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My Give Up List to Hit My Life Plan

Ok so when we plan out our plan for our life there’s probably going to be some things that you have to give up in order to accomplish your life plan, right? Well in Larry Winget’s book People Are Idiots and I Can Prove It!: The 10 Ways You Are Sabotaging Yourself and How You Can Overcome Them he talks about making up your list of things that you’re willing to give up in order to reach your life plans.

Here’s mine that I’m going to share with you. Remember, I encourage you to write your own give up list at home. You can share some of the things you’re going to give up here or keep them to yourself, but the important thing is that you do it and actually write it down. I’m actually going to type both of my lists up neat and print it out and frame it and hang it in my bathroom (we’re going to get a printer tonight when Kathy get’s home from Joe’s soccer game.)


  • -I’m going to give up watching t.v. at night when I could be putting out bandit signs, making offers or making phone calls.
  • -I will give up sleeping in when I should be working by putting out bandit signs, making offers, visiting properties for sale or that sold, and making phone calls.
  • Physical-

  • -I will give up fast food.
  • -I will give up soda.
  • -I will give up white flour.
  • I will give up white sugars.
  • Mental-

  • -I will give up negativity.
  • Social-

  • -I will give up talking as much as I do to people who aren’t as productive as they could be and should be and who always bitch and complain.
  • Career-

  • -I will give up watching t.v. when I should be on appointments or getting on appointments or making offers, putting out bandit signs, etc.
  • -I will give up sleeping in when I should be on appointment or getting on appointments or making offers, putting out bandit signs, etc. etc.
  • -I will give up thinking that I can be successful without actually working hard for it.
  • Spiritual-

  • -I will give up calling myself lazy, so that I will believe in myself and my ability to work always.
  • Family-

  • -I will give up going to bed so late that I’m too tired to play with the kitty’s.
  • -I will give up my time on Sundays to spend time with my mom and Mike (stepdad) and my father and Lisa (stepmom.)
  • Secret Stuff-

  • -I will give up going to bed late and watching tv late (you can have the give up portion, but nothing else from the My Life Plan portion lol
  • Ok so that’s it. That wasn’t so hard, eh? Again, I can’t wait to get a printer and type this up all nice and neat and then I’m going to hang it in my bathroom (Kathy will be thrilled I’m sure 🙂 In case you forgot, here’s my life plan list that I’m giving all of the above up for.

    Share yours or not but please, please DO IT. Go ahead I dare you to think about what are YOU willing to give up to hit your life plan goals?

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    6 replies on “My Give Up List to Hit My Life Plan”

    Awesome post, Carey, and kudos to you for putting it in writing (especially for everyone else to see)..

    I am working on eliminating some bad habits from my life as well, and this is just another reminder for me to do so.

    A few items on my “give up” list…

    -Staying up late. I always shoot for being in bed by 10pm and up at 6, but I always end up screwing around on the internet until after midnight.

    -Fast food. These last few months I’ve been horrible with my eating habits. Really, really bad.

    -Checking emails constantly.

    Those are my top 3, but I am working on a larger list.

    Keep up the good work, Carey!


    Thanks for the book recommendation- going to check it out after I finish the one I’m reading. 🙂

    Thanks a lot Steph. I think it’s important to put it in writing (not so much for everyone to see tho lol)

    I need to work on 2 of your top 3. The checking the email….I need to stop checking it so much, but I think the best start would be to NOT check it first thing in the morning when I wake up (try that Steph….you’ll most likely see a huge difference in productivity plus it’s a good way to easeeee yourself into not checking it so much.)

    And I definitely without a doubt have to work on going to bed earlier and waking up earlier. I’m like you, I stay up let messing around on the internet and such. My new thing is to be in bed by 10:30 and up by 6:30….we’re not far apart there on what we want to accomplish with that goal. I’ve been a night owl my entire life so this may honestly be the toughest give up thang to work on.

    Good luck with your list tho….let me know about your progress. Btw, I got no problems with giving up fast food…I haven’t had any craving for it in a long time. So that’s all good (hint: when you start eating better foods, you’ll stop craving fast food.)

    Funny you posted this up Carey, I was just thinking of something similar this past weekend. When I get a few minutes today I’m gonna post up my top 10 things I must improve. Should be interesting and eye opening for myself.

    Great minds think alike eh? 😉

    If you feel up to it, share some of your list with us….I think it would be interesting to see if any of us (or how many of us) may have the same things on their list. We already saw that Steph and I are dead on with 2 of ours.

    Dude, this one hits me square between the eyes. Thanks for ruining my morning…with awesome challenging stuff.

    One of my favorites: “I will give up calling myself lazy, so that I will believe in myself and my ability to work always.”

    Man, that negative self talk can come SOOOO naturally if you let it. STOP IT! (talking to you AND to me 🙂

    Thanks for slapping me with awesomeness this morning, Carey.


    lol sorry for ruining your morning JP….but ya know a good slap in the kisser is good for all of us every once in a while, eh?

    You are right the negative talk can come so naturally and sometimes we may even say it jokingly but I think even a joking “i’m lazy” we should try to stop.

    Btw, JP, it was my pleasure slapping you with awesomeness this morning lol When I read that you made me chuckle.

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