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Go To The Emergency Room

I think my oral surgeon is a big friggin jerk! I call them this morning and tell them that my left side of my face is swollen big time and hard again. So the lady who answers tells me to come in. I do.

And I’m sorry but yes this is another complaining post…..I am really frustrated and upset about all of this. It’s been 3 weeks I just want to be normal again.

So I go to the doctor. The assistant looks in my mouth and looks inside the hole that’s been the problem (bottom left) and I ask her if anything is in it. She says “nope it looks good. The doctor will be in shortly.”

Yeah of course it looks good because I’ve been doing every single thing you people have told me to do to care for it. Anyway…it walks jerkface oops I mean the oral surgeon.

He looks at me and says “I told you you have to be better with your hygiene.” At this point, I’m really tired of this prick.

I said “well I’ve done everything both of you told me to do and exactly how you told me to do it. I brush my teeth and the holes with a lil kids toothbrush so I can get in there good, I rinse with salt water constantly and I irrigate my mouth constantly until nothing comes out of the holes. So I don’t know what else you want me to do, unless you want to come home with me and do the stuff for me!”

He says “No I don’t want to come home with you and I’m not going to do it for you.” I said “well I don’t know what else to tell you.”

At this point he looks in my mouth (I really wanted to knee him in the crotch to be quite honest.) He irrigates my bottom left hole again and says “you need to help me help you too.” I repeat what I said above.

Honestly, I think that’s all the dick knows how to say. I said “I started taking my antibiotics again yesterday.”

He says (and this REALLY pissed me off) “you stopped taking your antibiotics?” I said “Yeah! I left you a message on Saturday telling you that and telling you what my family doctor said because he put me on muscle relaxers for tingling/numbness/weakness in my arm and he said that if you wanted me to remain on an antibiotic to call in a different one for me. I never heard from you.”

His answer?? “That medicine wouldn’t do that to you, so don’t stop taking your antibiotics again!”

Really jerkface? Why didn’t you call me back then. I really can’t stand this man. And it gets better.

He says “You’ve been on 300 mg now I want you to take 600mg. If you feel you can’t swallow or that you can’t breathe then I need you to go directly to the emergency room and tell them you need an ear, nose, throat doctor! I’ll see you again on Monday.”

shock face

Did I just hear him right? I did…because I remember reading that online as a side effect of the antibiotic I’m taking….nothing happened thus far but now I’m taking more of it.

Needless to say I got a lil scared. My stepmom is actually spending the nite with me tonite. She offered and as I said I’m kinda scared so I was like ok 🙂

Kathy says I’ll be fine (and I guess I’m suppose to believe her since she’s actually a registered nurse and now a clinical research specialist for a Pharmaceutical company and has been doing that for years now.) But I’m still scared.

Anyway, off to lay on the couch and watch tv. Ohhh I’m drinking grape pedialyte and I got a bunch of ensure high protein. My mom recommended that cause I told her I feel weak and my hands are shaking. So she wanted me to get some protein in me.

I also bought a lot of organic veggies I’m gonna see if I hopefully will feel up to making juice after drinking some ensure and if not, I’ll walk my stepmom through it. 🙂

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