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Post card response and colored envelopes

Well I just got a phone call from a fella who said he got one of my postcards (woohooo!) I don’t know that it’s gonna be much of a deal. Btw, he was an expired listing. We had a very nice conversation tho. Turns out he’s a retired Realtor and he’s 67 yrs. old and does about 1 or 2 rehabs a year. He pretty much does all of the work himself except plumbing, roofing and electrical. He’s also a handyman for hire. I tried to sell him my sub2 place lol but it’s out of his area. Anyway, he did give me an idea for my home bathroom that I didn’t think of so I’m gonna have to check it out.

I’ll do the comps on his place and worse comes to worse I’ll just offer to take over his payments if it seems feasible otherwise, perhaps I’ll offer to list it and market it for him. We built a pretty good phone rapport.

Oh and I think before I send out these letters that I’m going to run to Staples real quick…I want to get colored envelopes…red or green hehehe sneaky eh? I heard or read that one from William……people will think it’s a Christmas card or something in there….hopefully anyway and they will OPEN IT!

Also, just had someone fill out a form on my website. She’s not near me but still, I like when I get some activity going…it helps to keep me motivated. Which is something I’ve had some issues with as of late.

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