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Today will be productive

Sooooo I have a meeting at 11am with the attorney that a local wholesaler referred me too. And at 1:30pm I have a meeting with a title company that a lady I wholesaled a house to referred me to.

I’m 100% positive that one of these companies will be my next go-to title company in the area.

I made an offer last nite. 🙂 I wanted to make 2, cuz I only got to see 2 properties……..but I called the agent and asked for the corporate addendums and she still hasn’t called me back. Annoying. That’s what I don’t get about agents……do you or do you not want to sell your listings? Then return your friggin phone calls!

An agent called me late last nite saying her clients wanted to make an offer on one of my listings…I said well they better do it now because it’s going to sheriff’s sale tomorrow. True story, btw. I called the bank in the mean time to try to get them to postpone the sheriff’s sale for another 30 days or so and I had to RE-FAX a current version of the short sale package (this is the 3rd time mind you, I just faxed them the 2nd current version last month grrrr) and they said after they get that, they can’t promise anything but they will take a 2nd look at the house. We shall see.

Oh so when I said I only saw 2 properties…..the reason was I have a whole list of properties to check out but they are all over the place…I think I’m going to take the approach that Steph and others suggests and just pick a certain city or what have you and just work solely in that area. When I do the cash sales over 30 days (mind you it doesn’t matter what 30 days ever) it’s always 2 cities that come up none stop. One is a 40k to 80k city and one is an 80k to 125k city. I’m concentrating for now on the 40k to 80k city.

And Scott….thanks for the lil reminder that I should FOCUS…..I am definitely going to focus on wholesaling and I’m not going to dabble into probates for now. I’ll still do the bandit sign thing because well I don’t mind them too much and because well I have them and they’ve made me a shit load of money in the past lol

So thanks everyone….just so ya’ll know I DO LISTEN (sometimes….and sometimes I don’t 😉

Oh yeah and one more thing…I just got an email saying one of my offers last week is a “back up” offer. Pffft! Plus, I just saw a place that I offered on last week, which was in multiple offer status last week, the price just dropped. So I emailed the agent to find out what the heck was up? I know this agent personally, as I bought her and her husband into Keller Williams (they are still in my down line.) Plus, my 2nd single family house I bought from her hubby.

Flippin’ Carey

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2 replies on “Today will be productive”

Hi Carey,

I DEFINITELY recommend picking one of those areas, and sticking with it until you know it like the back of your hand. It’s too overwhelming to try and learn an entire city all at once.

Keep up the good work, girl!


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