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I survived Career Day!

Woohoooo! So yesterday I got up at 6:30am! Yeahhh I really got up that early. And boy was I grumpy 🙂 Actually, I was nervous too. I’m ok talking in front of a group of adults but ummm I never really talked in front of a bunch of 8th graders before.

Anyway, it went pretty well. Kathy came with me and was my assistant with the power point presentation. There were 4 classes and in each class was anywhere between 7 to 20 kids.

I talked about wholesaling, rental real estate and passive income (cuz I was talking about rentals, etc.) Then I had a jeopardy type game for them to participate in to win the prize. Btw, they loveeeeeed the nasty pictures of the houses and that got them to pay attention and the thing that really got their attention was the checks that I showed them from some wholesale deals. You should have seen their little eyes bug out! lmao

I also talked to them about how real estate investing helps a lot of people and I spoke to them about mindset. I explained to them that a lot of people will tell them they can’t do it and it will never work, yada yada but if they get the knowledge and take action then they will prove to themselves that it can be done and sooner or later the nay sayers will be asking them if they could teach them.

I also let them know that Knowledge is nothing…..without ACTION! I also emphasized passive income……I said if you don’t listen to anything else I say today, please listen to this…….and I explained it. They all really liked the idea of receiving money and not really doing anything for it.

But out of everyone….there was one kid I felt that really, really got it and was paying attention to every single word I said and he actually wrote down every word I said (I was so happy he won the game and got a book!) What I did was gave the 4 winners a mini version of Rich Dad, Poor Dad for Teens. It was a pocket version.

Then I donated the full version to the school library and told ALL of the kids that they could go down there to learn more about passive income, investing and other things that you won’t learn in school.

Oh I also had a handful of kids raise their hands saying they wanted to learn more about real estate investing. I told them all to copy the websites that I had up on a slide. I told them all of the info was free and sent them to, and I hope we get a post from some 8th grader someday soon. 😉

Well……I have to go and dry the house. Yes you read that correctly. Kathy, I and Joe (the 9 yr. old) decided to have a water fight in our house for some reason!!! Seriously….the house is soaked. Our clothes are soaked. Our hair is soaked. The walls are soaked. The carpet is soaked. Our bed is soaked. Our couch is soaked. 🙂 But I can tell ya it was a fun time.

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