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So our ATM Business is just moving along non-stop and we couldn’t stop it if we wanted to! A company that we have bought some of our ATM’s from just emailed me recently and asked if Kathy and I were interested in placing our ATM in a particular location because it was too far for them.

The location is a high-end salon and spa. They no longer let folks put their tips on the credit card, so they wanted an ATM in there so folks would hopefully tap the ATM so the stylists could still get a tip. I don’t know how well this ATM will do, but we’re willing to find out. Worse comes to worse, we have another ATM that we can place somewhere else if we’d like.

Actually, the hair salon that Kathy and I go to just recently started implementing the same rule: no tips on credit cards. We’ve been on him since January 1st to let us put an ATM in there. All of the stylist we’ve talked to want one bad, because they keep getting screwed on tips! But he, the owner, keeps sticking to his story that “they haven’t been having any issues with tips.” I.E. He is the owner, so people are still allowed to tip him on their credit cards 😉 So maybe he ain’t having any problems but I know the girl that did my hair last time got screwed by me because I forgot cash and she said that some days everyone forgets and somedays maybe just 1 or 2 forget. So I feel bad for them.

Anyway, this other salon and spa owner is very concerned for her stylists and it even showed with the ATM fee. She refused to take any profit sharing because she wanted the ATM surcharge to be low for her customers (and in a sense for her stylists.)

We’ll see how things go. Turns out, Kathy use to work with the salon owner way back in the day……small world.

On a quick note: yesterday my stepbrother played the “tinman” in his first ever play. He acted fantastically and oh my gosh he can sing too. Awesome job Zach! But prior to the play my dad and stepmom had a party at their house for him. So my stepmoms family was there.

One of her cousins owns tonssss of self-storage units and he funds them all with private money for the most part. Smaller deals he has used all private money; larger deals he has gotten a big chunk of private money and then financed the rest. He is just so intrigued by my ATM business and by us getting private money for our ATM business.

So he and I had a lot to talk about and we exchanged email information. He gave me some tips for him getting private money (he solely gets his from friends, family and ex-coworkers.) And I gave him some tips about the ATM business and how he may go about getting private money for his business from folks he doesn’t even know yet 🙂

Ok gang that’s it for now……..and in case you were wondering….the ATM Business Blueprint is coming…..I had a graphics issue…fired the old graphics artist and am getting ready to hire a new one. What can ya do?

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Yippee! Partnership with jerk is offically done!

We received a signed contract (that our lawyer drew up) from the jerk ATM partner yesterday. So yesterday while I was at work I gave Kathy the ok to mail him his check. Jerkhead received his check in the mail today and our ATM ISO officially changed everything on the account.

Soooo now we have 1 more ATM that is 100% owned by us. Now we just have 1 partnership left with this jerk and it’s just going to have to stay that way because the ATM makes wayyy too much money that neither one of us could afford to buy the other one out. That’s ok…..1 deal with him is better then 2!

The New Year is starting off gggggggggggggreat! (and it’s not ever here yet!)

P.S. Got an email on Christmas from another potential private money lender. 🙂

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Atm Deals Passive Income Private Lenders Videos

ATMs and Private Money aka Buy ATMs with No Money

In this vidoe I talk briefly about how you can use Private Money to start your ATM business or to help grow it. With Private Money at your disposal you can literally buy atms with no money! Check it out:

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Multi-Units/Apartment Buildings Private Lenders Random Ramblings

First and Last Day on the new J-O-B

Yep, you read the post title correctly: yesterday was my first and last day on the job as a brand spanking new bill collector! lol Mhm, if yesterday wasn’t my first and last day I would have become the person everyone ignores and hates to hear on the phone!

I started yesterday morning at 8am. (Woke up at 6am OMG!!!) It was just training….can you say “yawn?” zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Anyway, at about 12:30pm I get a call from BMW telling congrats and they’d like me to come on board starting soon and they’ll email me the details.

hehehe This was the internet sales coordinator job, one of the two jobs that I would have been ok with having (still haven’t even interviewed with BOA yet.) So I get the email, read all of the details about pay, bonuses, commissions, etc. and then call the collection job and tell them I’m not coming back.

Starting on Monday, June 21st I’ll be a new employee of:


And I’m ok with it. Monday I’ll find out my official schedule (as the General Manager wants to sit down with me and the other dude he hired too so we can see if we can work out our schedules amongst one another.) After that, I’m off to the races with working around it and buying a multi-unit.

Chris was right, it feels much better to know that the main bills will be paid, makes it much easier to be able to negotiate deals properly as I won’t appear desperate. Btw, don’t think I haven’t been doing nothing this whole time in regards to multis…because I have….a new post is coming up as well. Networking really does pay off folks.

Soooo is anyone in the market for a new beamer or what? lmao Just kiddin…..well not really!

P.S. Ya think I can find some private money walking in the BMW door? I think that’s possible. I mean if you have $124k to spend on a new 7 series I think you probably have some extra cash to be a private investor for yours truly, right?

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Like-Minded People and Private Money

I think we all know how important it is to have like-minded people in our lives. Grant it, all of you guys and gals that read this blog are like-minded plus all of the blogs that I read, those folks are like-minded as well. So we have many like-minded connections via email and blogs and forums, etc.

But I think it’s also super important to have like-minded in person folks in our lives….wouldn’t you all agree? Sometimes, however, this may be a lot harder than we want it to be. Anyway, I don’t know if ya’ll remember that I told you about the couple that Kathy and I met with and played Cashflow with?

The couples name is Bob and Coleen. Kathy and I met Bob at our monthly local poker tournament that we go to. We call him Poker Bob but his poker name is Mr. Big Nuts 🙂 (my poker name there is Cash N’ and Kathy’s is Kdoc.) Anyway….I actually sold Bob and his wife a Rainbow and I think that was the single best sale I made in Rainbow because I spent a long time there and we found out that we had a whole lot more in common than just poker. We were like-minded.

After that Bob and Coleen invited Kathy and I to dinner and to play Cashflow. And we just talk a lot about investing and goals and things of that nature. It’s very ummmm what’s the word I’m looking for here…..well I’ll just say it’s very nice.

Kathy and I went over again Friday evening for dinner and we chatted about passive income ideas and what vehicles we planned to use to meet our goals in the future. Bob had to leave us about 1/2 hr. after we arrived because he had to head to church because he was having a rehearsal for today. (Today he was being made a sub-deacon. Not that I have any idea about that stuff but I think it’s cool because Bob was super excited about it, so I’m super excited about it for him!) He did finally join us again tho 2 hours later.

We’re kind of like accountability partners for each other too. We’re working on budgets and goals for our next meeting (which Bob and I are more excited about then Coleen and Kathy are lol)

Ohhhh and to top it all off….we spoke to them about us getting into apartment buildings more in detail and that our goal is to get bank financing for 80% for the most part and then private money for the other 20%. They were interested!!! We found our first private money lenders! We, of course, just have to hook up with an SEC attorney because we want to always make sure we do things above board and we also have to find a deal!

This week guys I plan on kicking a$$!!!! I’ve been really sleepy lately and I seem to get winded after I do the simplest thing (Kathy thinks I’m depressed because of a lack of money, especially since I’ve been out of commission for a month.) Whether I am or not, is irrelevant to me, because I’m gonna get my shit on track now…….I have no other option.


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Educational Seminars

Bill Barnett – Passive Income Opportunity Seminar Day 1

Ok now this was the first real estate guy they had present at the Passive Income Opportunity seminar aka Never Work Again. His name was Bill Barnett (G. William Barnett II)

His big thing: Now is the single best time to get into real estate! (of course, we all know that tho.)

He calls it Real Estate NOW and NOW stands for New Order of Wealth. He says to make sure that who you’re learning your real estate stuff from is a product of what they teach. So basically they are doing in the field actively what they teach.

He’s also a fan of what he calls “rolling up” I’m pretty sure he means 1031 exchanges cause he says to start small and use it to buy bigger.

Keys to Real Estate Success
How to go from limited to success or from just plain failure to success?

Step 1- Getting your head on right
Key Question Am I going to go with the flow and follow the pack? or Am I going to realize the market we’re in and lead the pack!!!

Step 2- Shut out the noise
How to evaluate a real estate market!
Look at Job Growth- people go where the jobs are (
Does it have any serendipities- does it have any extra benefit? Like a beach? technology? beautiful? conventions?
Don’t listen to the media!
Shut out the bad & open yourself to the GREAT!
The great methods are the methods that are working TODAY!
**We’ll be in this state/market for the next 1 to 2 years.**

Step 3- Put into action
Action equals OFFERS and MONEY
Action also equals follow through.

Become a pro in the biz. The size of the check makes you a pro!

*Treat real estate investing as the profession it is (you should be making “athlete” money.)
*Stop making Spaghetti offers! (i.e. making tons of offers to see what will “stick.”)

How offers should break down:
Let’s take 20 houses we just looked at; do the math on all 20 houses, break down the offers after doing the math:

Screamers low ball spaghetti offers (10 of the 20 will be these) 20% or greater off of asking price.
Counters 7 or 8 of them will be decent enough that you’ll get counter offers. 10 to 20% off of asking price.
Golden 1 to 3 of them will be Golden and accepted. 10% or less off of asking price.

The counters and screamers will go in a future wealth file for you to revisit. ONLY SUBMIT YOUR GOLDEN OFFERS!!!!!

Creating Bank
Putting money together to fund your deals.

***Becoming the investment of choice (for people with money)***

Which do you do first? Make offers or get money? You do BOTH!

The 4 Questions to Becoming the Investment of Choice:
1) What’s my rate of return? (10 to 14%)
2) What’s my risk? (You have a 1st lien position in below market real estate)
3) How long is my money tied up for? (6 to 9 months, unless you choose to leave it in the deal)
4) How much money is required? (This is gonna depend on the deal you’re currently working on)

Solid Gold Script to Get Private Money
Harv, I know this isn’t for you, but who do you know, that might be interested in earning 10% to 12% on their money, secured by a first lien in below market real estate, short term 6 to 9 months?

When someone shows interest ask them the following 2 questions:
1) How much do you have available to lend?
2) How much lead time do you need to get access to the funds?

*Always use a 3rd party for your private money transactions. 1) Real estate lien note and 2) Deed of Trust*

3 areas of profit in real estate:
1) Wholesale – speed
2) Rental – passive income/never work again
3) Flips – big checks

Seller Financing(to sell your properties) *Sell your properties for 10% more by offering seller financing.)
1) Wholesale – this is your down payment that you receive.
2) Rental- this is the monthly spread that your receive.
3) Flips – this is your big check that you’ll receive in 3 – 5 years by a refinance

When you are seller financing deals for buyers charge them 8% compounded interest.
When you are borrowing money from private lenders pay them 10% simple interest.

For those of you looking for private money….how about some homework?

1) Create a HOT 100 list! List at least 100 folks that you know. Start right now with 50.
2) Use the “Solid Gold Script for Private Money” on at least 3 investors that you know with money and then use it on everyone from your HOT 100 list.

If you choose to do this….please come back here and report your results!

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Bandit Signs

So I’ve been doing pretty well with writing down a few goals to do a day and actually getting them done. Seriously, I recommend you try that instead of a long laundry list of things to do. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to accomplish the most important, effective items.

Anyway, now it’s time for me to put out bandit signs. I’ve been putting out 10 a nite, but I think I’m gonna go put out 20. I ran out of signs that have the vertical fluting in ’em so I’m just putting ones out to hang on poles, etc.

Btw, this is not my favorite thing to do but I have to tell you, it’s one of the ways that I’ve made the most money in real estate. Ya know I think they 20% of the things you do will make you 80% of your money or something like that lol anyway I figured out that the only things that have made me money in real estate have been bandit signs, vinyl lettering on the back of my car and deals from the mls so that’s where I’m focusing most of my time and energy.

I did check out the sold properties in the past month or so that were sold for cash. Got 13…sooo I’ll check them out probably tomorrow or the weekend. Who says people ain’t buying properties? Pffft!

Had a friend from high school tell me that she’d let me use her bank statements to submit offers….waiting for updated copies from her (still haven’t heard back from my uncle….I’ll have to call him again.)

But also, I have 2 guys that I’m going to set up meetings with that I think could be VERY good possibilities to be private lenders. 1 is the father of another girl that I went to high school with and 1 is a guy that Kathy sold a Rainbow to (that’s what we sell as independent distributors on the side.) He’s a friend of her brothers and he already asked us about investing in real estate cuz he has money so I just gotta get my spiel together and come at him from the private lender aspect.

I wanted to say one more thing but I completely forget what it was…..damn it, I hate that. Ohhhh I did check out a house today cuz I got a call from one of my bandit signs the other day. It was a mobile home on a rented lot but I figured I’d check it out just to get in practice again of meeting with sellers, etc. The place is listed but I may tell the guy I’d be interested in a 30 day option??? Can’t hurt, I mean he’s leaving the end of this month no matter what.

Ohhhh I do remember what I wanted to say….I’m switching real estate offices. I gotta figure out how to do shit in the right order but I’m moving from Keller Williams to a very small, local company near my house. Reason being…well the fees are wayyyy less, I mean BIG TIME…and he’s got a lot of investor connections, reo connections and private money connections….plus he told me that he’d give me all of the addresses of the bpo’s that his wife does every month (about 20 to 30 per week) so that I can see if I can do a deal with folks while they are still in pre-foreclosure.

Soooo I’m working on all of this at the same time with trying to pump my business back up. I figured he was the right step for me in going in the investing direction and for me right now, if I wanted to go in the real estate agent direction then Keller Williams would have remained the best step. Btw, not that there is anything wrong with KW….I think they are a wonderful company and they are very investor friendly and I can’t complain one bit about their profit sharing lol (I get a check every month no matter what and I will continue to since I’ve been with the company more than 3 years….6 to be exact.)

Anyway…..exciting things happening.

Flippin’ Carey

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