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Open Your Mouth!

I wanted to tell you all to remember to OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND SPEAK!

open your mouth about what you do for business

What am I talking about? I mean open your mouth and tell people about what you do! It’s such a simple concept yet a lot of folks just don’t do it. Why?

Maybe….they are embarrassed because they haven’t been 100% successful in their endeavor so they don’t talk it about that much.

….maybe they think that other people at their jobs will think they are cccccrazy (like a fox?)

….maybe they think their family and/or friends will think they are crazy, stupid, a failure or [insert whatever you want here.]

So please folks start telling people what you do. Maybe you’re like me and you work a Full-time gig (fyi I’m getting REALLLLY sick and tired of it lol) and you also do real estate investing (wholesaling? rehabbing? etc) and perhaps you have another side passive income biz (atms? ebooks? etc.) Well don’t be afraid to tell folks about your real estate investing and passive income gigs just because you have a full-time job!

Will some folks not take your seriously because you have a full-time gig (and they are secretly thinking well why don’t you do the other things full-time?) Sure….but who cares? Move on to the folks that will listen.

Btw, I decided to write this post because I got a phone call last friday morning from a gentleman. The call went like this:

Me: Hi I just missed your call and you didn’t leave a message.

Him: Oh yeah, I was referred to you by Donna P. <----my best friend. I have the gas station over at blah blah blah and I was interested in talking about an ATM. Me: Are you available today at noon? Him: Yes. Me: Ok, what is your name? Him: Mark. Me: Ok Mark I will see you then!

I met with him (as Kathy was in the car on a conference call for “work”) and he agreed to have a machine placed in his gas station. So this Friday, I am headed there to get him to sign our contract and then we’ll work on getting a machine for his place.

Oh and this Friday also, we are placing an atm in a new business as well. This is a partnership deal. We are partnering on this deal with a gentleman who is just starting in the atm biz. We’ll show him how to do this one (and a couple more if he wants) and then he can be off and running on his own! (If you haven’t already signed up for your free report on buying ATMs with No Money! Sign up below today and you’ll also be notified when my ATM Passive Income Course comes out!)

We’ve definitely got a lot happening in the ATM world and things are moving along awesomely (is that even a word?) Now we gotta really get cracking on multi’s.

Talk to ya’ll soon. Sorry I haven’t posted much, our internet service is not working at the house…grrrr they are coming out Monday to hopefully fix it!

P.S. It’s official! My self-directed ROTH Ira is ready to rock and roll. Now I just have to find something to invest in 🙂 Any ideas folks?

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I did it finally! Self-Directed IRA

I did it finally! I rolled over my IRA to a Self-Directed IRA with Equity Trust. My accountants only been telling me to rollover to a ROTH for a billion years now. Now I just transferred to Equity Trust but after this goes through then I will rollover to a ROTH. (If you roll over a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA before the end of this year you get to break it up into 2 years worth of paying the taxes on it.)

Thank you to Matt from Equity Trust for being on my behind and finally getting me today on my lunch break so I could do all of the paperwork.

If you have an IRA or 401K and haven’t looked into putting your money into a self-directed IRA perhaps you should take a moment to look over Equity Trusts website and you can call my guy Matt Tillac if you’d like to ask him questions.

Benefits of you rolling over your money to a self-directed IRA? Well you have total control over your investments and what I mean by that is that if you want to purchase a piece of real estate with your IRA, you can.

If you want to buy ATMs with your IRA, you can.

If you want to lend someone else money from your IRA so they can buy real estate and you can be the bank, you can.

If you want to lend someone else money from your IRA so they can buy ATMs and you can be the bank, you can.

If you want to lend someone else money from your IRA so they can (fill in the blank with ACCEPTABLE investments) and you can be the bank or enter into some kind of partnership with them, you can.

I know someone personally who is using their Self-Directed IRA to lend people money for their real estate deals. Also, if you’ve read my blog before you know that the person who lent us money for our last 2 ATMs used their Self-Directed IRA to do so.

So if you’ve thought about it or if you’ve never even heard about it…do yourself a favor and investigate the option today. You don’t have to do it, but you’d be doing yourself a dis-service if you didn’t at least educate yourself about the option that’s available to you.

Btw, the link I supplied above from Equity Trust is NOT an affiliate link. I do not get paid any fee or commission if you do business with them 🙂

Oh and if you have thought about getting started in the ATM business or growing your current ATM business and you don’t have cash on hand but you do have an IRA or 401k….this is definitely something you should research.

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Planning Your Retirement with Your Atm Machine Business

planning your retirement

Are you planning your retirement? Seriously. How many of us self-employed real estate investors or just self-employed in any type of business are REALLY planning for retirement? Are you being truly effective at planning your retirement? Could you be doing more to plan your retirement? I know I could be doing more to plan for my retirement.

So I was in the shower today (remember! I do my best thinking there) and a thought occured to me: “You know I’m trying to get folks to use self-directed ira’s to invest in my commercial real estate deals, so why couldn’t I use my own self-directed ira to invest in my atm machine business?”

Now, I have to run this by the self-directed IRA company that I plan on using (Equity Trust) but if the guy I’ve been dealing with, who has been amazing by the way (Matt) says it’s an ok investment for my ira then it’s something I am seriously going to do (and I just told Kathy about it too!)

Do you guys have any idea how huge this is…IF in fact I can invest my ira into my atm machine business?? Planning YOUR retirement just got easier too; if this is in fact an acceptable investment strategy for your self-directed IRA.

Just an example how planning your retirement with your atm machine business would work:

– You have 10k in a self-directed ROTH IRA (I love the ROTH IRA.)

– You find a business that you think would be an awesome spot for your atm machine.

– You have your ROTH IRA pay for the machine, pay for the modem, pay for any stickers, extenstion cords, etc. ($2500 max)

– You have your ROTH IRA put let’s just say $1,000 into your atm machine to start (that’s how we start most of our new atm’s that we place.)

– You begin to collect the surcharges from the machine every month and that gets deposited into your ROTH IRA (after you pay your bills which most likely will just be a $15 modem charge.)

Rinse and keep repeating because the entire time you’re actually planning your retirement. Over and over and over again.

Now with our atm machines we’ve been averaging about $200 a machine per month. So that’s 20% a month per machine. Imagine you put that $200 back into your self-directed ROTH IRA every month; year in and year out for as long as you have your atm machine. That’s 20% of your $1000 going back into your TAX FREE roth Ira. Is that not an awesome plan to consider when planning your retirement?

If you then decided that you wanted to get out of the atm machine business then you would sell your atm machine to someone else who wants to potentially use the atm machine business to plan their retirement. Of course, 100% of those profits must go right back into that TAX FREE ROTH IRA! hehehe I like saying that….TAX FREE!

Planning for retirement I think just got a wee bit easier folks. For me anyway 🙂

Just a note: If you were interested in converting your traditional ira to a self-directed Roth Ira then you will have 2 years to pay the conversion taxes. So you can pay 1/2 in 2011 and 1/2 in 2012. Btw, I am NOT an accountant nor am I giving you finanical advice. Please consult with your accountant to verify all of this information 🙂 (This also applies, I believe if you are converting your self-directed traditional ira to a self-directed roth ira. You have the 2 years to split up the conversion fee.)

If you have any questions about how you can use your atm machine business when planning your retirement please post them below!

Soooo what do you think? Are you excited as I am about this method when planning your retirement? Also, I’m thinking that this would be a good way to go when partnering in atm deals.

What do you folks think?

planning your retirement with your atm machine business

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