazon is # of copies sold per day. Each list has a per week or per month or per day time line. Find the list you want and just focus on that timeline.

2) Batched Presales- You’re pre-selling your book during your pre-launch phase.
– Take pre-orders- enter all during that 1 week (or that 1 time frame that you picked!)
– Send Joint Venture letters- all orders must be in within that same time frame (best to tell the JV’s to do it within 24 hrs. tho.)
– Mail to your own database- tell them to buy within the next 24 hrs.
– Make sure your books are on bookstore shelves that week! (Preferably new release section.) They MUST be in the bookstores even tho you will be selling most of your books elsewhere probably.
– Your P.R. has to hit that week (or that time frame you are shooting for.) Talk shows, tv shows, radio shows, web interviews, etc.

***If you do a seminar, have Barnes and Noble or whomever bring THEIR copies to your seminar and sit them in the back to take orders. (If you buy a million copies of your book personally, it only counts as 1 sale. But if B&N brings their copies of your books and sells a million of them to a million different people at your seminar then it counts as a million sales.)

-Magic Book Selling Pill- is the free bonus. Include an awesome free bonus so folks want to buy your book now. Free seminar, free teleseminar, free coaching, etc. Make it a no-brainer to come to the seminar. Make the bonus more valuable than the book.

3) The book is your brochure- you have to have more to sell. If you don’t have a back-end there is no point in writing the book in the first place. Your whole point in writing the book and becoming a best seller is so you can sell more stuff. Whether it be coaching, seminars, or what have you. It has to be something because your best-selling book is the “brochure” to make folks want more of YOUR stuff. [Carey’s note- I found this point so super interesting. Never really thought about this before.]

Ok my fingers hurt from typing. I just realized that I probably have a month’s worth of blog posts from this seminar. Maybe more?? I don’t want to posts to get too long. By the way, day 1 isn’t even close to being over yet.

But I must head out….my car actually broke down last night on the way home from the grocery store. I called my rent-a-husband lol he’s our next door neighbor and he and his wife are absolutely awesome. He came and pushed me home 🙂 (his son, Matt, and Joe, Kathy’s 9 yr. old, helped push too. lol they were playing together and happened to go with Jeff to get me.)

Gonna get an oil change and see what’s up with it, then I gotta pick Kathy up from the airport at some point today.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have any questions about it or any specific passive income opportunity questions and I will try to answer them for you or tell you that they are coming up in a future post.

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