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The shit’s hitting the fan now

Well coming home from our Halloween party tonite Kathy and I had a little tiff. I say tiff because we don’t fight and argue and things like that. We actually have a very, very solid relationship and are very big on communication (well let’s just say I am and she never was but she’s doing famously with it after 3 years of being with yours truly lol)

Anyway, she told me that she wanted me to keep doing what I was doing when I wasn’t doing real estate for the past year (which I’m decent at, btw) because she said it’s like guaranteed money for me (it’s not guaranteed it’s 100% commissioned sales) but she feels comfortable with me doing that because she knows that a) I can do it and b) it’s a quicker sale than real estate.

I informed her that I’m getting tired of doing it and that my heart is really in real estate. She (and here’s really where the shit came) let me know “yeah but you stop doing that.” I kinda got pissed off…….to me, and yes I was getting defensive, it made it sound like she was saying that I start and stop real estate and then start and stop. I don’t…..I had a horrible moment, ok a year long moment, where I let my mind get the best of me and I stopped doing real estate, but I’m over it and I’m ready to rock and roll. No bullshit. But I did get pissed at the comment.

She said she didn’t mean it the way that I took it and that she’s just very scared and nervous right now because she’s not going to have a guaranteed pay check anymore and she’s going to actually “TRY” the 100% commissioned sales thang as well (she’s actually pretty good at it too…I got her into it and was leary about if she had the personality for it, but she’s pretty decent.)

Btw, I feel where she’s coming from because she has A LOT more bills then I do (i.e. in way more debt plus 2 kids.)

Anyway, I can definitely feel some stressful moments and some shit hitting the fan moments going on in our household while BOTH of us are self-employed. But hey…ya never get rich working for someone else, right?

Any advice is surely appreciated by the way. I’m off to bed…..she went to bed a half hour ago and I was down here figuring out expenses we could cut, other extra ways we could make money, figuring out the bills and figuring out how much money we’d prefer to have each month (so we could put 20% of it away for certain things plus pay the bills plus have a decent amount left over.) I’m not really a fan too much of working just to pay the bills. Makes no sense, eh?

Then I figured out with the 100% commissioned job what we’d have to do to make that money…….now all I have to do is fill as much real estate in as possible because I promised Kathy that I’d still do the other thing while getting my real estate up and going again, but once I started making consistent money in real estate that other thing was going to end. She felt better with that.

I just don’t want to hold myself back…..but I also don’t want her to get super stressed out because I KNOW that this must be really hard for her….I mean this is a whole new world for her so I want to kinda make the transition as easy as possible………ok I’ve rambled enough sorry……I’ll go to bed. Good night and Happy Halloween everyone!

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My wife isn’t to keen on me getting into investing either, the whole steady paycheck versus not steady argument. We talk about it once and a while but for the most part it’s just something I’m doing on the side for now. I can’t wait to show her the first big check I get from it! With the consistency I’ve shown in my effort and a check, that will make her feel more comfortable in the future I think.

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