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Lil bummed today

So I’m a lil bit bummed today. Not feeling too great in the first place…not sick…just crampy. But I’m not letting it stop my taking action. For some reason, now in my life I’m very in tune with the fact that THOUGHTS lead to FEELINGS which lead to ACTION.

Anyway, the major reason I’m bummed is Kathy got offered a job today. That’s not a bad thing…that’s a wonderful thing because I know it makes her feel happy and safe and comfortable, etc. But this job requires a lot of traveling. It’s the same type of work she did before, she’s a Senior Clinical Research Analyst for Pharmaceutical companies, but at this company more traveling is required. I don’t think it’s gonna be constant traveling but I’ll hardly see her the entire month of December and January.

And on top of that, I have to play full-time mommy when the kids are here and she’s traveling (grant it that’s every day for Brandon cuz he only lives with us, but every other week for Joe.) Getting Joe up for school, getting him breakfast, checking homework, studying, making dinner and everything else in the world that mom’s and women do (and a lot of dads) that we sometimes don’t really pay that much attention to. Btw, I never had any desire to have kids, personally. However, I always seemed to date women with children…..Kathy’s the first one I’ve actually lived with. So the whole kid thing is 100% NEW to me and my world. There’s no doubt that I’m still adjusting to them and them to me (after 1.5 yrs. of living together) but still it’s a lot different when Kathy is here and I’m just a step-parent vs. her not being here and I’m the sole parent figure. Ya know? Anyway…..

I think I’ll take a lot of positives from it tho….it’ll FORCE me to get up early every day like I wanted too (you hear that Steph…I will probably be able to accomplish that aspect of my list lol) and then after I get up, work out and take Joe to school I can start on real estate at 8am non-stop until about 2:30pm. I can’t do any nite time appointments for Rainbow when Joe is here but I figure I can work on my websites. So I’m gonna try not to be so bummed out by it.

Ok off to fill our strip club atm. 🙂

Flippin’ Carey

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6 replies on “Lil bummed today”

lol Scott…..nah….only 20’s (so they get themselves a lap dance or a private dance, of course)

A guy came up to me this evening and said: “can you change the receipt to make them print out on them: we’re telling your wife!” lmao It was too funny. (We, of course, had to specifically change the name that printed on the receipts and bank statements so that the guys would feel more comfortable using it. They definitely don’t say the name of the club lol)

I heard ya loud and clear, Carey!

I actually was up at 6am today, wrote down and reviewed my goals first thing, and then went and put 30 signs out……AND……I did not check emails until noon, AND I removed my email from my Blackberry so I won’t have the temptation to check it other than the two times I am setting aside each day (noon and 7pm). 🙂

Not trying to show off or anything, but just wanted to let you know that it feels AWESOME to have actually taken these steps, and I know once you do it (the getting up early part), I know you will feel the same!

Have a great weekend,
Steph 🙂

Look at you getting up at 6am girl! Way to go. Yeah, I know it’s gonna feel awesome to get up early and get all of my things accomplished. I’m gonna start this Monday, even tho it’s not Joe’s week to be here. I want to start getting into the habit.

Soooo 30 signs huh? Looking for buyers in your new area? Would you mind sharing some more of your goals that you had for today? If they are private, that’s cool……was just curious what other wholesalers daily goals are.

Don’t you agree that just the sheer act of NOT checking your email first thing in the am allows you to get so much more done?

Hey Carey!

This is my first visit to your blog 🙂 Good stuff over here! You’ve piqued my interest with the mention of ATMs so now I have to go read what you’re doing with that too!

“Does that ATM get anything but singles?” LOL! Hilarious Scotty.

Hi Shae,

Welcome to my humble online abode. Please feel free to make yourself at home…..just no dirty shoes up on the furniture, ok? lol

Yeah the atm’s are very exciting…..I post about them from time to time here too. And that Scott…he is a pip huh? Those girls moved up from $1’s to $20’s tho…it’s 2009!

I’m gonna have to get over to checking out your blog now Shae! Thanks again for visiting.

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