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Getting stuff in order….

So tomorrow (it’s actually today but I didn’t go to sleep yet, so it’s tomorrow still for me) I have to get a lot of stuff done cuz Tuesday morning I’m flying to California. I’m more nervous to fly this time more than ever before because I’m taking my first ever flight that doesn’t fly straight through. I have to make a connection. I never did that before. ughhhh

Anyway, tomorrow I want to resubmit a bunch of offers and verify that all of the atm’s are stacked and ready for us to note be here for a week. If I have time, which I doubt I will, I’m gonna check out some houses.

I’m super-psyched about tomorrow nite as Kathy and I got invited to dinner at a poker friend’s of ours house. He and his wife wanted us over to a) play cashflow 🙂 and b) talk about partnering with us on atm’s. Bob, his name is, and his wife, Colleen, are sooo super nice. I really do enjoy their company a lot and they have 2 kids and their lil girl I swear to you is the smartest kid I’ve ever seen in my life. For real.

Ok Kathy just texted me to see where I’m at lol I just got home as I was with Donna and lil Andrew all nite (they had some church xmas show that they were going to and Andrew wanted me to come so I went. It was fun but we left early and went to Mickey D’s and then hung out at his house all nite.) I’m happy I got to see him before I left.

One last thing…I love my mom! I picked her up today and showed her how to drive to my house and then back home. Her and my aunt will be staying at my house on the weekend when Kathy and I are gone. She’ll be watching the house and the cats (and keeping an eye on Brandon to make sure he and his girlfriend aren’t sneaky away into the basement trying to get busy! mhmmmmm more on that another day lol)

Anyway, I just wanted to say again that I love my mom to death. She definitely is the best mom in the whole wide world.

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2 replies on “Getting stuff in order….”

Don’t worry about connecting flights. I’ve done it a few times and it usually goes very smoothly. Do you even have to get off your plane? Sometimes you are already on the connecting flight 🙂

Have fun in CA, Carey!

And don’t sweat the connection- just make sure to check your watch if you have to catch another plane- sometimes they cut it close with the times, and you have to haul ass through the airport to make sure you don’t miss it..

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