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ViVa Las Vegas…..I’m baaaaaaack!

Well it’s awesome to be back home. I was in Vegas for 7 days and I was ready to come home after day 3 to 4. I love Vegas but prefer it in small doses……

Anyway, I rested up Saturday and Sunday and now I’m ready to get back in action. My marketing schedule I made I think I’m going to alter it………I’m going to do a few things to do each day rather then give myself a whole slew of things to do….from my past I know that I made more money in real estate when I would actually write down 1 to 3 KEY things to do each day… I’m going to go that route again.

My to do’s today:

1) Take care of Vine St. heater problem (I got a call from my tenant while in Vegas that they have no heat.) – I already spoke to the warranty company about this and the hvac guy called me and should be coming out tomorrow.

2) Email Uncle Joe- my uncle Joe has a lot of money in certain accounts and he’s let me use his statements to make cash offers in the past…so I’m asking him for an updated statement. I already emailed him.

3) Clean desk- my desk is sooo friggin disorganized that I need to straighten it up. I haven’t gotten to that yet today.

4) Put out 10 bandit signs- haven’t gotten to that yet.

Now those are just 4 little tiny things……but accomplishing them today would really feel like I did something worthwhile, ya know? I think I also added to my list to determine and write down my daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals.

Btw, the atm’s rocked while we were on vacation. The gentleman’s club kicked asssss 🙂

Ok it’s good to be back…..I hope to hear from you all and coming soon I want to talk about debt a lil bit.

Flippin’ Carey

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2 replies on “ViVa Las Vegas…..I’m baaaaaaack!”

Yeah Scott I really think that the small tasks on your list REALLY works…and you’re right, you don’t overwhelm yourself, instead you just get done a few REALLY important things for the day. I’m happy to report that I got all of my tasks listed above done yesterday.

Sooooo…how many atm’s do you own? I have 1 atm task on my to do list today.

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