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Old posts being added

I don’t know if you can tell but I’ve started adding my old blog posts from my blog. There’s a lot there. I’m about tired of adding them today but I’ll get them all up to date eventually. I think there are some good posts there so I wanted to make sure they were all included eventually for folks to read.

If you decide to check some of the posts out just be warned, I’m not about bullshit, I tell it like it is and I tell you how I feel…REALLY 😉 Of course, it’s not all limited to just real estate. You’ll find posts about my other passive income streams (websites, including a dating site,) posts about gay rights, posts about politics, posts about all kinds of things……and of course lots and lots of posts about real estate and deals that I had going on.

I promise to eventually have them all in and categorized so they’ll be easier to disect though.

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2 replies on “Old posts being added”

I remember when I had to transfer all of my old posts from FH to blogger. Holy crap, it took me all day!

It was definitely worth the hassle, though.

Hope all is well with you. 🙂

Yeah Steph I haven’t even done that much of the old posts yet but already it’s a pain in the rear. Very time consuming…….but I think you’re right, I think it will be definitely worth it.

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