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Can real estate listings please be easy all of the time?

Geez so that short sale that I’m working on that’s a listing of mine….remember? Well I get a call from the wife last nite who informs me that the husband has been signing her name to all of the documents and she hasn’t signed anything since the beginning when we first met in person. She told me that he just ran out the house with a bunch of papers to go and stay at his moms house because they are fighting and the only paper she could see was a hardship letter dated for today.

She then goes on to inform me that her lawyer and the mortgage company told her not to worry about anything and not to sign anything because her name isn’t on the mortgage. I had to remind her that it IS on the deed, however, so she still needs to sign off on the agreement of sale. She said she just wants to know what’s going on. I told her that I wanted to call my broker just to check on some things and that I’d call her back. She said ok. Btw, she was VERY nice to me….she just told me a bunch of shit about how her husband didn’t think she would live this long and that he’s been hoping to collect her insurance money and that he’s been having an affair for the past 3 months.

I kinda think she’s telling me the truth because I think I mentioned that whenever we had paperwork he would ask me to drop it off at the vacant house so he could pick it up and have him and his wife sign it and then he’d leave it at the vacant house for me to pick up. It’s all adding up now. I use to think the wife was wacky but she was very coherent on the phone last night and made complete sense in everything she said….she sounded like she had her shit together in other words.

My broker gave me some advice on dealing with the lady because I already know the lady doesn’t want to sell the house, she’d rather it go to foreclosure (probably to go on her cheatin’ hubby’s credit) and I already know she doesn’t want to sign anything. *sigh* My broker told me to go after the angle of the people who made an offer on the house and are excited about living there and starting their lives, etc. and that THEY would be the only ones who were really disappointed and let down in the entire situation.

I think that’s the approach I’m gonna take cuz I can’t make her want to do something for her husband cuz she doesn’t care. Btw, she hasn’t called me back since I left a message last nite and the husband I left 2 messages for today and he still hasn’t called me back. I just had to break the news to the other agent about what was going on…she’s confident tho that I’ll get it resolved lol Let’s hope so!

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