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So I met with a local attorney this morning that my broker referred me to. Uhhhhhhh I doubt I’ll be using him. Nice guy and call but I got zero faith in that he can actually do what I want him to do. The kicker for me was when he said “oh yeah, it’s not an issue. I will just turn it into my underwriter and if they’re good with it, then it’s golden. But it shouldn’t be an issue.”

Ummm that doesn’t work for me, you should ALREADY know if you can do these types of deals I’m telling you about and you should already know how your underwriter feels about such deals. Don’t try to hoodwink me buddy…cuz I will be pissed when you can’t close my deal. Next!

Guess I must look like I just dropped off the turnip truck yesterday. Has anyone ever even had a turnip? I haven’t….don’t even know what they taste like! Oh and we met at Starbucks….yuck. I can’t stand the smell of coffee but I didn’t care where we met cuz I already knew I’d have my morning breakfast prior to meeting him. And I’m sure folks probably wouldn’t be able to stand the smell or site of my morning breakfast…ya know the 4 carrots and 2 apples juiced…but now, I’m getting adventurous as I’m adding a handful of parsley to it!

And I’m happy to say that I got up at 7:30am again today!!! I also worked out this morning too. 🙂 Tomorrow will be the big test for getting up because I have no morning meetings planned.

I’m gonna try to hook up with another title company I heard about from Bruce (remember I told you I met with this wholesaler last week?) And I have a buddy that I wholesaled a house too and I’ll try to hook up with her title company too. I know you’re probably like “hey dummy, why didn’t you meet with those 2 already?” Easy killer lol it’s cuz I was hoping to find someone like right around the corner from me but ya know, probably a place near where I’m doing deals is better anyway. Duh! And it helps that I already know investors, including wholesalers, that are working with them.

Lesson for the day: let’s not try to re-invent the wheel.

Flippin’ Carey

P.S. Turns out the attorney is a general practitioner who would like to do real estate all of the time, but that’s not what he does all of the time.

P.S. Again: I did ask him if he knew any private investors who were willing to lend money. I must have had my big girl pants on today, huh? lol He didn’t….he’s looking for private investors too for a client with a product that he’s trying to sell. Pffft!

P.S. One more time: I just had to say that I feel like Steph now with all of my p.s.’s lmao

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2 replies on “Met with attorney”

Always cracks me up how so many lawyers seem to feel like they have to act authoritative about their answer to something, even if they have no stinkin’ clue in reality. That’s actually one of my “attorney litmus tests” — ask them a question I think is clearly outside their expertise/focus and see if they can be honest about their answer (or lack thereof)

At least you have good BS radar, Carey! 🙂


Yeah JP my BS radar is pretty fine tuned for the most part. I’ve since found 2 awesome title companies to work with and I’m very happy that I found them. They were both referrals from other investors. I’m going to use the closer one but if I’m ever in a jam, I’ll use the other as a back-up.

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