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Good start to real estate plan and New Years Eve

Ok so I’m off to a good start with my plan even tho it’s not suppose to kick in until the new year. But I worked on my R.E. website for about an hour last night and then for a few hours today. Doing a blog, posting some articles and just changing some things around. Made me feel really good, that’s for sure.

Tomorrow I’ll be watching Andrew until about 2pm hehehe I’m sooo excited, but Kathy will be with me…I’m a baby, I like to hog him all by myself lol and then we’ll be going to Longwood Gardens for New Years Eve….pretty low key new years and I’ll probably try to talk Kathy into stopping by Donna and Colleens house so I can see Andrew. I got it bad for that kid for real……I’m pretty pathetic, but I can admit it.

Oh and another thing that I’m starting in the new year that I have to fit into my daily plan……Kathy and I are going to start dieting, well not really dieting per se, but eating better and also exercising. I have such low energy and my butt is always dragging that I think this will really help.

We did the South Beach Diet before when I needed to eat better because of my acid reflux issues and high cholesterol issues and that worked really well (even with weight loss) but honestly the first phase of the SB diet killed me! I really thought it was the end lol After the first phase it’s cake….but I don’t think we’re going to go that route this time……so we’ll see how it goes…I am not huge by any means but I still can afford to lose some poundage but really I need to eat better for my acid reflux reasons mostly and I need to do that along with exercising to help with my low energy.

Signing off and super excited about the new year!

OH and one last thing..thanks to Steve(ATL) I now can officially do my mail merge stuff properly. I put the formula he told me about on the forum into my excel document and did exactly what he said step by step and now everything works and looks perfectly.

Steve(ATL) rocks…btw, if you are having any excel issues I highly recommend Steve(ATL)’s ebook on it…it’s only $9.95 lol just kiddin by the way…but Steve, if ya had one, I’d give ya a testimonial babe!

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